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Rihanna- Umbrella music video analysis


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Rihanna- Umbrella music video analysis

  1. 1. Rihanna’s video “Umbrella” is very drawing. Ituses very powerful movements and editing.Throughout the video Rihanna is portrayed asa very strong women, this is shown throughher poses and her dance movementsthroughout. I like the fact that Rihanna has avery high status throughout this video, itshows that women can be strong and arestrong.I also like this video because its use odediting, the picture to your left shows anexample. The editing used here to make thetop of the screen orange is a great effectbecause it catches the viewers eye.
  2. 2. When the music video In this shot there is astarts, you have an instant dim light and a brightlong shot of Rihanna on light. The bright lightsthe screen. Immediately aim is to either bewe have the portrayal of coming from Rihannadominance from the or to be enhancing herfemale artist, shes assets as that wherewearing a black revealing the light is at.outfit that covers what If the light is comingshe needs. This shows a from Rihanna is showssign of confidence and her significance andcontrol. From the first superiority within thisshow we know that video and to theRihanna is going to be others within it.with main artist. On the other hand if the light is enhancing her assets then thisHere you can see shows confidence.Rihannas perfectlymanicured nails, thisindicates that she looks This screen grab of Rihanna portrays mysterious and dark vibes.after her appearance not This contrasts with the change in Rihanna career with her newto the fact that se cares album “Good Girl Gone Bad”. In this short, the artists hat iswhat people think but she covering half of her hair and face, this shows a confident andlikes to feel good about dominant stance, it also shows a tom boy side of her.herself.
  3. 3. In both of these mid/ close up shots, we have the significance of the costumes along witha contrast of colours. Firstly Rihanna is wearing a black ballerina outfit which showsdominance and breaking rules as ballerina dresses aren’t typically black. It also gives her asense of darkness and edge. The shot is cut short to show the artists legs which portraysher as a sex icon. However Jay Z is wearing gold trainers which makes him stand outagainst the back ground and the other dancers behind him.Having Rihanna in this elegant but strong pose, this makes her stand out in comparison toay Z which lets the audience know that she is the main artist. This pose is powerful due toher standing on her toes, it makes her look taller and therefore more powerful. In both ofthese shots, the lighting used is very effective, in the shots where Rihanna is sparkleswhich display a feminine side to her hard look. Whereas Jay Z has a contrast of eclecticsparkles with the black background, they are similar to Rihanna but more masculine.
  4. 4. From these screen shots we see the house style displayed through theeffective use of Mise-en-scene. A black and white theme is usedthroughout these shots with flashes of white to make the image of theartist stand out.Due to Rihanna being nude this portrays that she is confident with theway she looks and isn’t shy in showing it off. Rihanna here is beinglabelled as a sex icon because of the nudity of herself through this videoeven though it isn’t because she’s flaunting herself its because she iscomfortable in her own skin. Being nude in the part of the video showsher dominance yet again which is a main theme in this video. It showsshe’s an independent women who people can idolise and look up to.Throughout this piece in the video there is a range of close up and midshots of the artist. The editing here applies strong lighting to giveRihanna that glow when there are close up and mid shots of her. Theglow that create makes Rihanna stand out in the contrastingbackground . The glowing technique has been used throughout to showthat she is the main artist and that she is the main focus to theaudience. In other shots of this piece in the video there is a mirroreffect used to then again make her the main focus because there isntanything else to look at.The fact that Rihanna has been painted silver makes the audience sit upand notice because its an eye catcher. Not many artist paint there holebodies one colour but it has proven to be effective here. All her movesare slow as if to suggest her status in this video, like she has no one torush for so this also portrays her independence as a women.
  5. 5. Throughout the part of the Rihanna’s videos her bodylanguage is very strong and to show this there are alot of cuts of Rihanna from close ups to mid sots tolong shots. Having so many shots one after the otherand her in a different pose each time showspowerfulness and strength. Due to Rihanna dancewear it yet again portrays her as a sex icon due to howrevealing it is.When Rihanna turns around the back ground cuts andthe white sits on top of the orange. I believe that thechange of colours indicates Rihanna’s change into anindependent women. The colours contrast with eachother and having Rihanna in black makes her standout against the background.
  6. 6. In this part of the video they havecleverly used the metallic water, the The effects that have been usedediting fits so well with the music as This shot shows where the water is contrast to the artists song as youit goes along with the beat as it going into the next shot and it blurs only use an umbrella when itssplashes and cuts in time with it. Rihannas face as it does so. raining. Here Rihanna is fightingRihanna ducks under the water with the water and dodging her bodyher body and this also fits well with around it almost like she’s athe beat of the music because she superior figure.does it in time. The metallic water fades/ blends into the background, the water flows from shot to shot when being cut suggesting its consistent and it looks real. The use of water suggest control and power when Rihanna ducks under it and trys to move her body around the water coming in her direction.
  7. 7. In this shot from the video you can see that Rihanna is making a strong impact, this is shown through her cracking the ice in the back ground. The ice in the background is shown cracking due to Rihannas movements, by her being able to crack the ice through movement gives her a dominance and a power because all the energy is coming from her.When the ice in the background does crack Rihanna is The long shot used shows the audienceblurred out and the background stays sharp just for all of her movement and her dominance.intensity. Using this effect makes Rihanna and the Its shown through her being in thebackground stand out with each other. This indicates middle of the shot which again makes herthat Rihanna has met her match with the ice. the main focus. This shot shows Rihanna’s stance.Also throughout this part of the video an effect is usedto make the video seem like it is pulsating in time with The light used here is effective due tothe music like inside a speaker would. This is effective them making it more eye catching. Thedue to it being in time with the music and showing how lice increases as Rihanna cracks the icepowerful it is when Rihanna sings. which makes her full of energy.
  8. 8. Both of these shots are done as a long shot which indicates a certain level of power between them. The snap shot of Jay Z has him in the centre with the female dancers around him. As he is performing he look directly into the camera as if he is speaking to the audience which portrays him as dominant.In Rihanna’s snap shot she is surrounded by maledancers and in this one they have just got up frombeing on the ground which makes Rihanna standout amongst them and as a more powerful figure.Here is shows the dancers copying Rihanna’smovements which portrays her as a leader. Thereis a lot of energy shown in these shots throughthe electric sparkles, it shows importance.
  9. 9. In this mid shot of Rihanna all we can see is a female figure showinga lot of skin behind some sparkles. The entire shot is blurred outand then slowly comes back into focus while the artist is still movingin a seductive way which enhances that sex appeal.The light in the shot makes the sparkles to stand out which makesthe shot strong and dominant.In the above shot it is a close up of Rihanna’s face to show us herexpression. It shows us a clear strong expression which adds to herpowerful image.In the mid shot to your right you can see Rihanna’s facial expressionbeing mimicked by the back ground dancers which indicates herbeing an idol or role model with them copying her. In this shotRihanna stands out amongst the dancers sue to them fading intothe background.