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Future customer persona


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Ideas to build your Future customer persona

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Future customer persona

  1. 1. Your future customers Persona To build empathy with our future customers • Personas are more then just demographic information, a persona needs to capture the persons behavior, belief and philosophy. • More importantly their motivation or intentions. • What do we need to look for when we create our personas? Page 2
  2. 2. Think Do Feel Empathy Insight Opportunities New business ideas Methods: • Key informants • Interviews • Observation • Participant observation • Be in the frontline of your organization • Be a customer
  3. 3. Build a persona of your future customer 1. Name and title. 2. Basics. 3. Professional and personal background. 4. Quotes 5. Technical background. 6. Favorite websites (1-3). 7. Goals. 8. Need / I want statements. Page 4