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Carin Boone


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"Recounting the Revolution: Captivating Imagination through Public Archaeology"
Carin Boone
Temple University

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Carin Boone

  1. 1. Recounting the Revolution: Captivating Imagination Through Public Archaeology Carin Boone January 7, 2010 SHA Amelia Island, FL
  2. 2. Edwin Austin Abbey, 1910
  3. 3. Survey Area
  4. 4. Possible front of camp Possible rear of camp
  5. 5. Illustrations, Ross Hamel in Rees, J, 1998
  6. 6. Commander-in-Chief Massey
  7. 7. Many thanks to: *Dr. David Orr *Dan Sivilich and BRAVO *Jesse West-Rosenthal and the 2008 crew *Dr. Rich Veit *Valley Forge National Historic Park *Temple University Field School, 2007 & 2009 *The Vestry and Heritage Committee of the Washington Memorial Chapel *Joe Mager *Upper Perkiomen Archaeology Club *All of our wonderful volunteers since 2007 Please visit our blog at: and Follow us on twitter: @ArchatVAFOWMC