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Susan Emmett, The value of placemaking


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Presentation by Susan Emmett

Published in: Real Estate
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Susan Emmett, The value of placemaking

  1. 1. The Value of Placemaking SusanEmmett Director,Residential Research,Savills
  2. 2. A Partnership Approach The Right Mix Land Value Model
  4. 4. ChangeToVariables DetailsSiteHypothetical
  5. 5. Basic scenario Infrastructure cost per unit £30,000 Sales value £250 psf Absorption/sales rate 120 homes pa
  6. 6. Legacy scenario +25% Infrastructure cost per unit £45,000 Sales value £300 psf Absorption/sales rate 180 homes pa
  7. 7. The importance of timing: investing more earlier Peak debt Peak debt Land value (NPV) Land value (NPV) -£80 -£60 -£40 -£20 £0 £20 £40 £60 £80 Millions Timing of bulk (60%) of additional investment Majority of investment up front Majority of investment when 40% built -26% 56%
  9. 9. A partnership approach is needed Patient capital Joint ventures Public sector finance Planning certainty
  10. 10. THE MIX
  11. 11. Create demand and build communities Schools
  12. 12. Sets the tone and drives values Public realm
  13. 13. Retail and Employment
  14. 14. Investment can pay off Demand allows homes to be provided faster Partnerships needed to make it work Government support key Resilient places created Summary and what next?
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