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10 Management lessons from Amit Shah


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Amit shah, noted politician and his management style analysed for corporate and business schools training.

10 Management lessons from Amit Shah

  1. 1. 1 10 Management Lessons - from Amit Shah Saurav Kumar
  2. 2. TAKEAWAYS # Measurable goal, Believe! # Develop a niche skill. Eliminate the obstacle! # Diversify interests. Learn Continually! # Create loyalist. Grow Capability! # Get bosses goodwill. Mentors are inspiring ! # Change leaders have sense of urgency! # Take responsibility, build your credibility! # Hard – work! That's it. # Work-life balance is a myth! # Use technology. Innovate Holistically and reapply! LEARNING FROM AMIT SHAH
  3. 3. 3 #1- Setting Goals Clarity – of thought • What do you see… • What do you hear… • What do you feel… …when this is seen Amit Shah reinstated and made his team belief that 272+ (Full Majority) is “THE Mission” Decide exactly what you want…
  4. 4. 4 Shah was just a small-time state leader till 1997, when Modi lobbied for him and got him an assembly ticket in a by-election. Despite intense infighting and every leader in Ahmadabad working against him, Shah carved out an impressive victory for himself. Modi saw the spark and began to groom him. Now, Shah's niche is election management. #2: To achieve the goal, grow a niche skill and develop it to build confidence in leadership. Eliminate the obstacle! . Builda niche skill and remain patient for success
  5. 5. 5 According to senior colleagues who have seen the bond between the two evolve, it was Modi who encouraged Shah to diversify his interests. “Don’t give up reading Gandhi. Please read Vivekananda as well to broaden your perspective,” Modi used to tell him, says a party colleague. When he was jailed shortly in 2010-- Shah spent his time in prison reading Lokmanya Tilak’s Gita Rahasya and Dayanand Saraswati’s Satyarth Prakash, which forms the core of Arya Samaj philosophy. #3: Its a VUCA world Diversify interests and Read/ Learn from experiences of the role models you admire . Learning is like a cow of desire. It, like her, yields in all seasons. Like a mother, it feeds you on your journey. Therefore, learning is a hidden treasure- Chanakya Neeti
  6. 6. 6 It hardly took any time for Shah to take over the reins of the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank (ADCB) and the Gujarat Cricket Association, both largely seen as conduits to gain money and power. The ADCB, which had a total of Rs 2,000 crore, had two Congress strongmen. In a smart move, Shah played some Congress leaders against them and gained complete hold over the cooperative after getting the senior leaders ousted from the bank. Once he had established total control, he looked for loyalists who he could place as his trusted lieutenants in the bank. #4: Take Control, Identify the right talent, trust and groom them to take it over. Grows Capability! Invest in your people such that they believe in you. Take control,delegate and Move Ahead..
  7. 7. 7 Insiders say Modi knows that but for Shah he would not have bagged 126 of the 182 assembly seats in Gujarat in 2002. They said the dynamics of the duo has been clear ever since: Modi will be the face, Shah the brain. It is no wonder then that Shah is a fan of Chanakya. Photos of Chanakya and Adi Sankara adorn his office and residences in Gujarat. Insiders say Shah will not be too bothered about the FIR filed on Sunday. Instead, the soft- spoken and reticent strategist will already be planning his next move. #5: Seek your bosses goodwill Understand that your job is to help your boss succeed Mentors are inspiring! Use your network and organizational knowledge to plan your next move. ItsHard to develop “EQ” by reading a book. Develop relationship across the organization and build a network of mentors/role models.
  8. 8. 8 Shah's ruthlessness was again in evidence in UP, where he has unilaterally decided on candidates. State party leader Lalji Tandon even insists that Shah has single-handedly managed to bring sections of the Dalit vote to the BJP fold. Instead of 'Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat', Dalits in Eastern UP have embraced Shah's 'Jai Modi, Jai Bharat' slogan, said Tandon. From insisting that Murli Manohar Joshi vacate his Varanasi seat for Modi to tactfully introducing hard-line Hindutva in pockets of the state, Shah is promising Modi handsome returns from UP. #6: Change always require leadership rather than authority. Understand your target & take bigger leaps Change Leadership is like an Engine. Its about Urgency. ! If you want to create real change, it is not power and influence that you need , but those who seek to overthrow them.
  9. 9. 9 Shah is also a smart crisis manager. While this reporter was with Shah, he received a call from the tantrum-throwing sanyasin Uma Bharti complaining of ‘sabotage’ from within. “Didi, I hope you have a passport. Why don’t you travel to US to propagate Hindu dharma? By the time you return, you can take oath as an MP,” he told her, despite her protests. “Don’t you trust your brother? There is nothing to worry and you are winning by a huge margin,” said Shah #7: Crisis Managers take responsibility, demonstrate realistic optimism and take ownership to fix situation. Build your credibility! This combines calmness,clarityof thought and practiceto stay clear-eyedand fearlesswhen the worldis tipping.
  10. 10. 10 “I keep looking ahead,” Shah says. After juggling phone conversations and meetings, he sets off on another day’s gruelling tour of the interiors of UP. This is perhaps the first time since the legendary organizational man Sunder Singh Bhandari’s tenure that a leader has managed to strike such a strong chord with ordinary party workers. Shah pauses before walking away to his Innova. “In 2005 itself, I knew that Modi had in him the qualities to lead the country. Only a person who can do hard work can succeed,” he says. #8: Stay in touch with ground realities and never neglect your job, mainly because it’s never a hassle or obligation Build on your hard work! . Hardwork spotlightsthe character of people: some turn up their sleeves,some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all
  11. 11. 11 Shah is an out-and-out family man who cannot do without the company of his wife, son and close relatives. Yet, he keeps his kith and kin away from politics, a trait mostly seen among RSS cadres. Gujarat law minister Jadeja vouches for this, adding that the man was very close to his mother. Even if he came back late after party work, he would spend almost an hour with his mother, who didn’t sleep until the son came home. “He used to rest his head on her lap and talk to her about the family and enquire about her health. #9: Work and relationships are not complimentary. There is NO “either-or” in personal and profession life. Work-Life Balance Myth! .Those who have (and maintain)healthy work-lifebalance, are those who know to protect it.Don’t let your personal flow be dictatedby the demands of others
  12. 12. 12 Welcome to the ‘social media war room’ of BJP (started and controlled by Amit Shah) in party’s UP headquarters in Lucknow’s Lalbagh. From this place, apart from monitoring Twitter, Facebook and a constant flow of news, a team tracks the smallest of households the BJP has touched, ground challenges, profile and leanings of each voter, resources needed to win in a booth or constituency, and much more. It is an unprecedented deployment of smart youngsters and technology to control every inch of BJP’s crucial battlefields, UP and cyberspace. #10: Implement and use latest technology that improves productivity and effectiveness of employees Innovates Holistically and Reapplies! Geta first mover advantage and implementlatest technology to create a competitiveadvantage
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  14. 14. 14 Authoredandcompiledby- Saurav Kumar +91-9652983393