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Fun2Do Labs - Open Education Project


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Fun2Do Labs is an open education project which wants to make education fun for kids. We have researched extensively on transmedia education, maker education & startup education and believe that we can make a tangible change in education ecosystem through our efforts.

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Fun2Do Labs - Open Education Project

  1. 1. Making Education OPEN And FUN! Fun Do Labs TM 2 Open Education Project
  2. 2. Fun Do Labs2 300 Million Kids Need Education In India
  3. 3. Fun Do Labs2 Educational Spending In India By Government Is More Than US $ 50 Billion
  4. 4. 1.5 Billion+ Kids Need Education In The World Fun Do Labs2
  5. 5. Educational Spending Worldwide Is More Than US $ 3,500 Billion Fun Do Labs2
  6. 6. Fun Do Labs2 Yet We Still Have Unhappy Kids, What Is The Problem ? Fun Do Labs2 PROBLEM
  7. 7. Large Number Of Kids Cannot Access Or Afford Education Fun Do Labs2
  8. 8. Fun Do Labs2 Many Kids Find Education Difficult And Boring While Many Kids Do Not Know Why They Study? Fun Do Labs2
  9. 9. Fun Do Labs2 What Is The Solution ? Fun Do Labs2 SOLUTION
  10. 10. Fun Do Labs2 Education Is A Journey Not A Destination Fun Do Labs2
  11. 11. Fun Do Labs2 Fixed Mindset Or Destination Mindset Fun Do Labs2
  12. 12. Fun Do Labs2 Growth Mindset Or Journey Mindset Fun Do Labs2
  13. 13. Fun Do Labs2 Our Solution Has Been Inspired By... Fun Do Labs2 Lev Vygotsky Zone of Proximal Development Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligences Jean Piaget Constructivism
  14. 14. John Dewey Progressive Education Maria Montessori Montessori Schools Seymour Papert Constructionism Fun Do Labs2 Our Solution Has Been Inspired By... Fun Do Labs2
  15. 15. Fun Do Labs2Fun Do Labs2 Concept Of Flow In Psychology Fun Do Labs2 Low Skills High Challenges High Anxiety Flow Channel Boredom Increasing Skills Increasing Skills IncreasingChallenges IncreasingChallenges
  16. 16. Fun Do Labs2 Low Ability High Motivation High JOURNEY M INDSET DESTINATION MINDSET Lifelong Learner’s Mindset Fun Do Labs2
  17. 17. Fun Do Labs2 Making Education OPEN And FUN! Fun Do Labs TM 2 Open Education Project
  18. 18. Fun Do Labs2 Why Open ? Because It Helps The Most Fun Do Labs2 BY CC
  19. 19. Fun Do Labs2 Old Educational Stack Fun Do Labs2 BooksLectures Curriculum Test Job
  20. 20. Fun Do Labs2 New Educational Stack Full Of FUN Fun Do Labs2 Maker Education words Verbal Mind Visual Mind Visual ThinkingStory Play Music & Dance BooksLectures Curriculum Test Entrepreneur Uberised JobStartup Job Transmedia Education
  21. 21. Fun Do Labs2 Maker Education : Kids Love To Make Their Own Toys Fun Do Labs2
  22. 22. Fun Do Labs2 RobotLow Cost Robotic CarRobotic Car Fun Do Labs2 Maker Education : Helps In STEM Learning
  23. 23. Fun Do Labs2 Mickey MousePokemonDoraemon Fun Do Labs2 Transmedia Education : Kids Love Transmedia Worlds
  24. 24. Fun Do Labs2Fun Do Labs2 Transmedia Education Makes Education Fun Visual Thinking words Verbal Mind Visual Mind Play Story Music & Dance
  25. 25. Fun Do Labs2 1 + 1 = 2 + = Visual Thinking : A Large Part Of Brain Is Devoted To Visual Processing words Verbal Mind Visual Mind Fun Do Labs2
  26. 26. Fun Do Labs2 Play : Play Is An Integral Part Of Learning Fun Do Labs2
  27. 27. Fun Do Labs2 Story : Human Beings Love Stories Fun Do Labs2 Slow And Steady Wins The Race Fox And The GrapesFun Galaxy: Open Transmedia World
  28. 28. Fun Do Labs2 Music & Dance : We All Love Them Fun Do Labs2
  29. 29. Fun Do Labs2 Why Us ? Fun Do Labs2
  30. 30. Fun Do Labs2 Passion Fun Do Labs2
  31. 31. Fun Do Labs2 Exeperience Of Managing Communities Fun Do Labs2
  32. 32. Fun Do Labs2 Commitment Fun Do Labs2
  33. 33. Fun Do Labs2 Accountability $ $ $ Fun Do Labs2 Many More...
  34. 34. Fun Do Labs2 Experience Abroad Fun Do Labs2
  35. 35. Fun Do Labs2 Strong Network In Industry And Institutions Fun Do Labs2
  36. 36. @skjsaurabh | @fun2dolabs Saurabh Jain