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DECIPHER Introduction


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Imagine a team of economists, market analysts, and mathematicians working around the clock inside your computer for the cost of a part time intern.

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DECIPHER Introduction

  1. 1. Welcome to the futureof market intelligence
  2. 2. introducing
  3. 3. deciphertransforming data optimizing decisionspowered by Competitive Analytics
  4. 4. imagineImagine a team of economists, market analysts, and mathematicians working around the clock inside your computer for the cost of a part time intern. DECIPHER
  5. 5. What is DECIPHER? DECIPHER is a proprietary software program installed on your computer empowering you to collect, analyze, rank, overlay, valuate, benchmark, and forecast thousands of demand and supply drivers, market indicators, economic trends, demographics, psychographics, ratios, formulas, indices, and custom data . . . in seconds. With over 50 powerful features, DECIPHER allows you to “decipher” any data you can imagine into meaningful and contextual market knowledge.DECIPHER
  6. 6. D E C I P H E R E M P O W E R S Y O U TO A N A LY Z E M I L L I O N S O F I N D I C A T O R S data by economy costs by nation ratios DECIPHER will indices by industry perpetually and formulas by sector revenues by organization instantaneously price trends by department collect and update demographics psychographics by division anything you consider asset valuations by product segment a “market indicator.” microeconomics macroeconomics by service segment geo-submarket data by project corporate performance by geo-submarket competitive benchmarks organizational performance by community demand and demand drivers by householdDECIPHER
  7. 7. We designed DECIPHER to address 4 herculean problems data data weak razor thin inundation inaccuracy analytics budgetsDECIPHER
  8. 8. DECIPHER is not just a software DECIPHER is not just a DECIPHER is not just an precision data source of innovative analytical market indicators. software tool. solution but 4 services in 1: Indicators Analytics DECIPHER empowers you with Proprietary DECIPHER delivers four extraordinary DECIPHER delivers comprehensive “Time Series Data” which allows you to understand historicity, Analytical Tools that include five decision trends, cycles and is a strong indicator of the future. engines, 20 powerful proprietary models, and myriad customizable features for the most rigorous analysis. benefits in one innovative and integrated DECIPHER will source and identify quality data providers assuring that you receive the highest quality market indicators at the lowest possible price. DECIPHER is unlike all third party mathematical and statistical software in that DECIPHER helps you DECIPHER will screen raw data which is an essential analyze what you need to analyze. “data, software, reporting, and advisory prerequisite for strong analytics. Most organizations and data sources have nil screening methods . . . . but DECIPHER solves this by delivering precision data to avoid DECIPHER is not just analytical software but an advisory support service as well . . . we will help you gain analytical insight garbage in/garbage out. service.” Our mission is to deliver all four by working with us on a personal basis. DECIPHER is completely dynamic and can process any series of DECIPHER’s analytical tools indicators for ANY industry and are easy to learn . . . if you know Excel, you of these vital “meta-ingredients” which are DECIPHER ANY time interval (i.e. annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, know DECIPHER. daily). paramount to smarter decisions. Advisory Reporting DECIPHER delivers Personalized Tech Support whenever you need it for whatever you need. DECIPHER offers Custom Reports. Just tell us what information you require and HOW you want it presented. DECIPHER offers 1 on 1 Training or Group Training In essence, DECIPHER is the “The Four because we are passionate about empowering you with the tools and know-how to run your own analysis and synthesis. DECIPHER offers Custom Screen formatting. Yes, we will come to your office and make sure you will see whatever you want and how you want it. Seasons” of Market Intelligence . . . Software DECIPHER offers Custom Market Updates for DECIPHER provides for Infinite Overlays . . . you want whatever products, services, industries, and/or to compare, analyze, and overlay Apples and geo-submarkets you wish. Oranges and Monkey Wrenches? No problem! WITH a full service Concierge! DECIPHER delivers Perpetual DECIPHER provides for Custom Updates just like live data Dashboard Design and streaming. Custom Charting. DECIPHER is not just a DECIPHER is not just a customer-centric advisory visualization, reporting, and knowledge service. and data tool.DECIPHER
  9. 9. 5 Decision Engines n For iong t ti b ud e ca lu a s ge tin sti Va c o ga nd ng pri c ing Leverage pla nn ing Acquire precision market knowledge AND save 5 to 22 times your time and capital AND increase your productivity of in-house resources and outside consultants. decipher op ing ce po Ev an rk r tu rm transforming data optimizing decisions al rfo a ni pe ua nd on hm tie powered by Competitive Analytics ing tin ris sa r dm c ito n g ks Be an Screening and visualizing dataDECIPHER
  10. 10. over 50 Custom Formatting High/low Analyzer Seven Product Classes Free 30 Day Trial and Printing Free Upgrades During On-Line Market Infinite Overlay Stratify and Rank Intelligence Center 12 Month Subscription 24 Hour Tech Auto Correlate Data Diagnostic Custom Alerts Service Response Custom Market Reports What-If Forecast Multi-User Functionality Personal Training Tech Support Packages Auto Forecast Universal Excel 2003 Platform Rigorous Data Screening Private Company Benchmarking Forecasts by Leading Custom Data Uploads Custom Printing awesome features Bullet Proof Data Security Economists and Analysts and Auto Interpolator Custom Screen Design leverage all your Forecasts by Absolute Mathematical 50+ Model Engine Heat mapping Competitive Analytics Objectivity fundamentals. Geo-Analyzer 4-Point Analytic Engine On-Demand Keynote/PP Presentations Radar Charting and generate Dynamic Time Series Custom Arrays Custom Executive Dashboards Plotter and Poster Output Interval Conversion “actionable” TPSI 1000 Point Strength Index Visual Distribution Annual Consulting Hours Advanced Sales Forecasting knowledge. 12,000 Public Company Lead/Lag Analyzer CA Theater Scheduling Precision Asset Valuation Benchmarking Database Comprehensive Gallery of Millions of Indicators Nine Phase Business Cycle Custom Indexing Charts, Graphs, Tables, Dashboards, Gauges, and Dials decipherDECIPHER
  11. 11. smarter decisions (AKA optimizing decisions) are always about two universal objectives: Max i mi z i n g Mi ni mi zin g • Sustainable Growth • Weaknesses • Profitability • Threats • Performance • Risks and Expenses • Strengths • Costs • Opportunities • Errors • Quality • Timing • Possibilities • Barriers • Precision Information • Poor Information • Valuation • DevaluationDECIPHER
  12. 12. DECIPHER is so easy to use. If you have basic Excel skills, you can use DECIPHER.DECIPHER
  13. 13. extremely affordable solutions ALPHA Class BETA Class GAMMA Class Very Small Business Small Business Individual Investors and Entrepreneurs 1 to 9 employees or Rev < $1M 10 to 49 employees or Rev $1M to $10M from $275 to $475/mo. from $575 to $975/mo. from $1,175 to $1,975/mo. 10 to 30 indicators 50 to 150 indicators 200 to 400 indicators CTT = 0.5 hours/mo. CTT = 1.0 hours/mo. CTT = 2.5 to 6.5 hours/mo. DELTA Class EPSILON Class SIGMA Class Medium Business Large Business Institution/Public 50 or 99 employees or Rev $10M to $50M 100+ employees or Rev $50M to $250M 500+ employees or Rev > $250M from $2,275 to $3,475/mo. from $3,875 to $5,475/mo. from $6,275 to $9,475/mo. 500 to 900 indicators 1,100 to 1,900 indicators 2,500 to 10,000 indicators CTT = 8 to 16 hours/mo. CTT = 19 to 29 hours/mo. CTT = 36 to 60 hours/mo. OMEGA Class IOTA Class OMICRON Class Integrated Customized Solutions Student/Education Solutions Consultant/Reseller Solutions CTT = Consulting, Training, and Tech Support included in monthly subscription rates.DECIPHER
  14. 14. DECIPHER only launched July 1, 2010. So what are new subscribers saying?DECIPHER
  15. 15. Fortune 100 DECIPHER Subscriber “We were inundated with raw data, unsupportable forecasts, expert opinions from ‘consultants’ and very little useable market knowledge . . . and we don’t have the budget for expensive reports. DECIPHER is truly amazing and does all our analytical ‘heavy lifting’ and forecasting for a monthly fee that we don’t have to think twice about. I wish we had DECIPHER years ago.”DECIPHER
  16. 16. Small Business Decipher User “DECIPHER is absolutely amazing. This program literally gives us every market research tool you can imagine, all on my laptop. In just a few minutes we get insightful analysis that would take a team of consultants months to figure out . . . and saving us a tremendous amount of money as well! We have very complex valuation projects and DECIPHER’s powerful tools enable us to quickly load up company and project data and then understand ‘what’s really going on.’ DECIPHER has significantly improved our decision making process. I hope our competitors pass on DECIPHER.”DECIPHER
  17. 17. “Very impressive and compelling.  I am always amazed at the level of thought you all put into your data and modeling. I also was a bit amused at how you are going to tip the housing research industry on its head.  You have an amazing opportunity in front of you.” - President of Lifestory Research and Ph.D. in MarketingDECIPHER
  18. 18. In summary, if you are frustrated at poor quality data, weak analytics, complex software, and/or challenging budgets . . .DECIPHER
  19. 19. discover analytical nirvana. DECIPHERDECIPHER
  20. 20. contact us for a free 15 day trial.DECIPHER
  21. 21. Thank you for your time and consideration. For more information, please visit decipher transforming data optimizing decisions powered by Competitive AnalyticsCompetitive Analytics David Savlowitz, CEO/Founder Michael Ponton, Lead Analyst3195 Red Hill Avenue, Suite C 714 352 7777 Direct 714 660 2786 DirectCosta Mesa, California 92626 949 697 9977 Mobile 714 420 0059 Mobile714 660 2799 Office Sixstringeconomist Skype MichaelPonton