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Surat is first to conduct the aquifer mapping study in India


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Surat is first to conduct the aquifer mapping study in India

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Surat is first to conduct the aquifer mapping study in India

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  3. 3. www.mineralwaterprojectinformation. Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has started aquifer mapping study in India for in river Tapi. It is the first urban local body (ULB) in the India to undertake aquifer mapping study. The aquifer mapping study requires for the aquifer-based groundwater management. This heliborne survey is carried out over river Tapi stretch from Magdalla in the downstream to Kamrej in the upstream for aquifer mapping. Aquifer Mapping Study in Surat. Image Source: Aarhus University
  4. 4. www.mineralwaterprojectinformation. (Read Original Blog Post: article/surat-is-first-to-conduct-the-aquifer-mapping-study-in-india/ ) The Aquifer Mapping Study Requires For The Aquifer-Based Groundwater Management • An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing rock from which groundwater can be extracted using water well. The aquifer mapping used to estimate the quality and quantity of the groundwater in an aquifer. • The total 268 square kilometer area will be surveyed through heliborne survey. Around 500 metre beneath the riverbed scanned to identify and locate the confined and saturated aquifer using this survey. • The Official said that, it is a seven-day survey and after completing this survey, the civic body will locate French wells inside river or along the bank, land reservations for future water supply projects.
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