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Introduction to wp7

  1. 1. Introduction to WP7Sayed Mahmoud AbdEl-Rahman
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction.• Application Platform.• Tools.• Why windows phone7?• Hardware requirements.• Developers.• Inspiration & Concepts for Building Phone 7 Apps.• YallaApps.
  3. 3. Introduction:• The new kid on the block – The new windows phone 7 is competing with other strong products (Iphone, Android…).• Whole new platform – You can’t update from windows mobile 6.X to windows phone 7. – A new platform with new hardware requirements.
  4. 4. Introduction:• What is NOKIA do?
  5. 5. Introduction:
  6. 6. Introduction:• Easy to get started – Things have not changed • Being familiar with visual studio is more than enough. • Silverlight and C# developers will not have to learn much more new.
  7. 7. Application Platform• Elements of the application platform Runtime-On screen Tools Sensors Media Data Location Phone Emulator Phone Xbox LIVE Notifications Samples Documentation .NET Framework managed code sandbox Guides Community Packaging and Verification Tools Cloud services Notifications App Deployment Location Identity Feeds Social Maps
  8. 8. Tools:• The Windows Phone Developer Tools includes the following: – Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone – Windows Phone Emulator Resources – Silverlight 4 Tools For Visual Studio – XNA Game Studio 4.0 – Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone – You are able to download the tools free from :
  9. 9. Why Windows phone 7?• The new OS is a total rewrite of the older windows mobile.• Whole new design that would satisfy the customers and increase the market share• Supports many features that you have come to expect of a modern mobile operating system.
  10. 10. Why Windows phone 7?• What do windows phone 7 offers for the business?
  11. 11. Why Windows phone 7?• What do windows phone 7 provides for the customer?
  12. 12. Why Windows phone 7?• What do windows phone 7 offer for developers?
  13. 13. Hardware requirements:
  14. 14. Developers:• We have two flavors of application :
  15. 15. Inspiration & Concepts for Building Phone 7 Apps. I WP
  16. 16. EMERGENCIES:• Emergency numbers: knowing who to call for fire, ambulance, police.
  17. 17. SHOPPING:• Find your favorite store through lookup, or perform a reverse lookup for stores within a mall. Search by category.
  18. 18. SPEEDING FINES:• Overlay radar locations to map and trigger alert on location.
  19. 19. SHISHA:• Find the best places for Shisha in Egypt.
  20. 20. KIDS ACTIVITIES:• Fun and activities for Egypt kids. Latest events and locations
  22. 22. YallaApps:• Now Middle East and Africa students can submit their WP7 apps to the Marketplace for free through Yalla Apps, a new regional Windows Phone application publishing portal managed by Prototype Interactive. Students will be authenticated by their DreamSpark accounts and will get an one year subscription for free which includes 100 points. You need these 100 points in order to upload apps.
  23. 23. YallaApps:• You can still buy more points on top but for traditional users 100 points are enough for unlocking a phone and submitting apps. Combined with the MEA Windows Phone 7 Challenge and Imagine Cup students now can create new apps, compete at regional and global levels and then monetize their work across the world!
  24. 24. YallaApps:A perfect combination of creativity encouragement and business opportunityWith this new service students will be able to:• Submit new applications & updates• Register a phone• Receive download/sales reporting• Get paid for application sales in existing WP7 consumer markets
  25. 25.