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Data structures


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Presentation I Gave On Data Structures Subject In College

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Data structures

  1. 1. Understanding Data And StructureData = InformationStructure = OrganizationData Structure = Information Organization
  2. 2. Why Do We Need Data Structures?Example: A Standard DictionaryNo Order Of Word PlacementWords Placed In Alphabetical Order
  3. 3. ArraysElements Placed ConsecutivelyAddress Of Each Element KnownFixed SizeHey! Where DoesMr Soorma BhopaliLive?He Lives At 221BMay I Borrow YourPen Drive?I Am Out OfMemory
  4. 4. StacksLast In First Out (LIFO)One End For Addition AndRemoval Of DataMy notebook’s at the top! It’llget corrected first!
  5. 5. QueuesFirst In First Out (FIFO)One End For Addition And The Other End For Removal Of Data
  6. 6. LinkedListDynamic Data StructureAddress Of Each Elements Not Known DirectlyHey! Do you knowwhere Mr SoormaBhopali Lives?Ask Gabbar, he knowswhere Soormaji livesNo Fixed SizeMay I Borrow Your PenDrive?I Am Out OfMemory Yeah! Sure!
  7. 7. TreeHierarchical Data StructureConsists Of :• Root Node• Parent Child Relationship• Leaf Nodes
  8. 8. GraphAlso known asAdjacency MatrixConsists Of:• Edges• Vertices
  9. 9. Which Data Structure Is Right For You?Size is known - ArraySize is unknown - LinkedListComputing applications – Stacks and QueuesHierarchical Relationships – Tree and Graph