Housekeeping Role and Cleaning Equipment


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Housekeeping Role and Cleaning Equipment

  1. 1. Facilitator:Saumyajeet Dutta
  2. 2. What Guest Want?• Good Service• Price / Reasonable Rates• Clean Appearance• Name / Reputation• Convenient Location
  3. 3. What Guest Want?1. Clean Appearance2. Convenient Location3. Price / Reasonable Rates4. Good Service5. Name / Reputation
  4. 4. Define Housekeeping? It may be defined as “Provision of a clean,comfortable, safe and aesthetically appealing environment”
  5. 5. RESPONSIBILITIES of Housekeeping• Establish a welcoming atmosphere and ensure courteous, reliable service from all staff of the department.• Ensure a high standard of cleanliness and general upkeep in all areas for which the department is responsible.• Cater to the laundering requirements of hotel linen, staff uniforms and guest clothing.• Provide and maintain the floral decorations and maintain in the landscaped areas of the hotel.• Coordinate renovation and refurbishing of the property as and when, in consultation with the management and with interior designers.
  6. 6. Organizational Chart of Large Hotel
  7. 7. Pleasant Personality Loyalty Physical Fitness Memory Personal HygienePunctuality Eye for detail ATTRIBUTESCourtesy Cooperation Calm Adaptability Right Attitude Honesty Tact & Diplomacy
  8. 8. GUEST SUPPLIES to be provided in Guest Bedroom Waste Paper Basket Room Service menu Breakfast Door Knob Laundry rate Slips Tumblers In house-Telephone Ash trays Directory Guest Comment card Bible, Gita or Quran Laundry Bags DND Card Matches Quick Aid Pens Hangers Scribbling Pads Valet Bags
  9. 9. GUEST SUPPLIES to be provided in Guest Bathroom Shoe Kit Disposal Bags Soap Towels Shower Cap Face Towels Ash tray Hand Towels Matches Bath Mats Bathroom Glasses Shampoo Toilet Rolls Face Tissue
  10. 10. The housekeeper should endeavor to provide those whichmake cleaning easier for her staff, save time & obtain asatisfactory result. Only 10- 15 % of the cost of cleaningequipment and agents but they play a major role in thecleaning process.
  11. 11. Advantages of Cleaning EquipmentsEase of maintenance, easy renewed parts, easy replacements.It reduces fatigue, increases productivityDoes a better job more efficientlyReduces much movement because of extension pipes etc.It is a status symbol and therefore Morals builder
  12. 12. Selection of Cleaning EquipmentsWhen determining specifications, consider, size, appearance, weight, noise, attachment, maneuverability, electrical characteristics, safety features.When determining size consider:total area for cleaningcongestion of the areaWeight and portability especially when it has to be transportedFor uneven floors use larger machines
  13. 13. Brushes Carpet Brush Upholstery Brush Shoe Brush etc.Mops Do all Mop Kentucky Mops Disposable Mops
  14. 14. Box SweeperCloths Duster Swabs Dust Sheet Durggets
  15. 15. Container Spray Bottles Dustpan Dustbin Hand CaddiesTrolleys Janitors Trolley Mop wringer Trolley
  16. 16. Chambermaid’s Trolley
  17. 17. Vaccum CleanerScrubbing and Polishing Machines
  18. 18. Wet Extraction Systems Scrubber- drier sweeper
  19. 19. High Pressure washers Scarifying Machines