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Kivy - Python UI Library for Any Platform

A basic Introduction to kivy and packaging kivy apps for the android market.

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Kivy - Python UI Library for Any Platform

  1. 1. Introduction to Kivy A Cross-Platform Python UI Library
  2. 2. In this Session we shall discuss:  How to setup kivy  Some key features of kivy  Make a simple ‘Hello World’ application  Introduce the ‘kv’ language  Package the application for the android market
  3. 3. Setting up Kivy 3 very simple commands: 1. Add Source  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kivy-team/kivy 2. Update  sudo apt-get update 3. Install Kivy  sudo apt-get install python-kivy 
  4. 4. Basic Components of Kivy § App § Widget § ScreenManger § Screen § Layouts § Button § Label § TextInput § Image § Clock § SoundLoader § Animation
  5. 5. Types of Layouts § Anchor Layout § Box Layout § Float Layout § Relative Layout § Grid Layout § Stack Layout
  6. 6. Hello World f r o m k i v y . a p p i m p o r t A p p f r o m k i v y . u i x . f l o a t l a y o u t i m p o r t F l o a t L a y o u t f r o m k i v y . u i x . b u t t o n i m p o r t B u t t o n f r o m k i v y . u i x . l a b e l i m p o r t L a b e l c l a s s M y A p p ( A p p ) : t i t l e = ' H e l l o W o r l d ' d e f b u i l d ( s e l f ) : s e l f . a p p w i n d o w = F l o a t L a y o u t ( ) b u t t o n = B u t t o n ( t e x t = ' C l i c k H e r e ' ) b u t t o n . b i n d ( o n _ r e l e a s e = s e l f . b u t t o n p r e s s ) s e l f . a p p w i n d o w . a d d _ w i d g e t ( b u t t o n ) r e t u r n s e l f . a p p w i n d o w d e f b u t t o n p r e s s ( s e l f , * a r g s ) : s e l f . a p p w i n d o w . c l e a r _ w i d g e t s ( ) s e l f . a p p w i n d o w . a d d _ w i d g e t ( L a b e l ( t e x t = ' H e l l o W o r l d ! ' ) ) i f _ _ n a m e _ _ = = ' _ _ m a i n _ _ ' : g l o b a l m y a p p m y a p p = M y A p p ( ) m y a p p . r u n ( )
  7. 7. The ‘kv’ Language class MyButton(Button): def __init__(self,**kwargs): super(MyButton,self).__init__(**kwargs) <MyButton>: size_hint_x: None size_hint_y: None In the kv file: In the python file:
  8. 8. Packaging the app There are two ways to package the app: 1. Manually using python-for-android 2. 3. Automatically using buildozer
  9. 9. Prerequisites for manual packaging: § Build-Essential and others: § sudo apt-get install build-essential patch git-core ccache ant python-pip python-dev § Latest Cython: § Pip install –upgrade cython § Android SDK § § Android NDK § § Environment variables § export ANDROIDSDK=/path/to/android-sdk § export ANDROIDNDK=/path/to/android-ndk § export ANDROIDNDKVER=rX § export ANDROIDAPI=X § export PATH=$ANDROIDNDK:$ANDROIDSDK/platform-tools:$ANDROIDSDK/tools: $PATH §
  10. 10. Manually § Get python-for-android: § git clone git:// § Create distribution: § ./ -m "kivy" § Build apk: § cd dist/default § ./ --dir <path to your app> --name "<title>" --package <> --version <human version> --icon <path to an icon to use> --orientation <landscape|portrait> --permission <android permission like VIBRATE> (multiple allowed) <debug|release>
  11. 11. Automatic Packaging using buildozer: § Get buildozer: § git clone § cd buildozer § sudo python2.7 install § Create spec file: § cd path/to/app § buildozer init § Build: § buildozer android <debug|release>
  12. 12. Signing and Aligning (Only for Release apk) § Generate keystore § keytool -genkey -v -keystore path/to/keystore/name.keystore -alias myalias -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 § <New Password> § Sign using keystore § jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore ./keystores/com-mydomain- myapp.keystore ./myapp/bin/MyApp-1.0.0- release-unsigned.apk myalias § <keystore password> § Zipalign § ~/.buildozer/android/platform/android-sdk- 21/tools/zipalign -v 4 ./myapp/bin/MyApp-1.0.0- release-unsigned.apk ./myapp/bin/MyApp- 1.0.0.apk
  13. 13. All Done! Congratulations on your first apk!
  14. 14. Thank You!