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It gives an insight to a fresher as to how to go about searching appropriate resume on Job Portal

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Cv Search On Job Portal

  1. 1. Optimized CV Search on Job - PortalThe History of recruitments dates back to World War IIEarly recruitment methods involved IQ Test, PersonalInterviews, need did not arise of targeting candidates asthere were surplus supply of labour. Later the methods likeAdvertisement , Publishing & Headhunting were used totarget relevant candidates.It was not before 19th Century that Job - Portals came intoexistence aiming to provide a "one-stop shop" for job-seekers & employers. © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  2. 2. What are the job portals? A job search engine is a website that facilitates job hunting Commonly known as job boards and range from large scale generalist boards to niche job boards for categories such as engineering, legal, insurance, social work, teaching and seasonal jobs Users can typically deposit their résumés and submit them to potential employers while employers can post job ads and search for potential employees © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  3. 3. In India Naukrihub Times Jobs Esms esource India ( Monster India Career Khazana Indian Job Site Placement India Jobs Bazaar India Jobs Bank Bharat Careers Jobs DB India Career Age Career India Accessenterprises Career1000 Alltimejobs Career Mosaic IndiaDifferent Job – Portals in use © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  4. 4. Following are the general options all the Job-Portal’s have•Keyword Search and/or Boolean Search•Experience range•Location Criteria•Education Criteria•Freshness of the resume ( showing resume inchronological order as updated by the candidate )To understand the options available to furtherenhance the search for optimum result can bedone by taking an example of Naukri job-portal. © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  5. 5. •As you login to the portal the above Home page appears, wherein wecome across Tabs like Main Menu, Jobs & responsibility ,Resdex, reports &Administration.•For going into search engine click on Search resume (either under MainMenu / under Resdex)Detailed Portal Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  6. 6. Once you open the resdex / Search resume you will come across above search option available as per theneed.Advance Search: Basic search engine that can be used on a daily basis.Wherein we can find CV on KeySkills,Experience Range,Salary Range,Location,Qualification etc.EZ Search: Used when we come across a reference, using EZ search we can find CV uploaded in the portalIT Search: This Further categorizes the search in terms of IT Skill, Primary, Secondary etc.MY Search: It is an Advance Search option wherein we can customize our search according to ourpreference.Role Search: This search engine helps in searching the CV on Functionality & Work Domain basis.Featured Resume: It in none other than Advance search.Search Campus Fresher: It is paid service by Naukri wherein we can directly contact freshers.Search Resumes © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  7. 7.  On the search Criteria we have options of Boolean & Keyword Search:2. Boolean is used in case of Primary / Necessary skill search3. Keywords Search basically allows us a flexible search option wherein we can specify the search in terms of “OR”(Eg. Pro*C, “Pro C”, “pro-c”), any of words found in the resume should be considered. In terms of “AND”(Eg. “Java”, “Struts”, “Unix”), all the skills are mandatory. In terms of “NOT”(Eg. “Tester” i.e. to exclude the CV containing word “tester”) Followed by Basic details like, Experience, Location, Qualification etc.Advance Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  8. 8.  It is an extension to advance search with separate option to specify on the IT Skills in terms of Primary & Secondary Skills Followed by the Basic Details of Advance search.IT Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  9. 9.  It is used basically, when we do not have all the details about the candidate, in case of references In EZ search we can put min 1 - max 4 keywords, in inverted comas & separated by comasEg. “Contact No.”, “Email ID”, “Skill”, “Location”EZ Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  10. 10.  My Search is again an extension to Advance search, here we can customize our search as per our convenience.My Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  11. 11. • We have options like * Programming & design, *Admin / Maintenance / Security / Datawarehousing, *System Design / Implementation / ERP / CRM, *QA / Testing / Documentation, *Project Management, *Senior Management, *Other• Like IT Search, this is an extension to advance search, wherein we can further filter the candidate according to the functionality & role.Role Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  12. 12. Once we have put up a search, you can also save the search for future reference by following below steps: • Click on the cube besides Save , to select the CV’s. • Click on Save To Folder •There will open a command “Save Resume”, Click on “Create a new personal folder & save”, then Enter a Name to The folder & save.Save Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  13. 13. Once the search is saved it will appear in manner above You can open this saved search for future references Click on Modify & we can make changes in the search saved Click on Share & we can share the saved search with other Sub-Users The Saved search put on Share will be viewed in Shared Searches Click on Alert & we can set an alter of saved search on a daily, weekly, monthly basisManage Saved Search © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  14. 14.  Similar to Saving a search Click on the cube besides Save , to select the CV’s Click on Email Sent Mail Then the mailer format would open up, wherein we can specify the details Like Experience, Job Description, Location This template can be also saved for further references & useMass Mailing © 2012 | Mannara Technologies
  15. 15.  Similar to Mass Mailing, select the resume Click on SMS Mass SMS As portrayed in the above image, the dialogue box would open. Here 1st specify the number (Eg. From 1 To 500) to specify how many candidate we would want to reach out through the SMS. Type the message, in brief specifying the Co. name, Exp. ,Location, Contact details(mail ID / Board line No.) This message can be saved in templates for future references as well.Mass SMS © 2012 | Mannara Technologies