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Building a Toy Car


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Maker Education can help kids to enjoy learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We at Fun2Do Labs - Open Education Project have published this presentation so that teachers can help their students to learn basics of science using project based activities.

In this presentation we teach how you how to make a toy car.

Published in: Education
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Building a Toy Car

  1. 1. Making Education OPEN and FUN! Building a Toy Car Fun Do Labs TM 2
  2. 2. Requirements - 1 Cell 9vChasis Tyres Fun Do Labs2
  3. 3. Cell 9v Geared Motor Dummy WheelSwitch Fun Do Labs2 Requirements - 2
  4. 4. Chasis Chasis is a frame which is used to connect the internal parts like motor, tyres etc. Fun Do Labs2
  5. 5. Tyres Tyres are used for moving the car Fun Do Labs2
  6. 6. Battery Battery is used to power the circuit Fun Do Labs2
  7. 7. Switch Switch is used for making and breaking flow of current in circuits Fun Do Labs2
  8. 8. Geared Motor Geared motor is used for moving the tyres Fun Do Labs2
  9. 9. Dummy Motor Dummy motor can be attached to tyres Fun Do Labs2
  10. 10. Fun Do Labs2 Step - 1 Attach dummy motors in chasis
  11. 11. Step - 2 Attach geared motors in chasis Fun Do Labs2
  12. 12. Step - 3 Insert screw in geared motor hole Fun Do Labs2
  13. 13. Step - 4 Tighten the screws with nuts Fun Do Labs2
  14. 14. Step - 5 Attach tyres to shafts of geared motors Fun Do Labs2
  15. 15. Step - 6 Attach tyres to shafts of dummy motors Fun Do Labs2
  16. 16. Step - 7 Fix battery & switch using double tape or some adhesive Fun Do Labs2
  17. 17. Step - 8 Attach left motor grey wire with right motor white wire Attach left motor white wire with right motor grey wire (Refer to connection diagram) Fun Do Labs2
  18. 18. Step - 9 Attach one of the switch wire to any wire of the motor (Refer to connection diagram) Fun Do Labs2
  19. 19. Step - 10 Switch on/off to control the car Fun Do Labs2
  20. 20. Battery -+ Switch Motor1Motor2 Connection Diagram
  21. 21. @skjsaurabh | @fun2dolabs Fun Do Labs TM 2