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SEM: The Foundation of Growth Teams


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By Evan Waters – Naspers

Influential search marketers leverage unique data to improve not only their campaigns, but guide other channels and even business propositions. With these insights alongside strong partnership from other business units, we’ll examine what some of the largest digital consumer brands have accomplished. Drawing on Evan’s experience guiding top internet companies growth paths, together we will discuss high level strategy and specific tactics to impact channel selection, conversion optimization, content marketing, attribution, and how we think about customer segmentation.
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SEM: The Foundation of Growth Teams

  1. 1. SEM: The Foundation of Growth Teams @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG Evan Waters June 2017
  2. 2. Leverage SEM For: @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG BRAND
  3. 3. A $75B market cap. company $12.2B revenue $1.2B earnings 130 countries 1.5B audience reach 27,000 people *Year ending 31 March 2016
  4. 4. @EvanMWaters
  5. 5. Some companies want great apps, all companies need great mobile web @EvanMWaters
  6. 6. Source: YourStory 44% 13% 13% 9% 9% 6% 6% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Android OS Whatsapp Apps Music Videos Images Other ShareofDeviceStorage Typical Use of Storage on Indian Mobile @EvanMWaters
  7. 7. Note: Monthly frequency = 30 / Days to open, Days to open = Leaders install base / Leaders daily active users. Source: SimilarWeb, Euromonitor Medium frequency use with medium installed base Indian Apps: Frequency vs. Install Base Low frequency of use with small installed base High frequency use with small installed base High frequency use with high installed base @EvanMWaters
  8. 8. “It’s nice that I could do the entire thing on the mobile version of the site which is something that a lot of sites don’t have.” “It’s not very convenient to have an app for every website on the phone…so this saved me a lot of space.” “Thankfully I did not have to download an app.” @EvanMWaters
  9. 9. @EvanMWaters
  10. 10. @EvanMWaters
  12. 12. @EvanMWaters
  13. 13. Leverage SEM For: @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG BRAND
  14. 14. Building a Brand is a Headache @EvanMWaters
  15. 15. @EvanMWaters
  16. 16. Search is Positioned to Notice Trends Quickly @EvanMWaters
  17. 17. @EvanMWaters
  18. 18. @EvanMWaters
  19. 19. @EvanMWaters
  20. 20. @EvanMWaters
  21. 21. Leverage SEM For: @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG BRAND
  22. 22. SEO Title Testing is a Headache @EvanMWaters
  23. 23. @EvanMWaters
  24. 24. DSA SEO Title Testing Set Up @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG 1 2 3 4 5 Maintain segmented DSA campaigns Select similar performing categories Change title in test group Segment DSA search term report by day Analyze effects
  25. 25. Product Category Product Category + # Results Click-Through-Rate 35% Source: Naspers @EvanMWaters
  26. 26. Testing New Affiliates is a Headache @EvanMWaters
  27. 27. Discover Placements and Pricing with GDN 32% Google’s Share of AdSense Revenue @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site Example Site
  28. 28. Leverage SEM For: @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG BRAND
  29. 29. Landing Page Optimization is a Headache @EvanMWaters
  30. 30. @EvanMWaters
  31. 31. • Amenities • Square footage • Lot size • Year built • Neighborhood crime • Local schools • Nearby businesses • Commute time • Natural disaster likelihood • Price history • Tax assessment @EvanMWaters
  33. 33. Leverage SEM For: @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG BRAND • Power global PR program • Test SEO titles with DSA • Find affiliates with GDN • Let copy influence product
  34. 34. QUESTIONS? @EvanMWaters #SavageMKTG @EvanMWaters