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Car lashing in containers


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Holding Cars inside ISO containers was never easier. Car lashing systems. Ferreterro Manufactures All types of Car lashing system for Cars ranging from NANO to Hummer, Trucks Ranging from TATA to VOLVO Trailers!!

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Car lashing in containers

  1. 1. SHIPPING CONTAINERS(NON PERFORATED FLOOR)• Problem arises in Containers where lashing points are available but not on floor• In those carriers the Spring Mounted Mass (Vehicle) has to be tied down by chasis or lashing points• The lashing points on Vehicle should be adequate else wheel lashing sideways is recommended.
  2. 2. Best Solution been accepted by Bentley, Porche, Ferrari, Mercedes, Volkswagon, Lamborghini
  3. 3. Why only FerreterroWe Manufacture Car Lashing systems, Wheel Lashing Systems and Vehiclerestraint systems as per EN 12195-2 Standards. We are an ISO 9001:2000company and have every process of production in house. Our products havefollowing advantages:1. Cost Effective.2. Less than 7% elongation of webbing on LC i.e. 2 tons3. Our lashing system is made as per 4 ton capacity and weguarantee 4 tons plus at every point of same.4. Our stitching is also of HTPY and thread made also makes patternto stand more than 4 tons.5. All products are labeled and Batch coded.6. End fittings are Electroplated zinc 10-15 microns and stand saltspray test of 150 hours.7. We use Trivalent passivation which is environment friendlyunlike hazardous hexavalent passivation.8. Our webbing is Pre Stretched so that loosening while transit isminimal.9. We can Design, Develop and Manufacture systems on short noticesas every process is in house.10. We have In house Laboratory and testing facilities for everyprocess of every part used in lashing system.