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Using Arduino


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Maker Education can help kids to enjoy learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We at Fun2Do Labs - Open Education Project have published this presentation so that teachers can help their students to learn basics of science using project based activities.

In this presentation we teach how Arduino can be used for creating maker projects.

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Using Arduino

  1. 1. Making Education OPEN and FUN! Using Arduino Fun Do Labs TM 2
  2. 2. Requirements Cable Arduino Software (IDE)Arduino UNO Fun Do Labs2
  3. 3. Arduino Arduino is an open source electronics platform to develop electronic prototypes & products Fun Do Labs2
  4. 4. Cable It is called Type A/B cable and is used for connecting Arduino to PC Fun Do Labs2
  5. 5. Arduino Software (IDE) To communicate between software and hardware we need to use Arduino IDE Fun Do Labs2
  6. 6. What We Can Do With It? - 1 Robotics Electronics ProjectMobile Controlled Toys Fun Do Labs2
  7. 7. 3D PrinterProgramming Fun Do Labs2 What We Can Do With It? - 2
  8. 8. Digital Pins Pins in Arduino UNO Board Analog Pins Power Pins Fun Do Labs2
  9. 9. Digital Pins Pin 2 to 13 are Digital Pins. Digital pin has only two states ON and OFF. The ON state is HIGH (5v) and OFF state is Low (0v). We can use these pins for input or output Fun Do Labs2
  10. 10. Analog Pins Pin A0 to A5 are analog pins. These pins are mostly use for analog sensor and have voltage between (0 to 5v) Fun Do Labs2
  11. 11. Power Pins GND - Ground pin is used to ground the circuit 5v - Regulated power supply is used to power the circuit Fun Do Labs2
  12. 12. Barrel Jack ConnectorUSB How to Power Arduino UNO? Fun Do Labs2
  13. 13. USB To power the Arduino you can use 5v from your USB port or an adapter which should be rated between 5v and 12v Fun Do Labs2
  14. 14. Barrel Jack Connector To power the Arduino you can use barrel jack connector which should be rated between 9v and 12v and upto 2A (2 ampere) Fun Do Labs2
  15. 15. How to Use Arduino with PC - 1 Connect PC with Arduino with type A/B USB cable Fun Do Labs2
  16. 16. How to Use Arduino with PC - 2 After connecting Arduino to PC select Arduino port in Arduino IDE via Tools -> Port -> (port number may be different in your PC) Fun Do Labs2
  17. 17. How to Use Arduino with PC - 2 To run the project, click on the Upload icon Fun Do Labs2
  18. 18. @skjsaurabh | @fun2dolabs Fun Do Labs TM 2