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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. My name is Ezza Anees. I am honored to have this opportunity to present my portfolio on planned change for your review. It demonstrates my learning on the issue of ‘Promoting aspirations for post- secondary or higher education for targeted youth as a strategy to overcome inequities, injustices and oppression.’ During this process, I have learned about multiple factors that block youth from staying in school however, I decided to focus on the Family aspect. Change is needed and I will implement one change.
  2. 2. * *I’m not in any group; I’m planning this project on my own and encourage to decrease the dropout rate by being an active member of the society through providing mentoring.
  3. 3. * *I conducted a literature review on my planned change. Through that, I developed a problem statement and used that as my focus for the rest of the project.
  4. 4. * *As an active member in the society, I decided to provide mentoring for students of low income families. I also provided resources for the children and their parents that provided them with information on how to achieve a successful college career
  5. 5. * *Through this project I learned the importance of communication. A lot of the times information is not available to various group of people and it is essential for community members to reach out to those and share college related information that people could benefit from.
  6. 6. * *I created a flyer that listed organizations that most college campuses provide that strive to help students succeed. *I also spoke with many of the youths at The College Dream Tour and encouraged them to attend college.