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Savannah Cudzilo: Traditional/Digital Artist


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So let’s imagine you are 5 years old again and you are asked that famous question that every little kid loves to hear; “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Being that little you imagination hasn’t been destroyed yet, you still believed you could do anything or be anyone you could imagine. So your answers were, of course, the most insane ideas ever! An Astronaut, Princess, Transformer, Power Ranger, Superman or Batman. Anything was possible when you were that young! Now when I look back; and what makes me different, is my answer was always an “artist.” Yes, of course I could tell you anything in the world and you would tell me that that was a great idea! Though, that’s what made me different; my opinion on what I wanted to be never changed growing up. I’ve always wanted to be an artist and I plan to be an artist no matter what anyone tells me. It’s like what Vincent Van Gogh said, “Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”

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Savannah Cudzilo: Traditional/Digital Artist

  1. 1. Savannah Cudzilo Traditional and Digital Artist
  2. 2. And this is my… Body of Work
  3. 3. Photo by Savannah Cudzilo What are my Roots?
  4. 4. Photo by Savannah Cudzilo traditional I have always had a knack for Art.
  5. 5. Is my legacy.” “My work ~Patrick Swayze
  6. 6. own You are your Person.
  7. 7. Sometimes Just need a helping hand. you
  8. 8. What do I Value?
  9. 9. You are capableOf anything
  10. 10. “Shoot for the moonEven if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~Les Brown
  11. 11. A Happy Medium
  12. 12. me What ingredients make who I am today?
  13. 13. “If you do what you loveYou won’t work a day in your life.” ~Confucius
  14. 14. “Creativity Courage.” takes ~ Henri Matisse
  15. 15. My ideal workEnvironment.
  16. 16. “A light Lives long.” heart ~ Shakespeare
  17. 17. worker What kind of Am I?
  18. 18. Where will Take me? work
  19. 19. Drawing and Photo by Savannah Cudzilo Graphite Drawing of Louis Tomlinson
  20. 20. Drawing and Photo by Savannah Cudzilo Graphite Drawing Commission
  21. 21. Drawing and Photo by Savannah Cudzilo Graphite Drawing of Harry Styles
  22. 22. Drawing and Photo by Savannah Cudzilo Graphite Drawing Commission
  23. 23. I am! This is who Photo by Savannah Cudzilo
  24. 24. What does it meanTo me?
  25. 25. me: If you wish to contact Social Media: Twitter: @SavannahCudzilo Facebook Page: Savannah Cudzilo Artwork Email:
  26. 26. (Slide 2) Roots: 1. Define your roots. 2. In Chapter Two of our “Body of Work,” book roots are descried to be the purpose, beliefs and convictions that provide the foundation for you body of work. I believe when starting out you should begin with personal information first it brings people closer in understanding your worth and how to relate and possibly feel a connection. With this possible connection that you could establish will make people want to pay attention more to what you are doing with your life, what legacy you are creating. And what I’ve noticed throughout my years is that when the people around you can partially relate to you on some personal level then a relationship starts to take place and in a relationship comes interest, caring, and loyalty whether it’s to you or your work. (Slide 3) Roots: 1. Define your roots. 2. Everyone has different roots that make them who they are now; these are just a couple things that make me who I am today! (Slide 4) Roots: 1. What do you want to create? 2. I have always had a knack for traditional art and ever since I started my degree program here for Computer Animation back in August I’ve been lacking in practicing my skills. So I’ve been trying really hard to get back into it because it would also look really good in my portfolio to have more traditional pieces in it. With this I think I should try to create a piece of work every few months and nothing more because then with this type of pressure I’ll be able to actually produce more pieces and I work better under pressure. I can structure it out in sections by giving me several days to accomplish specific pieces with it; for example I can give myself a few days to graph it out and then others to complete certain sections of the piece in a specific amount of time. I think ultimately this will be like my side hustle to calm me down after a hard day and it’ll be something I enjoy really much that will benefit me in the long run. (Slide 5) Roots: 1. What ideas drive you?/ Who do you want to help or impact?/ What changes do you want to create in the world? 2. I want to create my own book in a sense; a legacy that some people will enjoy and find comfort in when reading my epic journey and what I left behind in the world. I want my legacy to reach anyone who is willing; to show everyone that you can succeed when you feel like you start from nothing. To show that you can make something of yourself and to not let anyone stand in the way of your dreams.
  27. 27. (Slide 6) Roots 2: 1. What ideas drive you?/ Who do you want to help or impact?/ What changes do you want to create in the world? 2. You are your own person and you shouldn’t let anyone change that for you. I believe though to create this legacy I’m going to have to mainly have to do it on my own, to figure things out and to plan it the way I want or think it should be. I’ve had a passion for what I do since I was very young; and I know it’s hard for others to accept. Yet, since my passion is a bit hard for people to accept I believe it’s one of the main reasons that drives me to keep going. So I believe that’s why I should naturally work on my own. (Slide 7) Roots 3: 1. What ideas drive you?/ Who do you want to help or impact?/ What changes do you want to create in the world? 2. Though, you can’t exactly do everything on your own, sometimes a helping hand is the best thing you need. I believe it could be anyone that could help me on this journey, whether they are a co- worker, family or friend. These people will be fun and forever change something within me, which will show in my legacy. I believe with my passion, kindness, and loyalty to them and my goals; they will be more than willingly be able to help. And I’ll make sure to do whatever I can to repay their kindness and generosity. I’m excited to start my body of work and someday accomplish my goals and to see where all these possibilities will take me. (Slide 8) Roots: 1. What do you value? 2. Value #1: Creative Thinking Value #1 Definition: Something new and valuable that we can create ourselves; like an idea, joke, work, musical composition, solution etc.) Value #2: Kindness Value #2 Definition: The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Value #3: Compassion Value #3 Definition: Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Value #4: Uniqueness Value #4 Definition: Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else! Value #5: Intellectual Thinking Value #5 Definition: The faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively.
  28. 28. (Slide 9) Roots: 1. What do I believe? 2. I believe that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you look like, and what gender you are, but that no matter what you are great and you are capable of great things. You are something! 3. I believe that if you do something you love as your career then you do not work a day in your life. 4: I believe that we all have life struggles that one must overcome to become a better person. To learn how to accept the hand we are given, but change it to make it become something greater. We have the power, now we just need to find it and use it to our advantage. 5: I believe that everyone should learn how to love a little bit more. Show some respect and behave accordingly to the situation. We have lost what makes us human and instead have started to become animals. 6: I believe that we should all live life to the fullest; life is to short do something you want before you’re time is soon gone. (Slide 10) Roots: 1. What do I believe? 2. I guess I believe in these values because they are values that I want to live up too. Growing up wanting to have these qualities within my life, I think I’ve started a sturdy base structure and every experience I have while growing makes me understand them more and possibly reach them in my lifetime. The same goes for my beliefs; I may be shooting for the moon, but even if I miss I’ll be found among the stars. (Slide 11) Brand Mantra: 1. What is your Brand Mantra? 2. Your brand is something that describes you individually. It’s something personal and is all about who you are and what you want to be known for. Think of your personality and how it affects the experience someone will have with you, determine your description and your function. With this knowledge you discover yourself in a way that can benefit you with your future endeavors. So what makes me…well me? I’d like to believe that I’m reliable, relaxed, a hard worker, kind, passionate, and someone who you’d like to have on their team or have them work for them. I believe that is my brand; Happy Medium. I am good at a lot of things and I’m all about making that other person feeling special and making that smile spread across their face and brighten their day.
  29. 29. (Slide 12) Third: 1. Define your skill set. 2. As I sit and ponder about my ingredients I start to make a list of what possibly makes me; well me. I have not filled many job roles so far; but I do believe the biggest one that I have filled was a parent for my younger sister. My parents worked all the time and soon got a divorce and it was up to me to take care of my younger epileptic sister. My skills on the other hand I can list; I learn quick, I can practically mimic any art style, my communication skills are very well, I’m passionate about what I do, if I put my mind to something then I won’t stop till I achieve it. I don’t have a lot of work experience, but I know that if given the chance I can prove myself worthy to be in the situation given and will prove my worth by the end. Yet, if I could choose three of my favorite ingredients that mean a lot to me, they would probably be my passion, my kindness, and my ability to adapt my art skills. (Slide 13) Third: 1. Define your skill set. 2. “Why?” you ask? I chose my passion because without it I wouldn’t be where I am now, my passion is what drives me to be a better person and to keep advancing my skills, knowledge, and who I am as a person. My kindness because it falls in the identity category; many people know me for my personality and how kind I can be. I was always taught to treat people the way you want to be treated; so in turn I treat them the way I want to be treated and with that people seem to remember me more. Last but not least would have to be my ability to adapt my art skills. My high school wasn’t very big and so what money we did get went to the sports activities and nothing for the art classes. So I wasn’t able to use many of the supplies we were supposed to have; so I came up with my own technique and used that to produce my art pieces. Then coming to such a big school with amazing supplies and technology I was finally able to use the supplies that I was supposed to have when I was in high school. And with that I was able to improve my artwork using new techniques along with my old ones that I acquired. So in retrospect I’m able to adapt my skills and still produce amazing pieces in different ways. (Slide 14) Fourth: 1. Think about work experience, volunteer experience, and classroom project experience. In what environment do you work best? 2. I work better by myself, because I have OCD and then that way I know everything will get done; and get done correctly because I’m relying on myself to do it. I also work well in groups and taking directions; I try to accommodate to everyone's opinions and ideas to reduce conflict and become happy with the end product. Sure it won’t be perfect, but perfect doesn’t exist.
  30. 30. (Slide 15) Fourth: 1. Explain your work experience and your preferred or goal work environment. 2. A healthy, productive, and fun environment would probably be ideal for me. Yes, these are big expectations; but if I give myself low goals and achieve them, then what should I live for? I’ve had experience in good work and environments and bad environments; so I believe with those specific experiences I’ll be able to adapt quickly and deal with the situation and make me more ideal to hire because I can deal with it. (Slide 16) Fourth: 1. What kinds of people do you work well with? 2. People who are light hearted at times, but can also be very passionate in the work we are producing together and can really do some amazing things once their minds are set. (Slide 17) Fourth: 1. What kind of worker do you want to be - employee, entrepreneur, freelancer? 2. I’d like to be either an employee or a freelancer. Employee because I don’t want the power or the stress of dealing with people to do the work that I also want to participate in. I’d like to take part and be given set directions in what to do. Though, at the same time I would like to be a freelancer because I won’t be dealing with just one project for a long period of time. The projects will be different throughout and that creates excitement and a diversity that will keep my skills broad and well worked. (Slide 18) Fourth: 1. Define the market you want to work for/in specifically. Consider the size of the company (large or small); the type of company (nonprofit, government agency); and the scope (local or international). 2. I want to work for Framestore or ILM; so yes a large company. 3. International would be fantastic, because I have wanted to travel since I was little. But I’ll go wherever the job is offered, and if that is staying in the states…then that’s fine. (Slides 19, 20, 21, 22) WORK SAMPLES (Slide 24) Finally: 1. What does success mean to you? 2. My definition of success would have to be doing something I love in the future at a company that I have been aspiring to join since I was young. My name is known around the art community and I inspire younger artists to keep moving forward and try to achieve their dreams. I would also like to be surrounded by people who care about me and appreciate my work and what I do. I believe that would be my definition of success.