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  1. 1. Hunter1 Someone once said if one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces never beafraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again. Forty-one percent of teens drop out ofschool every year due to Teen Pregnancy. The rate of teen moms completing high school areless than 1/3percent .Something can be done about it. With the help of Community, Schools,Family teen mothers can successfully complete their education.Teen pregnancy is an issue thatmany people in our society worry about.Feeling confused, scared ,or shocked is normalresponse when you’re telling your parents something important.No matter how close you areto your parents you’re going to wonder how they’ll react. In Conclusion With the help ofCommunity’s, Schools, Family teen mothers can successfully complete their education. Adolescent Parenting program of Johnston County very helpful with teen mothersenrolled in High School. Adolescent Parenting program developed by the Department of SocialServices is to help strengthen the support network that’s pregnant and parenting, Adolescentsin public schools. Social workers interns and community volunteers strive to help adolescentparents. My social worker Mrs. Roxanne Stanton enjoys being a role model for young teenagegirls. I look up to her as a role model with her being a mom and setting examples for many teengirls to graduate from high school by keeping them focused on their attendance andgrades.She’s an support system which helps strengthens teens support network that we needsuch as thing like providing independent and life skills to help teen moms become moreresponsible young women with
  2. 2. Hunter 2Tools to effectively parent on their own. Mrs.Roxanne encourages teen mothers to stay inschool by explaining to them value of getting and a high school diploma and further theireducation .She also provides education group meeting every month to give the teen mothers asmuch educational information possible.Also she helps enhance teen’sself-esteem and preparethem for employment and college. She keeps track of weekly contacts with her to make surethat teens are in school. Johnston County Angel tree is a program that helps with adolescentparents with providingteen mothers with gifts for their children. This event occurs every yeararound Christmas time also for foster children as well. Adolescent Program also helps with lifeskills, parenting future plans such as college. Transportation for you to get to doctor’sappointments, also your child’s even daycare etc. The main objectives are preventing teenparents from having a 2nd pregnancy before Graduating from high school, keeping youngparents in school and focused on continuing their education.Most of all promote self-sufficienyand independence.Adolescent parenting program is a wonderful helpful program for thecommunity for teen parents. Graduation season is upon us again, but the approximately 1.3 million high schoolstudents who dropped out this year won’t be graduating. Parenthood is 30 percent the leadingcause of school drop out among teen girls cited pregnancy or parenthood as a reason fordropping out of high school.The relationship between education and teen pregnancy goes bothways.Pregnant teens thatdrop out of school have fewer opportunities for themselves less likelyto succeed in schools or careers. For this reason it is important to support and encourage
  3. 3. Hunter 3Pregnant teens in getting their education.This is where schools should step in and help teen’sparents that are on the urge of dropping out. There are many solutions for this problem.Schools can develop youth development programs with high expectations to young people andgive them and chance to achieve those expectations, promote academic success. First Schoolscan have can provide tutoring to those who can’t get to class. Also have teen pregnancypreventions programs will help give teens the information and skills they need to help themdelay sexual activity and to protect themselves when they do become sexually active.The goalof reducing teenage pregnancy is a questionable basis onwhich to argue forestablishessexeducation programs in the schools. Introducing sex education programs in theschools primarily for the purpose of reducing the teen age pregnancy rate and establishment ofeffective and sound sex education in schools. Sex education in schools promotes a goodmessage for teens to prevent teenage pregnancy also understanding more of thehumansexuality. With the emphasis with schools being involved in sex education programsteaching dropout rates may lower in the near future. A good support system is extremely important in helping pregnant teens finish school.Family should be the number one support system in a teen’slife. Having a new person on yourhome has an impact on the relationships of everyone in household .There are some risk factorsthat increase the chances that a pregnant teen will dropout, due to low income, poor academicperformance, lack of support especially from parents. The support needs to continue after the
  4. 4. Hunter 4Baby is born. It is extremely challenging for teens to meet the demands of school as well astheDemands of motherhood. Having support from adults who can give guidance and listen totheirConcerns as well as peers. This affects not only the girls and their children, but also society,which pays the costs of teen pregnancy. Teen Pregnancy brings many different emotions topeople, especially if you’re living a teenage preganacy. It can be denial,shame, a lot of stressand also depression.Going through a teen pregnancy causes real world challenges at a veryyoung age. It causes you to grow up very faster than other teens. A teenage pregnancy is one ofthe toughest experiences anyone could ever go through. One thing that every teen should havein mind always is that no matter what you can do anything you set your mind to and a babywon’t be an obstacle from stopping you to succeed in life .