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Help Ukraine 2014.pptx


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You can use this file to send out to foreign embassies, journalists, your friends - anyone who can help Ukraine. Call to action - call your senator, member of parliament and report violence in Ukraine, require sanctions for corrupt regime!

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Help Ukraine 2014.pptx

  2. 2. FIVE PROTESTORS KILLED Sergiy Nigoyan, Armenian, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, 20 yo, was KILLED BY A SNIPER on Jan 22 - he got 4 gunshot wounds. Sergiy was a strong patriot of Ukraine, knew Ukrainian poetry and history. He came to Maidan (the place of protests in Kiev) after he had seen on TV how peacefully protesting students were brutally beaten up by the armed special-purpose police (Berkut) in Kiev. Yuriy Verbytsky, Ukrainian, together with a civic activist Igor Lutsenko, were KIDNAPPED FROM HOSPITAL by regimebacked unidentified people. Both were severely beaten up in snow, tortured and left in the forest to die. Igor survived, Yuriy froze and was found dead in the forest. Yuriy was an alpinist, seismologist, hold Phd in Math and Physics, loved dogs, lived in Lviv, was a peaceful person. Mihail Zhizdnevskyy, a Belarus, who left the dictator-run country due to his political beliefs. He worked in Kiev and the neighboring city. He was also GUNSHOT BY A SNIPER with a wound into the heart, he died before being taken to the hospital. Mihail was a brave and bright personality, who died for democracy of Ukraine.
  3. 3. HUNDRERDS INJURED, DOZENS TAKEN BY POLICE – BEATED AND HUMILIATED Mihail, one of Ukraine's hero and a brave man, who stood for the liberty of the whole nation. He was seized by Berkut (armed specialized police), beaten up, totally undressed, humiliated into photos with policemen. More read here: Kirill Buntov, 19yo, Ukrainian, Zhytomyr, was seized with Sergey Sikorsky, 30 yo, Ukrainian, Cherkassy, when they left barricades in Kiev. Both were unarmed, not violent. They were kidnapped by regime-backed unidentified people, taken to forest, brutally beaten up, humiliated, and left to die in snow and frost. Both have repulsed muscles of heels, unable to walk. They crawled from forest for help. Now Kirill is in comma. Police guards the hospital and wants to take him to trial, once he regains consciousness, to sentence to years in prison. Vlad Cilitsky, 23 yo, Ukrainian, one of the best students of Kiev Polytechnic Institute, an engineer-programmer of Samsung, was brutally beaten up by Berkut (armed special purpose police). Vlad has brain concussion, can’t see with one eye, other injuries. Doctors forbade him any kind of movement, but the court trial still happened. Witnesses say that the judge arrived to the trial in alcoholic condition. Myhailo Nyskoguz, 17yo, student of Chernivtsi Economic College. Did not take part in protests, but was taking pictures on his phone. When seen, he was seized by Berkut (armed special purpose police), brutally beaten up by 40 Berkuts, humiliated, cut with knife, and was laughed at when showing gasps of pain. The police took a person to court trial to be sentenced to 8-15 years for mass protests.
  4. 4. Yukhym Dyshkant, a poet, Artur Kovalchuk, a graduate from Kyiv School of Economics, and Dmytro Moskalec , a musician, were brutally beaten by regime-backed violent people in Kiev. After Berkut (armed special police) took them to jail, and not directly to hospital! Two are now jail for 60 days before the next court that will deliver a verdict in their cases, while Artur is currently in hospital. Tetyana Chornovol, a well-known journalist and civic activist, mother of two children, was severely beaten up by a gang of unknown people, which are believed to be linked to bloody regime. She was driving a car, then was being hit by another car and forced to stop, taken from car and beaten up almost to death. She was actively investigating the corrupt ways of President Yanukovychand their assets. More here:
  5. 5. 5 WAYS YOU CAN HELP FROM ANYWHERE 1• Call your Congressmen, Member of Parliament, Senator telling them to SUPPORT FINANCIAL SANCITONS on the Ukrainian politicians... those who stand against democracy. – Call for putting pressure on Russia to stop its interference in Ukraine 2• Ask your news provider to cover the events in Ukraine 3• Spread information in social media! – – See or leading Western publications for recent info on Ukraine. Share our stories with your friends and co-workers. 4• Organize a rally in support of EuroMaidan in your city 5• Transfer funds to Euromaidan. – Trusted account info at the end of this letter To Universities/Think Tanks: Organize a discussion of events in Ukraine To Western Media: Provide more coverage of the events
  6. 6. WAYS TO DONATE If you live abroad and want to support people on Maidan by donating money, we gathered information on where money can be transferred. The information below is TRUSTED and has been checked by the official representatives of Maidan: 1. Beneficiary: Panchenko Irina, IBAN: UA173052990005168742300994138, Account no: 5168742300994138, Bank of Benefifiary: PRIVATBANK, SWIFT: PBANUA2X. Intermediary bank: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, SWIFT CHASUS33, Correspondent account 0011000080. More here (in Ukrainian):Фін.допомога 2. USD PL68 2490 0005 0000 4000 4645 6288 EUR PL68 2490 0005 0000 4000 2307 4729 PLN 23 2490 0005 0000 4000 5359 7365 Bank: Alior Bank Spolka Akcyjna SWIFT Code: ALBPPLPW Receiver: ALLA FILIPPOVA Billing address: ul. Majora 5/19, 31-422 Kraków, Poland Please add note: "To charitable aid for peaceful protesters in Ukraine" People responsible: Contact Tel in Poland: Tel. +48-22-2578635. Facebook: Website:
  7. 7. WAYS TO DONATE 3. You can transfer Bitcoin to the following address: «1MvkidNwrEga5Q6XXeD8ksGrZ1WzMo4qbW». QR-code: 4. You can transfer Litecoin to the following address: «LTCXhrVXdVwgnpRz68D8mGFjiGmKbxK2Gk». Transactions and balance can be seen here: Person responsible: 5. Medical needs of Maidan. Donate here: 6. Support Демократичний Альянс, Democratic Alliance, an NGO turned political party, which has a great track record exposing rampant corruption and has been one of the most vocal, organized and creative groups behind the protest movement in Ukraine. - you can google translate the page and use the credit card as Option #1 for payment. 7. Online TV that broadcasts trustworthy news on the situation in Ukraine: Use PayPal (Option #1) and click Donate.
  8. 8. WORLD MEDIA ON THE SITUATION CNN “Is Ukraine Becoming a Dictatorship?”: BusinessInsider “10 Things The West Should Know About The Situation in Kiev”: Washington Post “The West Must Break Ukraine Free From Mr Putin’s Grasp“: Forbes “Why Is Nobody Saying The Obvious: Putin Destabilized Ukraine”: Arnold Schwarzenegger on the situation in Ukraine:
  9. 9. Thank you!