The Ultimate Guide to Succesful Article Marketing


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Internet marketing is information marketing. You make money online by offering valuable content that’s just what people are looking for.

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The Ultimate Guide to Succesful Article Marketing

  1. 1. Submit your Articles today to 1The Ultimate Guide toSUCCESFULArticle MarketingDiscover the best-kept secrets!By Thomas smith – EditorFind Me on Google+
  2. 2. Submit your Articles today to 2Can You Really Make Money With Article Marketing?Internet marketing is information marketing. You make money online byoffering valuable content that’s just what people are looking for. One greatstrategy for doing this is article marketing.Article marketing involves writing articles on your topic that help the readerand then submitting the articles to directories or other sites that would wantto publish it. This free submission gets your articles seen and gives you abacklink to your site in the author bio at the same time. But is it reallypossible that something this easy can generate profits for you?Turning Your Articles Into CashSubmitting articles to directories doesn’t boost your bank account, but itgets you exposure. Your articles help you in several different ways. First,you get a backlink to your site, which can help your search engine rankings.Second, you get visitors. People read your articles and, if they find theinformation helpful, they’ll click through to see what else you have to offer.Your articles also help to build your authority in your field. When sellingonline, trust and credibility are everything. If you’re an author who haspublished over a hundred high-quality articles on your topic, people will seeyou as an expert.You can monetize the traffic from your articles once it hits your site. Thebest way to do this is to presell your product or service through your article.Provide information that’s not only relevant to your topic, but gets peopleinterested in buying as well.Google Updates and Other TroublesSome Internet marketers have turned away from article marketing becausedirectories no longer get the page rankings they used to. This is due toGoogle’s frequent algorithm changes, some of which have targeted ‘content
  3. 3. Submit your Articles today to 3farms’ that crank out hundreds of articles. Many article directories wereincluded in this categoryThe decrease in directory authority hurt many article marketers, but farfrom everyone. The people who were hurt most were those who skimped onquality or who relied solely on directories as their main source of traffic andpublishing option. What you can learn from this is that quality matters andit’s always good to diversify. Article marketing can make you money, but itshouldn’t be your only traffic strategy.How to Get StartedArticle marketing takes time and commitment. To make it work, you needto submit new articles consistently. The best way to get started is to writeshort articles in your niche that will help your target market. Make themrelevant to the product or service that you’re selling.Either schedule some daily writing time, or spend a week writing a batch ofcontent and then submit regularly. Consistently submitting fresh contentkeeps your articles at the top of search engine results for your keywords. Italso gives publishers of your content something new to expect, making youa reliable source for material to publish.Choose just a few top article directories to submit to at first. Look fordirectories that are high-traffic, have relevant articles in your niche, andthat let you monitor your statistics. This is particularly important becauseyou’ll want to see how your articles are doing. When one article is a big hit,you can use it as a formula for future articles.Article marketing can make you money, but it’s not the only traffic strategyyou should use. It’s just one weapon in your arsenal. While your articles candrive traffic that converts, make sure that you are using other marketingstrategies to draw traffic to you site as well.
  4. 4. Submit your Articles today to 4How to Write Article Titles That Grab AttentionIn article marketing, the title is everything. When people search for articles,they get a list of titles. Yours should jump out at them and address theirneeds. Then, theyll click to see what you have to say. It’s as simple as that,but not necessarily that easy. Heres how you do it.Resonate With the ReaderPeople get online and search for information because they need something.Theyve got a question they need answered or a problem they need solved.Your articles title should tell them that youve got what theyre looking for.In order to do this, the title should resonate with the reader. How do you dothis? Its easy – stop being a writer for a minute and imagine that yourethe reader. For example, youre tired of weight loss programs that dontproduce results. What title would get you excited? Something like – WeightLoss Programs That Actually Work. This title has emotional appeal.Use Action WordsSome words simply pack more punch than others. Action words are wordsthat are more assertive than other words and they catch the readers eye.These are words such as drive, generate, boost, discover and reveal.When youre toying with your article title, try writing a few differentversions using synonyms. Read each version and youll feel which words arethe action words. Keep a list of the words you feel work best and refer to itin the future when youre coming up with titles.Appeal to the Readers CuriosityOne of the best ways to write compelling titles is to appeal to the readerscuriosity. An article title should make the reader say, What is this? andclick it. Words such as secrets and hidden are great for doing this.
  5. 5. Submit your Articles today to 5Another way to pique your readers curiosity is to turn your title into aquestion. Theyll find themselves inwardly asking the same thing, andchecking out your article to get the answer.Be DifferentThe best article titles grab attention because theyre simply different fromall the other titles out there. Choose wording for your titles that stand outfrom the rest. If youre submitting to a directory, scan the articles in yourniche first. Then, create a title thats unlike anything you see there already.Make your title unique, but be careful to keep it relevant. If your readerscant tell what the article is about from the title, they wont check it out.Also, be sure to keep it short and sweet. The title should be easy to scan sothat the reader can take it all in with just one glance.A great way to find out which titles work and which dont is to monitor yourarticles progress. Find out which articles get read the most and look at thewording of the titles. This will give you an idea of how to write your titles forfuture articles.4 Keys for Using Article Marketing to Drive TrafficArticle marketing is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. You offerthe reader helpful information, and they click on your link to get more. Italso gives you an opportunity to pre-sell your goods or services. Here arefour easy, but highly effective tips to help your campaign succeed.Feed the Starving CrowdYour article content should target your audience perfectly. The way to dothis is to identify what they want and need, and then give it to them. Peopleget online to search for solutions to their problems and answers to theirquestions. If your articles are helpful to them and offer them value, theyll
  6. 6. Submit your Articles today to 6want to know more.For example, lets say that youre writing about meditation. While an articleon the history of meditation would be interesting, it doesnt really address aspecific need. If you write about how to get started meditating or what toolswill help you meditate, this will work much better. Youve solved a problemfor them.Dont Give It All AwayThe highest-converting articles dont actually solve problems or answerquestions. You have to leave them wanting more. If theyre completelysatisfied with what they read in your free article, they wont be interested inbuying. Your articles offer the reader a taste of what you have to offer.If youre writing an article about roofing repair, for example, you dont wantto explain step-by-step everything they need to know about how to fixdamaged tiles. Instead, give them enough information to get them started,and at the bottom of your article tell them to click the link for more.Keyword Optimize But Dont StuffMake sure youre using the keywords youre targeting so that the article willcome up in search engine results. You should include the keyword in thetitle and first paragraph at least, and then sprinkle it naturally throughout.The key is to sprinkle and not cram it full of one keyword. Search enginesdont like that and youll end up with an article thats nearly impossible toread. Instead, use related keywords and synonyms.Call Your Readers to ActionThe final ingredient of any good article marketing campaign is a strongresource box. This is the author bio at the end of all of your articles with alink to your site. It should not only introduce who you are, but moreimportantly, tell the reader what they need to do right now in order to get
  7. 7. Submit your Articles today to 7even more value.If youre not seeing the traffic youd like to see, a few simple changes canmake a tremendous difference. Try using a couple of different resourceboxes and see which one gets more click-throughs. Drop article directoriesthat are underperforming and find new ones. Article marketing success is allabout monitoring your stats and making the necessary changes.Duplicate Content – Why You Should Worry About ItIn its most official meaning, duplicate content is something that appears onmore than one page on the same website. However, when most people talkabout it, they are referring to any content that appears on the Web in morethan one place. This can be content thats posted on sites on severaldifferent domains, or it could be on different pages within one website.While duplicate content may be irrelevant for someone like a newssyndicator, it can cause problems for many internet marketers who aretrying to rank a specific page or site.Why the Search Engines Dont Like Duplicate ContentSearch engines have spiders that crawl the Web, looking for relevantcontent and indexing it. This is how websites appear in their results pages.When spiders come across duplicate content on different sites, they dontknow what to do with it. As a result, they ignore it and it doesnt getindexed.If you have multiple pages with the same content on your site, the searchengines think youre trying to game them. There are a number of black hatstrategies that do this in order to achieve higher search engine rankings.One of these methods is mirroring, where identical or near-identical pagesare created within one website that target different keywords. This isagainst Googles TOS and can get you banned.
  8. 8. Submit your Articles today to 8What If You Need Duplicate Content?There are times when you need to put the same content on multiple pagesof your site. For example, maybe youre selling items online and you needdifferent URLs for the item descriptions. In this case, theres a way you canlegitimize your duplicate pages so that you dont get penalized. Its calledcanonicalization.With canonicalization, you choose a preferred (canonical) URL for Google torecognize as the main one. You can then choose multiple canonical linkswhere the same page can be found. This way, Google knows which site itneeds to index.Duplicate Content on Other SitesOne of the biggest myths in Internet marketing is that youll get penalizedfor submitting the same article to multiple directories. Theres absolutely norule against this. You can also take articles or blog posts from your websiteand submit them to article directories without getting penalized.However, its important to understand how Google indexes duplicatecontent on multiple websites. When it finds the same content acrossdomains, it indexes the original poster first. It sees this person as theauthority who created the content. What this means is that if you post anarticle on a directory first, and then put it on your site, your site wontnecessarily benefit in the search engine results.The duplicate content issue confuses lots of people, but its very simple ifyou look at it through the eyes of a search engine. They want to give peoplethe highest quality and most relevant results for their Web searches. No onewants to find 10 sites with the same article when they do a search. LetGoogle know if youre putting duplicate content on multiple pages, and ifyou submit to multiple directories, make sure it gets indexed where youwant it to.
  9. 9. Submit your Articles today to 9Your Article Marketing FAQArticle marketing is easy and effective if you do it right. Because theres agreat deal of misinformation about article marketing out there, heres asimple FAQ to answer the most common questions.1. How Many Articles Do You Need To Write?Theres no standard number of articles that works best, but the general ruleis that the more you write, the more backlinks and views you get. Its bestto write lots of articles if you are submitting primarily to directories. Youllget a small amount of traffic from each article, so by writing 50 or more,you increase that traffic stream. Dont expect to write one great article andsee lots of traffic unless you already have a great reputation and a networkof high traffic sites that like to publish your articles.2. How Long Should Your Articles Be?Your articles should be at least 500 words, but its fine to make themlonger. 500 words is long enough to make your point and offer 3-4 tips orsteps. Its also short enough to leave the reader wanting more. Most articledirectories have a minimum length, so make sure you know what that isbefore you start submitting.3. Where Should You Submit?There are thousands of article directories and most of them are completegarbage. Do some research and find the directories that get the mosttraffic. You can do this by simply searching article directory in Google.You can also submit your articles to Web 2.0 sites like These sites generally get more traffic than standard articledirectories and they have features that make them more interactive.However, submitting to these sites takes more time and they often havestricter editorial guidelines.
  10. 10. Submit your Articles today to 104. How Do You Know If Its Working?The key to article marketing success is monitoring your articles to see howtheyre doing. You can do this by checking your site analytics and seeinghow much traffic is coming from each directory. Many directories also offerstats on their site so that you can see which specific articles are getting themost views and click-throughs.5. What If You Cant Write?If youre not a writer or you find that it takes too much time, you canalways hire a ghostwriter to write your article for you. Sites like Elance.comand are full of web content writers who charge reasonablerates.You can also use PLR articles. This is ready-made content with private labelrights, which means that youre free to use it. Since other people may havebought the same articles, its always best to reword them or hire an articlewriter to rewrite them. This is much cheaper than paying for originalarticles.6. How Do You Get The Most Out Of Article Marketing?To make article marketing really work, you need to be consistent and writegreat content. Keep submitting articles on a regular basis and provide yourreaders with valuable information they can use. Always be on the lookoutfor new sites to submit your articles to, and monitor your stats to makesure these sites are getting you the traffic you need.
  11. 11. Submit your Articles today to 11