Delhi Metro Rail


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Delhi Metro Rail

  1. 1. Delhi MetroRail Project Presented By Raghu & Saurabh
  2. 2. AGENDA The Metro Project -An Overview Project Highlight Operation Highlight Challenges in Implementation Project Management at All Stage
  3. 3. THE METRO PROJECT AN OVERVIEW……• Set up in May’95 under the Indian Companies Act.• A joint venture between the Federal Government of India and the Provincial Government of Delhi State, with equal equity.• DMRC has the responsibility for construction and operation of Delhi Metro• A Master Plan had been drawn up for Delhi Metro expansion, consisting of 12 lines, covering 420 kms. to be completed by 2021 in four Phases.
  4. 4. THE METRO PROJECT AN OVERVIEW …….• Works started on Phase I on 1st October, 1998 and completed in December, 2005.• Phase-I – 65 kms. Cost US $ 2.5 billion. Completed in 7 years and 3 months (2 years & 9 months ahead of schedule)• Phase-II covers 124 kms. This also includes a high speed Metro connection from center of the city to the new airport in 18 minutes.
  5. 5. ………THE METRO PROJECT AN OVERVIEW• Phase-II works commenced in January 2006 and completed in October, 2010 – 5 months ahead of schedule.• Phase-III will consist of about 140 km at a cost of US $ 8.6 billion. The works commenced in June, 2012 and expected to be completed by 2016.
  6. 6. PROJECT HIGHLIGHTPhase No of Length Elevated Undergroun At grade No of Lines (Km) Length (Km) d Section Length Station (Km) (Km) s I 3 65 47.43 13.17 4.50 59 II 15 128 94.13 29.83 4.10 81 III 11 140 N/A N/A N/A N/A IV 8 100 N/A N/A N/A N/A
  7. 7. OPERATION HIGHLIGHT 2500 train trips with 200 train sets on 6 lines. Each train used to consist of 4 coaches. Trains progressively being lengthened to 6 coaches and finally to 8 coaches. Average daily ridership - About 16.5 lakh passengers with average lead of 14 kms. Frequency during peak hours – 2 m 30 sec. System fully Barrier Free for Physically challenged. DMRC has introduced feeder bus short loop services
  8. 8. CHALLENGES IN IMPLEMENTATION Delhi Metro Project is the biggest urban intervention since Independence. Project is to be executed in very difficult urban environment. Beingin the capital city all actions under close scrutiny of VVIPs. Project approved on completion cost. TheProject implementation period extremely compressed and strict completion targets. Metro being constructed to world class standards with frontline technologies.
  9. 9. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Each activity of testing identified and duration of all these activities pre-determined Trials conducted as per schedule pre- determined jointly by System Contracts Service trial schedules also laid out in advance Sufficient time provided before actual commissioning
  10. 10. INTERFACE MANAGEMENT•Interface Management - “Access dates” and “Key dates” listed in contract document itself.• The important items which require interface with other contractors are clearly identified and indicated in contracts.• Other contractors with whom the contractor has to interface are also clearly defined.
  11. 11. MONITORING DURING EXECUTION Contractors prepare detailed Base – line work schedule for execution including duration of activities and identification of critical activities/path Close monitoring of work schedule, mobilization of „Manpower‟, „Machinery & Plant‟ and „Materials‟ Weakly meetings with Contractors for planning the work and solving their problems. Practical approach to solve the genuine problems of contractors. Streamlined prompt payment procedure and quick decision-making.
  12. 12. MONITORING DURING EXECUTION ………• Stringent penalties for failures to deliver.• Prompt resolution of claims.• Round the clock supervision guaranteed• Strict independent quality & safety audit.• Monthly progress presentations by the contractors• DMRC directly handles works pertaining to other Government and Civic Departments to speed up.
  13. 13. Thank You