Digital Behavior - Let's go deep!


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My speak about: Digital Behavior - Let's go deep, presented at BlogOpen. The focus in the speak is how we can get more value and closer relations through our social network participation.

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  • we tend to separate digital behaviour from our basic - but its still our basic needs we want to satisfy.\n\nBut let’s get started. We tend to talk about digital behavior as if it was separated from our basic behavior and needs. But the truth is our needs don’t change much and they dont change that rapidly. What changes is on the other hand, is the media we use to saitsfy our basic needs. And humans have always exchanged data.\n\n
  • When sitting at the bondfire for thousands of years, we exchanged stories, that how we passed on information and knowledge within our groups and to the future generations.\n\n\nfire invented some 200,000 and 500,000 years ago\n
  • communicate messages on walls, clay and paper - suddenly we had a media which allowed us to distribute information without physical contact, and across far distances and time. \n\n
  • EVERYone has a story worth hearing. Reflect on our own stories. \n. But What Stories Do We Tell? Authenticity.\n\nTruth sharing our inner thoughts will bring more value and more intimacy in a relation.\n\n
  • exchanged messages letters, telegraph, phone, to internet. From Facebook, Google\nthey have our data, and they are gonna make money on it.\n\nusers cant grasp what. kIds data of life will be registered, used and monitized. \nget something for free - it’s because we are the product.\n
  • :-) We will laugh in the future about sending email and SMS messages - Skype, Facetime....\n
  • capable to overview groups of 30 people to xxxx... Humans adjust to their environment.\nIf you want to go deep you can’t go broad.\nInteraction with our groups will mature. Google+ HOW Many is on?\n\n
  • First Mover/Follower, Reflect on Value and Purpose\nas a member of a group - reflection of direction might be a good idea.\nNot all groups are good.\nVALUES and NORMS - grow as individuals or do they hold us back? \nSocial Networks has made it easier for us to meet new people based on interest\n
  • physical and collective connectiveness - digital. Gignal.\nArab spring\n
  • we share, we listen - we re-tell stories - we Develop\nSMN - support our needs. COmbine virtual with physical.\nStudies shows people on the internet have more relations, and close relations than non-internet users.\n
  • We are still at the very beginning.\nindividuals and companies are stating to understand - a small node in a bigger network.\nWhats important is to be connected. \n
  • We see more of ourselves, we enhance our images with instagram - all we need is a instagram for our lives - enhancing the nuances instead of going for the same colour, the same belives and the same opinions - we need diversity to make better ideas, we need to strive for change - not similarity - that’s static.\ Static\n
  • From 30 people to xxxx...\n\n
  • The is no hierachy, everyone with a device has a voice. to spread value \n
  • we share, we listen - we re-tell stories - we Develop\n
  • we share, we listen - we re-tell stories - we Develop\nthe deeper we get the closer relations will we achieve\n
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  • Digital Behavior - Let's go deep!

    1. 1. Digital Behavior Let’s Go Deep!
    2. 2. Presented by NATASHA FRIIS SAXBERG @saxberg Founder and CEO ofGignal - a social distribution platform #NordicMeetup #Author #CIFS
    3. 3. #blogopen
    4. 4. Our Needs Are The Same - But Our Media Changes.Humans Have Always Exchanged Data.
    5. 5. Exchanging stories at the bonfire...
    6. 6. Sharing Messages On Clay & Paper.The biggest technological step for mankind.
    7. 7. Stories have been told for thousands of years.We Are Responsible for Value As Individuals.WHAT IS YOUR STORY?
    8. 8. Data - is the human currency.In the past - In the presentAnd even more in the future.
    9. 9. Digital behavior today is still immature.From Text To Voice & Body Language.
    10. 10. OUR GROUPS EVOLVED.Quantity Versus Quality.
    11. 11. In Groups We Act Like Sheep - Predictable.SOME LEAD - OTHERS FOLLOW.Individuals are hard to predict.
    12. 12. 3 Types Of Relations.INTIMATE - RELATIONAL - COLLECTIVE.
    13. 13. Curiosity Brings Us Forward.We are a social species.Loneliness Is The Killer.
    14. 14. Where Are We Going?Build bridges not islands.
    16. 16. In the end...
    17. 17. Everyone Is A Messenger.EVERY STORYTELLER HAS A UNIQUE STORY.
    19. 19. Communication Is Difficult!Let’s Do Our Best!
    20. 20. ? Twitter @saxberg Flickr Commons Photo Credit: lord-jim radyone powerhouse_museum linnybinnypix proimos ygor alancleaver proimos altuwa lrargerich