A study on the marketing, sales & operation event manegment


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A study on the marketing, sales & operation event manegment

  1. 1. “A Study on the marketing, sales & operation”<br />Dissertation submitted <br />In Partial fulfillment for the <br />Post Graduate Programme in Business Management<br />By<br />Saurav gupta<br />Roll No.: GJU10133<br />Batch 2010-2012<br />Under the Guidance of <br />Reporting Boss<br />Designation <br />Company Name<br />S.S exhibition & Media pvt. Ltd<br />NSB SCHOOL OF BUSINESS B-II/1, MCIE, Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delhi<br />B-II/1, MCIE, Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delhi<br />CERTIFICATE<br />This is to certify that the summer project report title “A study on Customer Satisfaction” is a bonafide work done by Mr. saurav gupta, Roll No.: (GJU10133) of Batch 2010 – 2012, Submitted to NSB School of Business, New Delhi in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Post Graduate Programme In Business Management, and that the report represents independent and original work on the part of the candidate.<br /> Prof. Alok Satsangi<br /> Corporate Relations Cell<br />INDEX<br /><ul><li>ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
  2. 2. SYNOPSIS
  5. 5. VISION
  6. 6. MISSION
  8. 8. MEDIA PLAN
  13. 13. BIBILOGRAPHY</li></ul>ACKNOWLEGMENT<br />It is my pleasant duty to acknowledge my sincere gratitude and heart full thnks to all those who encourage, guided and helped me in the completion of this project<br />If there were an appropriate superlative to express feeling gratitude, it would certainly be tendered to my guide MR Manish Dhanda for reason ranging over a wide spectrum. Among others,for being a great guide ,great motivating force and above all being right there with pearls f wisdom my career and future . I thank for what all he has done to make my project a success.<br />I am very much Indebted to MR Manish Dhanda (director of the S.S Exhibition & media pvt.ltd), regarding their help given to me during the project.<br />It is my proud privilege to express my deep sense of gratitude to MR Abhishek shukla for his contant inspiration during the project. <br />By heart I am too much thankful to my senior & friends for their constant support and ideas. They immensely help me in every moment of project <br />Last but not the least ; I thank all the respondent whom I met during the data collection period<br />DECLARITION<br />I, Saurav Gupta the undersigned, a student NIILM School of Business (NSB), New Delhi declare that project report titled “Marketing & Operation at S.S Exhibition & Media Pvt.Ltd.” submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the summer internship project during the post graduate program in business management , a pres <br /> <br />SYNOPSIS<br />This thesis has been prepared on Event Management our event management is based on educational fairs which is organized by educates expo. Our basic motto is promoting the education institute by event management, Advertising, Public Relation (PR).<br />About Event Management<br /> The term Event Management refers to the application of the management science for the development of festivals and events. At this particular point of time Event management industry is one of the fastest growing industries in all over the world. Planning and executing an event can be a very difficult.<br />Event Management is a million-crore industry that includes hosting of events of various stature and semantics. Personal functions or parties like marriages and birthday parties have become important social matters, which need to be professionally managed. These days all kind of events like meetings, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, product launches everything is organized in a well mannered plan which is recognized as an event. Event management is comprised with different event like personal events, leisure events, cultural events, religious events, corporate events etc.<br />Then comes the number of celebrity shows, international artists shows, shows for a cause, road shows, competitions, ramp shows, fashion shows, wedding arrangements, personal or corporate parties, magical shows, birthday parties, anniversary party, kitty party, new year party, Christmas party, annual day functions, school or college events and many more. Every industry, charity, society and group will hold events of some type or size in order to market themselves, raise money or celebrate.<br />Behind all the events there is the role of event mangers who usually plan and execute the event. Event planning is not an easy task even it is an art and an event planner that manage and organize it. Event planning includes number of activities like decision of proper venue which should be comfortable to all to find and enter in. Entrance should be wide and attracted. Decoration is also very important part while organizing an event. It should be as per the theme of event. Food arrangements and other preparations should also be kept in mind<br />There are varied art forms that have been passed down through the ages. One such form of art is that of oil paintings. These have not been just those that are made on canvas, but also the cave paintings, and the wonderful murals. However, in over the last century there has been an escalation in interest in the arts. There are not on more artists, but also the demand and increasing art lovers and connoisseurs.<br />There are number of companies hosting and hosting events on a regular basis. These range from the small time private events to the large-scale international events. Yes, the large scales one do happen far rarer, but then the amount of returns they churn out is far beyond expectations. However, in the past there have been events that have also resulted in losses to the hosts and sponsors for varied reasons. But then, all said and done, event management is about organization and execution, and that is precisely where the money lies. Those in the field are paid for their these services<br />Want to be professional event manager? If yes then you need to pursue some event management certification course. Is it really necessary to enter in to some certification course? Now the growth in this field is tremendous and so are the job opportunities. In such cases if you have certificate with you then it can become easy to fetch a good job. Along with talent you have to be well organized and this you can learn in certified courses of event management. There are involvements of several factors like designing, accounting, planning, managing, etc which you can learn by pursuing certified courses.With the increase in demand of event organizers competition has also increased. In this scenario you cannot think of giving tough fight without any theoretical knowledge. A certificate course can give you basic idea which you won’t get in case you directly enter to the management field. Firstly it is very much difficult to get direct entry without any certificate as level of competition is high. You possess skills but there is a need to polish it in order to develop the rate of accuracy. In certificate courses you can also gain some practical experience which can assist in creating strong base.You can also develop your multi tasking abilities with such courses like handling staff members, allocating work, looking after budget, handling guests, etc. Ultimately you have to organize event which successfully brings smile on the face of guest. Depending on the success rate of event you can get more clients. While pursuing certified courses you can attend various workshops, get practical training, in-house event training, etc. Following are details of opting for different type of certificate event management programs:Diploma in event managementSubjects covered in this course include topics like:• Event accounting• Communication skills• Presentation and gaining sponsorship skills• Events involving computer applications• Event advertising• Event marketing• Event law• Catering and production workPost graduate diploma in event managementSubjects covered in this course include topics like:• Coordination of event• Modern event management including computer application• Event advertising• Event marketing• Event planning• Event account (basic and advance)• Understanding scenario of modern day event managementPost graduate diploma in advertising, media & event managementSubjects covered in this course include topics like:• Corporate communication• Organizational behavior• Consumer behavior• Journalism• Event coordination• Modern day event scenario• Event marketing management• Event accounting• Advertising• Event catering• Brand management• Event lawGraduate certificate course in event managementSubjects covered in this course include topics like:• Area of event creation• Event management• Venue management• Event law• Event accounting• Event marketingGetting any of such certification can put label of professional on your name and then you can try to build more contacts and gain more contracts. It’s a fun loving job if you have of interest in it. With event management certification get your skills polished and come out as blooming flower in this field.<br />This part contain the discussion on the event management .First we described that what is Event Management and what is the process of event management . Introduction about special Event that is organized on an annual. Bi-annual or any regular basis, or they can be one-off celebrations or festivals. After that I described the skill of an event manager and role of an event manager which is very important to success an event.<br />The new generation popularity of event<br />Events are theme based or occasion based. Events are basically gathering of people for a particular reason or celebratory occasion. Events are so important nowadays and of recent times, they have become so exceedingly essential and the whole concept regarding events has changed in their outlook and profile. Today, it is not only essential that people come and have food and drinks, it is important for organizing that event impeccably and with great detailing. This is why today, event management as well as management companies have sprung up and gained increasing popularity as well. Event management is a popular concept now. The new age popularity or in other words, when one talks of the new generation popularity of events and the springing up of the same, one can’t help but think of how the scenario has changed. Events today are conducted with so much focus and dedication to every single detail.<br />The new age popularity of events is such that event management is a topic of education as well as it is something that many a person like to pursue full fledged. There are event management teams and people freelancing in these areas as well to make sure that an event that is undertaken is done with focus and clarity as well. The new generation believes in the best and every little to big thing needs to be looked into. From booking venues to arranging flower decorations, every aspect is looked into by event managers and companies that undertake events in general. Events can be made a lot more fun and entertaining when a good and efficient event management company undertakes to do and handle the entire event for a person or team.<br />In busy places, often, events are given a lot of importance and precedence. For instance, the launch of a product of a reputed company will always be handled by a large and capable event management company and this is because of the fact the events need to be done right and the entire show should be well planned. Today, even marriages are considered to be planned by wedding planners, which is a sort of event management to a certain extent. People should leave feeling and knowing that the gettoegther was a successful one and a bright as well as effortless looking one. Ease should be seen in the flow of events at the actual party or event perse.<br /> Event Managers<br />Event management is considered a chic job opportunity. It is very interesting and hours are spent organizing and looking into detailed observation for an event that is to be conducted. Event managers are those that look into the purview as well as the details of an event. Event management is a course that can be studied as well. Events are interesting and work as well as a keen eye needs to be present for an event to be conducted well and with smoothness. Character to an event is added by an event manager. Idea provisions for an event are done by the manager of an event as well as details of an event are looked into by him or by her.<br />An insight into this interesting profession is that an event manager is always busy and tied up, with calls to meetings to planning. The more exciting the profile of clientele that the event manager gets on board, the more the popularity of the event manager and his or her work, as the work gets recognized and more clients get added to the list and so on so forth. Event managers have to have many contacts, from florist to hotels, from food caterers to companies, the list on the phone and computer of an event manager is precious and of great importance as well. Event management has become more fun and of interest of recent, as mentioned before in the former. Events can be conducted by either freelancers or by event managers that report and work with even management firms across the city or place. There are internationally placed event managers and there are ones that gain repute and fame based on their portfolio of work and efforts as well. Event management tips can be got and derived when one sits for a simple coffee with an event manager as a manager of events has new and brewing ideas ever so often. This helps in vast and creative ways of conducting a gathering or event. This also helps every event to look different from the other and this is key in this profession that is not just competitive but also strives to perform better and better to eventually hit the mark of being the best or definitely amongst the best.<br />Planning and Organizing an Event<br />Planning requires foresight and vision at times, and a lot of dedication at all times. Planning and organizing an event is the key role of an event management company. Planning an event requires the event manager to understand what the event is all about and what the profile of the company or person who is throwing or hosting this event is. An event manager has different events to organize and plan. An event management company bifurcates the planning into different steps and the actual organization would be as essential and organizing is a step that is followed through the event as well, to see that the flow of things is easy and smooth as well as take note of every person and see to it that the event is done and functioned to the best of the management firm’s capacity and capability.<br />Planning and Organizing has steps involved such as the below listed steps and points:<br />-      Initial ideas for the event and running it through the client.<br />-      Steps to plan the entire event should be devised like a good and thorough plan.<br />-      Planning requires to be focused and all of the details and the concept should be worked out in mind before presenting it for approval to the client. This is a key point to make a note of and keep in mind as well.<br />-      Planning an event requires contacts to be maintained with various people in different genres of work- florists for flowers, hall owners and hotels for venues and so on and so forth. Food is an essential part so planning the food and drinks arena is an important role. Checking up on the same is part of the description of job of an event manager.<br />-      Delegation of activities to people for the planning of an event makes things more smooth and easy to run.<br />-      Organizing an event needs to be done with a team of people who are present at the event to look into the happenings of the event and function.<br />-      Organizing food and beverages to every detailed aspect of the gettogether or event, as one may refer to it is the essence of a party and do!<br />-      Organizing an event can be work coupled with excitement when the event goes on well and is a success as this is a good remark then.<br />Choosing an Event Planning Company<br />Choosing an event management firm is essential for a person as the person or corporate who wishes and is looking to host an event needs to dedicate the job of the event entirely to someone or some firm that is of good standing and repute as well as a firm that is capable and efficient in their performance and creativity to hold a good if not great event. The tips to choosing a good event management company are listed below in a few points to be borne in mind whilst choosing an event management company to plan and organize an entire event:<br />-      Look at the previous work as well as the clients that have previously organized events with the event management company that you are considering or looking at. If the profile is good and the work seems well defined and well executed, then that is one cue to consider that event management firm for the entire event that you want to have.<br />-      Choose wisely and well when you choose an event management firm for organizing an event, make sure that you work out all details with them in advance. For instance, the costing structures and the detailing of the prices, to reviewing their presentation first before giving any suggestions and putting forth ideas.<br />-      Budget is an essential part of an event. Everyone who is planning to host an event or throw a party has in mind a budget and there is costs that are incurred in the process as well as to pay the event management firm. And by working out all of this, one in advance itself needs to think about the costing structures and all. This is important as well as the main thing in an event organizing.<br />-      Besides budget, the concept needs to be clear in the host’s mind first before any carrying forward with planning or organizing as well. The number of people will often define the venue and space for the event or party. Food needs to be catered from an approved place by the event person or management firm as well as the host in question. These are all important things at the event. Hosting an event involves looking into drinks and short eats or what people often call or term as finger food. All of this should be well approved and well discussed.<br /> <br />Types of Events<br />Event management deals with creation of successful events. There is a galore of different kind of events for which an event manager has to do different kind of arrangements according to the different types of requirement the event demands.<br />There are these sports events which may be at inter school level or intra school level or in colleges or even at state levels. Sports events are not one day events, it needs extensive planning right from the day it starts till the finale. On a larger level, national and international sports events are planned by a bug group of event mangers working together.<br />right0Corporate event management is another field which includes in-house events as well as larger ones for promotion of products or services. Such fields become meeting point of corporate people of same field.<br />There are musical events, where in audience has to be taken care of along with issues like ticketing and managing availability of seats etc. accommodation of the artist and co workers is another deal.<br />Exhibition and trade fairs also require a great deal of management. Arrangement of stalls, food system and drinking water system etc. plus the sponsors and guests and audience also need a lot of attention.<br />Another marvelous event in India which needs great planning and perfection is the grand Indian wedding. The complexities are dealt nicely with a event management company.<br />Grand events include prospects like weather, security, celebrities and companies etc. Generally big budgets are involved in them. On other hand, small events like little shows for children, small office parties need to need the purpose and target audience.<br />Other diverse events which are organized and are taken care of by event management companies are cause related events, entertainment events, concerts or live performances, brand and product launches, marketing events, meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, governmental, social and cultural events and more<br />Role of Event Manager<br />Making arrangement for an important day becomes utterly manageable with the help of a good event manager. Choosing a good event managing company is the first step of course.<br />right0An event planner has the ability to work under stressful conditions. They are trained to meet deadlines and complete work with a tint of fineness. Working in circumstances where it is needed to deal with a lot of people together and handle too many things simultaneously. This busy schedule requires working on weekends too. Even many of the events take place at the end of the week. Selecting guest list, entertainment modes, venues and content everything goes smoothly and in a planned manner with the aid of an event planner. They look after every minute detail in the whole planning of event right from the budgeting, confirmation of dates and schedule, choosing an agency for booking suitable venue and taking enough care about the layout of the venue in terms of parking facility, accommodation, decorations, table and chair arrangement, stage if necessary, the security facility, catering and the quality of food, lighting arrangement and other technical system, management in case of emergency and mush more. Minor things also make a big difference like transportation facility for the members and priorities to be provided as per the guest.<br />Finance in Event Management<br />The most important factor in terms of finance during planning of an event is budgeting. Allocation of money in proper terms for various purposes is necessary for enhancing quality of events. A good event manager will always know the summary of extended expenditure along with proposals for how to meet them.<br />Whatever may be the scale of event, working within the limitations is required. The constraints involved are important enough and cannot be neglected. Playing with money is not so easy.<br />Budget format is one which is followed by many companies. They build up budgets by placing figures and involving right0marketing factors. Aggregates are placed in the format and final budget system is obtained. The head office has one member as the head or the financial head who is the main person involved in formation of a budget. Supervision and the execution of process with allocation of money is ensure simultaneously while preparation of the budget. It is checked whether or not the work done requires money within the figures.<br />Margin has to maintained while preparation of the budget. And this percentage of margin is usually referred to as the buffer margin. This helps to one to remain under the limit. The budget gives us the facts and figures which are gained by the company with regards to the expenses. The amount of money which is received by the sponsors is also determined by this budgeting process. It is required that any person from the event managing company chooses to provide budget to a potential sponsor only. Hence, budgeting for any event is like preparing a list of things you need to but before going out and buying the things from the market. Budgeting thus helps a lot in planning the overall features of an event.<br />Working for an event planner is always a collaborative process. He or she has to work with a lot people and thus has to be well trained in team work apart from being skilled in technical aspects. An event manager possesses the quality of understanding the needs of the client. Knowing the taste, requirement and preferences along with the monetary condition helps good planning by event manager. In addition to all above, management of time is best known to an event planner<br />Event Management<br />Event management sounds simple managing an event. But nowadays, it has not just remained a term to be used; it has extended to a whole lot course and its implementation to various fields. Event management is the creation and development of an event by proper coordination of all the 240030052070vivid aspects. It includes the involution of different brands, places, technical aspects, finances or budgeting, accounting and much more.<br />One has to source a venue finder wisely. Choosing a suitable venue coagulating with a proper agency is important. You have to be very sure heather or not the venue is going to meet all your needs and its layout is going to be a real good. Identification of the target audience is another important aspect. Like for example organizing themed events is going to attract a lot of mass and wow your audience, but this is not applicable everywhere. One has to understand the plot line and work in accordance to it. Budgeting is the next factor of event management. Estimation of the number of guests is yet another. Advertising an event also comes under the whole event management process. It can bring out a remarkable difference in the success or failure of an event. Besides the efforts made by an event manager, it is important for the clients to put his or her needs properly because if the rapport with manager is weak, client is sure to suffer from monetary loss.<br />There are different kinds of events like product launch event management, conference event management, event promoting a cause, festivals and other celebrations, children’s events, exhibition and trade fairs, fashion shows and more. Every event brings with itself a list of necessities and this very list is different for one event to another. Event management is the overall package which touches each of these necessities and fulfills them with proper base for the creation of effectiveness and charm of the event.<br />Structure of an event management team<br />The work involved in planning, organizing and conducting a major event can be sufficiently great to require the employment of a team of people. It may require people to be involved on a full-time, part-time, contractor, casual and voluntary basis over a considerable period of time..<br />The organization chart below indicates the magnitude and diversity of the team needed to run a major sporting event such as a National or State Championships.<br />Smaller events will obviously require a much smaller team, and individuals in the team may be able to take on more than one role.<br />The example organisation chart above has "departments" for Programme, Venue, Equipment, Promotions, Officials, Hospitality and Merchandising. The number of departments is arbitrary and depends on the size and complexity of the event and, importantly, on the ideas of the Organising Committee.<br />Furthermore, with small modifications, the same organisation structure could be applicable to running a different type of event such as a conference.<br />An important aspect of the above model is that each department has a co-ordinator. As exceptionally important people in the event management team, they should be identified and recruited as early as possible. Co-ordinators should be a part of the organising committee and collectively they will share in decision making processes with the Event Director. The selection of co-ordinators is usually on the basis of knowledge or expertise and sometimes because only one person volunteers for the task. Whether co-ordinators have expertise or not, Event Directors need to appreciate that sport and recreation depends very considerably on the input of voluntary persons. Therefore systems should be put in place to recognise the contribution of volunteers and to provide non-monetary rewards. In consultation and close co-operation, the Event Director should develop and/provide a job description for each department head.<br />Industry overview<br />This part contain information on the event management industry in India, Event management industry is in growing stage but absolutely growing is tremendous. We analyzed growing of this industry yearly basis and find out expected growth of this industry. We described event management industry with segmentation wise which is having basically six segment i.e Corporate event, felicitation event, personal event, sport event, art event, festival event.<br />Introduction of span communication<br />Span Communication is mid sized agency which is growing 40% per annum. In introduction of Span Communication we described our APE in one umbrella i.e. Advertising, Public Relations and Event management .<br />Advertising & Public Relations Policy<br />Advertising and Public Relation is the keys of promotion mix. Through which we can get our objectives. In developing of advertising there is five M’s which is very important to develop advertisement. Public Relation is another key which is also important to retain customer and explanation of various type of activity which is containing public relation.<br />COMPANY HISTORY<br />S.S Exhibitions & Media ( P ) Ltd  is India’s leading event management and media company w<br />ith business ranging from organizing exhibitions, events, publishing business directories to magazines to direct marketing, printing services and publishing outsourcing.<br />The Group has offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Besides it has representations in south east asian countries.<br />The Group’s endeavour’s towards Education industry  initiated in 2004 in response to the need of Institutions and students aspiring for professional/Technical education . The idea was create  prestigious meeting points for Students, Parents and Educational Institutes offering technical education .<br />This event management arm of the group specializes in project management and execution has an experience of over 15 years in the field of 'Event management and Execution’..<br />The team of young , dynamic and professional event organizers have a successful track record of organizing national and international exhibitions that have proved highly beneficial for the visitors and exhibitors alike.<br />With the success of its previous editions of educational fairs in different parts of the country . The Education Events division have made a mark<br />VISION<br />To create prestigious meeting points where knowledge seekers and knowledge providers come together.<br />OUR MISSION<br />• To reach aspiring students <br /> • To broaden access to relevant resources for students and parents – in smaller towns & cities of India<br /> • To create an platform for students to listen and interact in real-time with experts and neutral counselors<br /> • To be a single point source of gathering information from various institutes at their virtual booths through live chat/instant messaging& by meet.<br /> • To help institutes & universities leverage the best event marketing <br />Educatus is an educational exhibition that provides an interface for interaction between aspiring students, premier universities and institutes providing professional education. <br />A forum for the exchange of information between the Institutions / Universities and students where in the opportunities in the world of professional education are showcased.<br />More than 100 leading providers of professional education from India & abroad will exhibit.<br />The previous edition was highly successful and result oriented. This was an ideal platform to attract the best talent from the prospective pool of students looking for varied career options to become a knowledge worker.<br />This educates Education Fair extends its reach to school and college students, graduates, and people looking for a career change. With a expected presence of more than 100 exhibitors and a audience of over 10,000 expected, this event should not be missed. This is a fantastic opportunity for your organization to reach the audience and create business awareness .<br />Targeted Independent Fairs<br /> Educatus Expo will be the premier education and training exhibition in Delhi. It will be first of its kind event which will have highly targeted audience having specific areas of interest.<br /> Educatus expo aims to inspire, encourage and provide the right tools and a resource for all NCR’s to create a bright future.<br />Why Educatus Expo<br />With the current surge of opportunities in Professional / Technology-related careers, the youngsters fresh out of schools are increasingly looking for guidance when it comes to choosing their career. While the lucky few are guided and are able to get into the competition-driven leading institutions, the vast majority runs from pillar to post to get information about the other good institutions.<br />Second, the fair is strategically timed just a few days after the declaration of the class XII results of both ICSE and CBSE boards and various national level competitive exams. Viz AIEEE, AICBSE, AIMAT, IITJEE, Common Engineering Test - IP University, UPTU, Pre Medical Test (Final exam) Delhi etc.<br />Third, the exhibition gives a platform to have top of mind recall for your institution and attract best talent from the prospective pool of students.<br />Last but not least, the exhibition is focused on professional education only therefore has a defined target of students who have decided to pursue a career as a professional knowledge worker.<br />Targeted and Interactive Event based Fair via Workshops and Seminars in areas of interest.<br />Focus on lead generation than only visitors footfall.<br />Over 10,000 visitors expected.<br />Perfect Timing - june is the Ideal time as the start of the admission season.<br />Perfect Location – Delhi, pragati madan<br />Who Visits<br />The exhibition attracts targeted audience of student and parents looking for good institution providing professional education in<br />Engineering <br />Medical science<br />Management<br />Emerging Career Streams<br />Why Exhibit<br />Feature your organization in front of over 10,000 people.<br />Opportunity to Present Seminars or Workshops for your products/organizations.<br />Get Qualified Leads via our seminars, workshops and registrations.<br />Centralized lead based profile database of visitors. <br />Data to be shared with participants.<br />Develop a personal relationship with new clients.<br />Exhibit your full product range.<br />Actively recruit students and clients.<br />Get immediate feedback on your product range<br />Create brand awareness.<br />Promote your organization through your stand, seminar or stage activity.<br />Launch new products and services.<br />Create a quality database<br />Enhance PR opportunities.<br /> Mantra<br />Seminars<br />Workshops<br />Entertainment<br />Exhibition<br />Our Services<br />Corporate Events<br />Promotional Activities<br />Email Campaigns<br />Theme Events<br />Trade Fairs<br />Our Agenda<br />New realities of college admissions<br />• Physical Education College fairs don’t reach everyone<br /><ul><li>Fairs are limited to major metros & state capitals
  14. 14.  Parents are busier than ever </li></ul>• 99% of institutes’ marketing efforts are ‘push marketing<br /><ul><li>All marketing done by the institute is to ‘sell’ – email, SMS, tele-calling, print
  15. 15. Students are wary of responding to institutes sell efforts Page </li></ul> <br />What do students want?<br />• Students want reliable 3rd party ‘information & guidance’ not ‘sales pitch<br /> • Students want to research the colleges they shortlist<br /><ul><li>Interact with the counselors
  16. 16. Have a virtual tour of campus
  17. 17. Interact with the current students of the campus</li></ul>• Unsure of what they want – which course, which city, which college<br />• More comfortable asking questions online, than in face-to-face interaction<br />What is Education Fair<br />• Free event for attendees – students, parents<br /> • Multi-day online event to connect prospective students with colleges and universities in a live, interactive environment<br /> • Live educational sessions about the career opportunities and admission process: How to choose an institute How to get the best Educational Loan Career & Job Prospects in select few sector<br /> • Target to get at least 10,000 students from across India for first event •<br />What does Education Fair mean for Institutes?<br /> • No risk and low cost way to interact with students – asses interest levels<br /> • Flexible staffing - used by counselors in the office or at home <br />• Targeting diverse prospective students across geographies<br /> • A partner committed to providing a full service experience<br />Features of Education Fair <br /> • Interactive Webinars - keynote presentations from admissions experts, guidance counselors, admissions officers, etc. &A sessions. <br />• Virtual booths for college & Real-time IM and chat between students and inst counselors <br />• Virtual tours, videos, slide presentation that describe a school and its surroundings.<br /> • Scheduled institute-specific presentations by admissions officials.<br /> • A resource center for students and parents Campus images, PPTs and videos Electronic brochures and course catalogs universities featuring:<br />Webinar Sessions with Q&A <br />Industry experts talk about careers in their field <br />• How to choose an institute<br /> • Management • Banking & Finance<br /> • Fashion industry <br />•Animation & Web Designing <br />• Engineering <br />• Media & Journalism <br />The benefits of Education Fair<br />• For students: <br />Receive valuable information & guidance from experts <br />Search colleges and institutes in an organized way, on their own time, in their preferred mannerDirectly communicate with admission staffs and students live during the event  <br />Interact with institutes they could not contact (too far; or missed going)<br /> Win Prizes & Scholarships by attending the event<br />The benefits of Education Fair<br />• For colleges/institutes:<br />Access to detailed reports and measurement on student/visitor activity for your college<br />  Ability to reach more diverse student audience than physical college fairs in the long termLeverage your creative assets<br />• Students outside of major metros and state capitals<br />• Students who can’t afford to travel<br /> • Students outside India<br />The benefits of Education fair<br /> • For Sponsors: <br />Be part of a unique initiative – connect and interact with youth<br />Ability to get top-of-mind amongst students who are prolific buyers<br />Ability to get important feedback from the youth segment – brand imagery<br />Leverage your creative assets – ads, promos etc<br />Sample Diagram of Booth at Education Fair<br />Sample diagram of Exhibition hall<br />OUR APPROACH<br />Analysis: SS Events team proceeds by Analyzing the client requirement, tastes and preferences. Planning & Designing: Our team of experts plan the event with creative & innovative thoughts. Themes are designed to meet client requirements and suggestions are made to make the event apt. Execution and Feedback: We carry out the execution of the event in conformity to the blue-print, agreed between SS and the client. Coordination of work and smooth conduct of the event are the undisputable Skills we developed by valuing client’s feedback. Our Approach<br />Marketing Services<br />We offer marketing services across the whole spectrum of requirements from strategy to developmental & execution.<br />Event Design & Development<br />Channel Development<br />Email Campaigns<br />Creative Services<br />Production Services<br />Creative Services<br />Strategic Event Planning & Execution<br />Concept designing & Development<br />Brand Creation<br />Audience Acquisition<br />Corporate Collaterals<br />Event Measures & Post Event analysis<br />Our Capabilities<br />Strategic Event Planning<br />Creative Communication & Execution<br />Audience Acquisition<br /> Onsite Logistics Support & Flow Management<br />Event Measures & Post event analysis<br />Client Management<br />Support:<br />Providing support to the client in every aspect of the event.<br />Suggesting options best suited for the event which would be budget friendly.<br />Advising the customer on latest trends in entertainment, present preferences of the public etc.<br />Communication:<br />Strong rapport maintained with our customers and Providers.<br />Follow - up done to assess the quality of the event we deliver.<br />Communicating the pros and cons of a proposal.<br />Product:<br />Quality in all our services guaranteed.<br />Best deals offered.<br />Anxiety free event assured.<br /> <br />Media Plan<br />lefttop<br />Presentation & Poster activity in the month of February<br />The poster activity in colleges and training institutes (viz Career Launchers, TIME, Brilliant etc) will be completed by mid of April 2011<br />Database archiving by holding road shows in and around different training institutes<br />Advertising in various Education & Career related magazines. The ones which will carry the communication for Educatus Expo are<br />Competition Success Review (April-May-2011 issues, Full Page Colour)<br />India Today Aspire (April- May-2011 issues, Full Page colour)<br />Competition Refresher(April-May-2011 issues, Full Page colour)<br />Educare (A career launcher group magazine)(April-May-2011 issues,FullPage colour)<br />Management Compass (A career launcher group magazine)- (April-May-2011 issues, Full Page colour)<br />Full page editorial coverage about the event in Educare and Management Compass Magazines in the April and May-2011 issues.<br />Car Sun Screens - 1000 nos<br />Electronic Direct Mailers & SMS’s to the database of 75,000 students registered with Career launcher and T.I.M.E - Training Institutes for competitive exams.<br />This activity will be repeated every week till the 1st June 2011.<br />The Last phase of recall campaign will start 15 days prior to the event and will have communications through:<br />Human banners and commercial umbrella’s at strategic locations.<br />Advertising in leading newspapers of Patna, Delhi, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Srinagar (Main Edition-Page3 or 5 only).<br />Outdoor Media viz kiosks, Mobile Vans, Hoardings at strategic locations.<br />Branding on handle bars in Delhi Metro<br />Bottom impressions (Tickers) on major electronic media channels.<br />Radio Jingle<br />Stall Space Options<br />2 x 2 sq m<br />3 x 2 sq m<br />4 x 2 sq m<br />Any other larger size.<br />METHODOLOGY OF PROJECT<br />The project was made of the basis of the information collected while going on sales call to potential clients and on the basis of the inputs received from the team members. The sales operation was carried out by doing both cold calls and by visiting clients whose leads have been provided by the company. In both the cases the sales operation was carried out by the help of presenting the proposal to the clients as the product is a education fair and only way to make sales pitch for that product was through a proper presentation which tries to explain all the features of the product. As it was decided to focus in the Delhi and NCR area to sell the product, a list was made of the potential colleges and institutes in the area. Only private institutes were targeted as government institutes do not advertise to get admission. Also it was mostly large or medium size institutes were targeted as most small institutes are not very active in this medium. Also institutes which have; listed them selves on the sites were targeted as they are likely to participate in this medium also. The entry cost was kept average and they were shown the benefits of the cost and higher reach of the medium. Day to day records kept doing the period of sales done was used to compile the project. Also information gathered from the websites of the competitors was also used to compile the information of the activities of the competitors. Feedbacks of the clients were also used to compile the report, the client feedback was considered as a primary source of data regarding the experience and trust on the medium of advertisement of the educational institutes. Feedbacks received from the college were also used to compile the report. <br /> The period of study of the report was during my summer internship period ranging from15th April 2011 till 15th of June 2011. The projects related information was collect during the interaction with the clients. A constant day to day feedbacks received from the clients during the meetings were kept in record which was ultimately used to derive an outcome of the whole project. No questionnaire was put forward to clients because it was a sales call and the primary objective at that point was to make the deal and thus it was not possible to ask the clients to fill up any questionnaires, but the inputs received from the clients were kept in record to come to a conclusion of the kind of response the clients were having about the project, i.e. the education fair. No previous reports could be used as a reference to make the report because very few matters were available with the company to refer to. The project could not be compared with any other project.<br />Statistics of Educatus 2011 Series<br />Event Statistics (Visitors)<br />CityFootfallsAverage Enquary per Stall per dayStudent Interested in UG CoursesStudent Interested in PG CoursesNew Delhi15000 +600 -80072%28%<br />Statistics of Educatus 2010 Series<br />Event Statistics (Visitors)<br />CityFootfallsAverage Enquary per Stall per dayStudent Interested in UG CoursesStudent Interested in PG CoursesChandigarh8000 +300 - 40083%17%<br />Archives of this year Event<br />Corporate clients<br />Sponsors <br />Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad <br />Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar<br /> <br /> <br />Rawal Institutions, Faridabad<br />Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana, Ambala<br />Sanskriti Group, Mathura<br />World College of Technology & Management, Gurgaon<br />Aravali College of Engineering & Management, Faridabad<br /> <br />Shoolini University, Solan (Himachal Pradesh)<br /> <br />Galaxy Global Group, Ambala<br />BAHADURGARH <br />PD MEMORIAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, BAHADURGARH <br />DELHI <br />ERA BUSINESS SCHOOL, NEW DELHI <br />SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS, NEW DELHI<br />SOFTDOT INSTITUTE, NEW DELHI <br />FARIDABAD <br />ADVANCED GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, FARIDABAD <br />APPLIED COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT & ENGINEERING, FARIDABAD <br />ARAVALI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, FARIDABAD <br />DELHI ENGINEERING COLLEGE, FARIDABAD <br />DELHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH ( DITMR ), FARIDABAD <br /> <br />ECHELON INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, FARIDABAD <br />JB KNOWLEDGE PARK , FARIDABAD <br />LINGAYA'S UNIVERSITY, FARIDABAD<br />MANAV RACHNA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, FARIDABAD <br /> <br />MVN EDUCATION CITY, FARIDABAD <br />NGF COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, FARIDABAD <br />RAWAL INSTITUTIONS, FARIDABAD <br />SATYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, FARIDABAD <br />GREATER NOIDA <br />DIT SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, GREATER NOIDA <br />GURGAON <br />ANSAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, GURGAON <br />BM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, GURGAON <br />DRONACHARYA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, GURGAON <br />GD GOENKA WORLD INSTITUTE, GURGAON <br />GURGAON GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, GURGAON <br />KIIT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, GURGAON <br />WORLD COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT ( WCTM ), GURGAON <br />MATHURA <br />SANSKRITI GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, MATHURA <br />NOIDA <br />INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (IMS ), NOIDA <br />SHARDA UNIVERSITY<br />PANIPAT <br />GEETA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, PANIPAT<br />NC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, PANIPAT <br />PANIPAT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (PIET ), PANIPAT <br />RAYAT BAHRA GROUP, PANIPAT <br />ROYAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY, PANIPAT<br />SAMALKHA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, PANIPAT<br />SONEPAT<br />DELHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT ( DITM ), SONEPAT <br />GATEWAY GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, SONEPAT<br />SONIPAT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT (SIEM ), SONEPAT <br />SRI BALWANT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SONEPAT<br />DEHRADUN ( Uttrakhand )<br />BABA FARID INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ( BFIT ), DEHRADUN <br />DEHRADUN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ( DIT ), DEHRADUN <br />GRAPHIC ERA UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN <br />HIMACHAL PRADESH <br />SRI SAI UNIVERSITY, PALAMPUR <br />SHOOLINI UNIVERSITY, SOLAN Nr. CHANDIGARH <br />GALAXY GLOBAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS,AMBALA <br />INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY ( IET ), BHADDAL<br />SRI SUKMANI GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, DERABASSI<br />SWAMI DEVI DYAL GROUP OF PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTIONS <br />QUEST GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, MOHALI<br />RAYAT BAHRA GROUP, KHARAR<br />GEETA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY (GIMT ), KURUKSHETRA <br />KURUKSHETRA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT ( KITM ), KURUKSHETRA <br />RAM DEVI JINDAL GROUP OF COLLEGES, LALRU<br />RIMT - INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, MANDIGOBINDGARH <br />SURYA WORLD, RAJPURA <br />PUNJAB <br />CT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, JALANDHAR <br />DAV INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, JALANDHAR <br />LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY, JALANDHAR <br />SRI SAI GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, PATHANKOT <br />RAMGARHIA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY,PHAGWARA <br />RAJASTHAN <br />INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY ( IET ), ALWAR <br />POORNIMA GROUP OF COLLEGES, JAIPUR <br />KAUTILYA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, JAIPUR <br />SWAMI KESHVANAND GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS ( SKIT ), JAIPUR<br />OUR MAJOR COMPITITOR<br />Times education fairs-In January 2004, Times education fairs, the fastest growing and most innovative Indian event management company. A single platform that offers a vast array of courses from the best colleges to help you choose the right path towards success. You don't need to go any where, as we bring you all the information you need on your field, in you own city.<br />The Big Leap Job Fair is a unique platform that helps showcase your organization to prospective employees thereby strengthening your brand image in the recruitment market. In addition it brings down your cost per hire as you can interview candidates in person and hire for several positions on the spot. In the last 3 years, Timesjobs.com has organized over 600 Job Fairs across the country, which have succeeded in attracting in excess of 20,00,000 walk-ins & 2,50,000 'on-the-spot' job offers. <br />The Big Edge: Why must you participate in The Big Leap Job Fairs? <br />Build and strengthen your brand image in the recruitment market: Each fair is backed by a b targeted media campaign on Timesjobs.com, all Times of India group publications (The Times of India, Times Ascent, The Economic Times, Navbharat Times), Radio, the Internet via targeted mailers in addition to other media such as banners, fliers etc.<br />Hire quickly yet cost effectively: The large number of walk-ins at Job Fairs provide a quick and cost effective way for hiring talent for various job openings on the spot.<br />Build your resume bank for future requirements: Job Fairs provide a great opportunity to collect resumes of candidates across various specializations and experience levels.<br />Networking: Job Fairs provide a great opportunity to network with recruiters as well as HR managers from other companies. Job Fairs provide a great opportunity to network with recruiters as well as HR managers from other companies.<br />A Typical Job Fair and How It Works <br />Typically a Job Fair is a two day event, organized usually over a weekend.<br />The pre-event publicity starts about 10 days in advance and is geared towards maximizing candidate participation as well as providing brand visibility to participating corporates.<br />On the days of the fair, candidates that walk-in, first register at the registration desk and then go on to visit the stalls of companies they are interested in.<br />Participating companies are free to complete the selection process at the fair itself, though some prefer to do just a basic screening at the job fair and complete the process subsequently.<br />The Job Fair gets editorial coverage in various Times Group publications.<br />Types of Job Fairs <br />Jumbo Fair: The largest job fair in terms of the sheer number of recruiters and jobseekers that participate. It is organised in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. Close to a hundred recruiters across industries participate in this fair, which also has a special section to showcase institutes offering career enhancement courses. This offers the perfect opportunity for brand building, mass recruitment and building your database.<br />Big Leap Diversity: A fair, in which, recruiters from various different industries participate to recruit talent across functional areas and experience levels.<br />Big Leap Industry Specific Job Fairs: These fairs are specific to a particular industry. Example: IT Fair, Retail Fair, BPO Fair, Hospitality Fair etc.<br />Big Leap Domain Specific Job Fairs: These are skill specific job fairs. Example: Java Fair, Unix Fair, Testing Fair etc.<br />Big Leap Campus Job Fair: This type of job fair offers the perfect opportunity to recruit final year students from the college where the fair is organised.<br />Reverse Job Fair: This type of job fair is organised in a college campus and offers the perfect opportunity to hire talented freshers from that college as well as other neighbouring colleges. Timesjobs offers a value-add in these fairs by pre-testing interested jobseekers. This helps you save time, as you need to meet only the qualifying candidates.<br />Exclusive Job Fair: A job fair, which is completely customised to the recruitment requirements of a specific client. You can focus all your energies on hiring the right talent while the Timesjobs team manages the event from start to finish.<br />Edutech- Edutech is an established provider of technology-based education solutions for the corporate, academic, and government sectors. We enable academic institutions and corporate organizations to improve performance by facilitating knowledge enrichment and skills enhancement.<br />Educomp solutions ltd.<br />Educomp Solutions Limited, founded in 1994 is a globally diversified education solutions provider and the largest education company in India. Educomp Group reaches out to over26,000 schools and 15 million learners and educators across the world.<br />Introduction of Event management industry<br />In India what is the scope of event management industry and what is the growth prospects of this industry. We analyzed growth and expected growth of event management industry analyzed event management segmentation wise.<br />Event management is the management of events, so as to speak and put it in very simple terminology. Managing an event requires a set of skills that can be derived with experience, talent and today, there are colleges and institutions that offer event management as a topic of study and education. Introduction to event management can be easily explained with the basics of knowing that events are a large deal. For corporate as well as non corporate, events are a big deal and have to be handled and maintained well and with planning as well as foresight.<br />Introduction to the interesting world of event management.<br />Events are gatherings of people and occasions- the key is to have a good gathering where people are not uncomfortable and where they leave the party or event feeling satiated.<br />Events need to be understood from step one.<br />Events need to be looked into from every angle and one needs to know that events are different and differ from one another. Meaning, or in other words, events that are conducted for corporate will of course be different and the profiling of the party or event for a corporate launch, to state an example, will of course be different and unique from say, for instance, a birthday party or an event related to any kind of celebration.<br />From the people who stand to welcome the guests in formal clothing, to the food and beverage list, to the arrangements of flowers and also to checking if the speakers and the microphone are working and in good condition, it all encompasses and comes under the purview and the watchful eye of an event manager. An event management firm always looks at handling a to z of the event, from inviting people for the event to making the invitation worthy of a compliment as well as all of the get together handling until the last guest is ready to leave. Even post that, the costing is often worked out by the event management firm. The event manager has to be on alert mode at all times. Food and beverages should be more than sufficient and should be served well and with classy outlooks and the ambience is a large part of the deal. A good event should look and feel good and gives out those same vibes to people who attend it and are present.<br />Today entertainment and event marketing has become a large income generating marketing. Many of the industry profile state that any event which requires funds would call for an excess budget, but the fact is a well planned strategy for an event will work on any budget. Event marketing thus become a very important part of an event plan.<br />In this module on Event marketing, the following things are given below:<br />1. WHAT IS EVENT MARKETING?<br />2. MARKETING EVENT <br />3. CREATING A BUDGET<br />4. POSITIONING EVENT <br />5. CREATIVE CHECKLIST PUBLICITY<br />What is event marketing?<br />There are certain strategies to following which are applicable nap matter what the size of the budget in these are:<br /><ul><li>Identifiable target market
  18. 18. Accurate positioning
  19. 19. Good channels of distribution
  20. 20. An effective launch strategy
  21. 21. Category domination
  22. 22. Sustaining power
  23. 23. Delivery of a promise
  24. 24. It’s a creative thinking not the limit to spending power that determines success. A major marketing tactic employed in the event marketing strata are:</li></ul>The need to use multiple channels of distribution-<br />Gone are the days of relying solely on receipt. Videocassettes, cable and network television and foreign sales are all diverse sources of revenue.<br />The importance of synchronous launch-<br />Forget about launching a product market by market, consumers have short attention spans multiple entertainment options<br />The aggressive use of credible endorsements-<br />If someone raved about your product, let everyone know. Consumers are generally influenced by third party testimonial<br />At the same time, the entertainment and event industry has taught some tough lessons the hard way. For e.g- don’t let your costs run high that return on your investment is impossible and never advertise or distribute your product when everyone is releasing theirs.<br />Event marketing involves the setting of prices, packaging, advertising, distribution and merchandising of just about any form of entertainment or event merchandising of just about form of entertainment or event available for public consumption.<br />What can marketers do to reach this position. ?<br />While it is true that the public has a veracious thrust for some new event simply producing a product or event no long guarantees success . Prior to risking thousands or even millions of rupees promoters , producers and entrepreneurs must determine exactly who their audience or target audience is and how best to reach it. Reaching your target is half the battle won. Convincing them that it is the best thing that has happened requires marketing prowess.<br />Whether you call it marketing or hype , great advertising is a kind of art that can often help propel your product towards a very profitable existence within its short life span.<br />Before we dive into the wonderful world of event marketing, we need to look at the world of advertising.<br />Marketing event<br />There isn’t an industry in the wonderful world whose marketing exercise are more than discernible than the event/ entertainment business. When we market an event, we are charged with creating a brand in the shortest amount of time possible. Advertising, publicity, promotion in some cases, research are the tools of effective event marketing. To make it, project should be armed with a good poster, press kit, lots of promotions and a creative campaign and sometimes the event, nobody can predict an event’s success or failure. At the same time not even the most provocative and powerful marketing can save a bad event.<br />Prior to beginning the marketing process for an event, it’s a good idea to take a check of the saleable qualities of an event before you market it. Ensure that you are properly equipped to proceed. You should be able to answer the following questions about your event before you market it:<br /><ul><li>Is it a strong and unique event?
  25. 25. Have there been similar events of the same genre that has been successful?
  26. 26. Do you have any notable cast in your event ?
  27. 27. Do you have a target audience?
  28. 28. Is the key art powerful?
  29. 29. Does the product/company connected with the event have a marketable track record?
  30. 30. Is there a merchandising capability?</li></ul>The reminder of the process deals with the challenges and issues these questions raise.<br />Creating a Budget<br />There is no set formula when setting a budget to market an event. We have to look at several variables prior to generating a budget:<br />What is the potential of our event?<br />Who is our audience?<br />What is the gross of similar events held in the past?<br />We will also need to find out how many markets should be included in the release of our event.<br />The other approach to budgeting is targeting our audience and determining how best to reach out to them. This can be very tricky, since making a mistake by targeting the wrong market can destroy an event.<br />The way to ensure a strong opening is to create awareness frenzy as the premieres. Depending on the genres, we need to generate a lot of publicity, press releases and a breakthrough campaign to isolate our product amidst in the clutter. The most essential and effective tool is in building awareness for any event in a campaign.<br />EVENT: - <br />Events have always been directly linked to stability in the economy and economic growth. India's economic boom is reflected in the event management scenario with it growing into a multi -crore industries with live-entertainment events, both domestic and international, assuring a big audience. <br />A spate of highly successful international concerts, from Scorpions to Bryan Adams, Roger Waters and Deep Purple in the past few years seem to have put India on the international touring map for major artist. Event management companies are promising big international name like U2, Enrique Iglesias to name a few to be touring India in the near future. <br />Apart from these regular fares such as international music concerts and film award, event managers believe the " next big thing for this segment will be sports based events, celebrity management and conventions and seminars - both on a national and international scale. In the unorganized sector, wedding and similar social engagement expect to be the ke <drivers for growth. Event management in rural areas has al been identified as having tremendous potential, though in e longer term. The spread of events from large metros to A- lass cities has already begun to meet the entertainment need the growing cities. <br />Events termed as the below-the-line marketing concepts, have also become an important tool for companies to build the brand image in the minds of the target audience and as competition grows fiercer, event marketing could become a vital marketing weapon to tap the designated audience. <br />Role of an Event Manager <br />There are four major types of events which an event manager can be called to work upon: <br />Corporate event management <br />Organizing publicity through media (TV coverage for Instance) <br />Parties and weddings Sports event management <br />There are many sub-categories within the industry that one can specialize in, depending on one's aptitude and inclination. The tasks involved in managing an event may come in three stages: <br />, <br />Pre-Production:<br />At this stage, it all at the conceptual level with sub-tasks including planning logistics, marketing and public relations. <br />Production:<br />. The most crucial and creative part, frequently involving TV coverage for a fixed slot/duration.<br /> <br />Post-production:<br /> <br />This principally revolves around public relation and media publicity, but requires planning right from the pre-production stage. <br />Master of ceremonies<br />General go-fer<br />The position calls for nerves of steel, quick thinking and the pay is not all that good ... but event manager do get a tremendous sense of achievement! They need to have good time management skills, an ability for creative thinking and good negotiation and public relations skills to assist his/her in their role as event manager. <br />The skills required to be an Event Manager…<br />No formal degrees and qualifications are required to manage events. For those with a flair for marketing and expertise at handing people and situations, a career in Event Management spells sheer success. They must have the capability to manage tasks responsibly; right from grass-root laborers who put up the stage ... to being able to sell an event to companies and manage the publicity for the event. <br />A Jack of all trades, a Go-Getter, a risk taker, a resourceful, efficient and creative leader defines an Event Manager. According to Teamwork, "An event manager is a person who can wear many hats: an all-rounder, with 100 per cent commitment. " <br />Most importantly, they should have a genuine passion for events and be flexible about hours work, These are both necessary because organizing even s equinity entails working late nights and odd hours and a wide variety of events. <br />Publicity<br />Publicity is used to legitimize the claims that we are advertising about our product/event. Publicity is carried out to direct the public's attention to our event. The publicity process should begin the minute a deal is signed to produce an event and it should be continuous throughout the release. During the pre-production period, stories regarding the event, its cast, the actual event, special effects should be regularly fed to the press. Here are a few points on how to generate a good publicity: <br />a. Assemble and distribute a comprehensive press kit to journalists and critics. <br />b. Secure major stories with newspapers and magazines. Ensure these stories break around the time of our event release date. <br />c. Distribute our electronic press kit to television studios, clips of the product, event and interviews with the creative team. <br />d. Arrange screenings for opinion making groups that will help spread the word. <br />Eg-let local celebrities to attend premiere screening and also attach a radio, television and/or newspaper sponsor to the premier screening <br />What is a Special Event? <br />Special events can occur on an annual, bi-annual or any regular basis, or they can be one-off celebrations or festivals. They can be events tailored to a specific area such 'as the Tamworth Country Music Festival or the Carnival in Rio, or they can be cultural or sporting events which are transferable to any location, state or country such as the Soccer Wotld Cup and Davis Cup. There is no limit to the scope of special/events. The challenge to any Event Manager is to make his ~~~ event stand out from the thousands of other events offered to the public each year. The publicity gained from media coverage of a successful, outstanding event is something money can’t buy and is necessary for both the continued growth of the event and its necessity to attract sponsors. Special Event organization is a growth industry in India.<br />The industry has now come of age and, with the advent of globalised media coverage, new markets have opened up for sponsors to get their message across to increasingly larger audiences. There is keen competition between large corporations to sponsor prestige events but many smaller events struggle to attract even local sponsorship.<br />Special events have taken on a much higher profile with the addition of spectacular pyrotechnic displays and innovative audio-visual production techniques that is beamed to billions of special Event Managers to deliver an event that surpasses everything that has preceded it. <br />So you want to be an event manager. ?<br />The Event Manager plays a critical role in the planning, co-ordination and subsequent success ( or failure) of any event. <br />Among other things, he or she may be required to assume the role of:<br />Creative director<br />Human resources manger<br />Trouble shooter<br />Public relation officer<br />Licenses<br />Accountant<br />Health and safety officer<br /> <br />Positioning Event <br />Long before the creation of our campaign begins, the positioning of our event must be decided. The positioning of the genre of the event decide the type of audience we will reach and exactly how we will posture the event to the press, who will write about it long before the consumer will ever see it. <br />Once we have determine d who our audience will be, we can then start to research their characteristics and model our campaign after other similar events at have proved successful. <br />Creative Checklist <br />This section describes the creative elements necessary for the development of the key art and promotions required to sell our event. / <br />Key art<br />Key art is the image created for the poster and later adapted for newspaper ads and publicity materials. Key art is the first element of creativity developed long before the event. The role of the poster is to generate an early awareness for the event. The poster image should be clean and simple. It's important to remember that key art designed for the poster will also be adapted for the newspaper campaign. The graphics must be clean and powerful in order to reduce properly as our ads grow smaller in the third or fourth week of release. <br />Along with the poster comes the cut line. The cut line or copy line is generally a few words t at position or set up the event. The copy should be provocative, able to set a mood and sell the event <br />CURRENT SCENARIO<br />The organized industry has from around Rs.350 crore during 2002 to be an Rs.580 crore industry in 2003. The live entertainment and event management segment has demonstrated an overall growth of over 60%. As this segment , which is still in its infancy, become an increasingly important part of the media pie, it is expected to demonstrate a growth of 30% per annum over the next five year, in effect more than doubling its size to approximately Rs 1443 crore by 2008.<br />And that’s just the part that can be measured and estimated. There are about 10-15 large players with revenue around Rs.20 crore each many small players- around 70% of the segment remains unorganized. The event segment as a whole can be divided into several key sub- segment that include corporate events. Sports arts and theater, felicitations and contest, festival and personal events. Of these, small operations in the unorganized sector primarily manage weddings, small corporate events and festivals, which have not been considered for the purpose of the size of the industry<br />.. <br />