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MRP on Packaged Drinking Water is inclusive of GST


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Mrp on packaged drinking water is inclusive of gst

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MRP on Packaged Drinking Water is inclusive of GST

  1. 1. Training Session Home Study Course Consultation Subscribe to Newsletter MRP ON PACKAGED DRINKING WATER IS INCLUSIVE OF GST (Read Original Blog Post: packaged-drinking-water-is-inclusive-of-gst/) Image Courtesy: In the seminar on GST, organized by Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group and Consumers Association of India , MMM Abdul Kader from Consumer Bureau of India said that, He was asked to pay above MRP due to GST, which is a clear violation of rule under the anti-profiteering clauses of the GST Act. Uma Shanthi, Assistant Commissioner, GST Commissionerate told that, Consumers can file a complaint against such violation on The Laws explained in this Seminar of the GST in Chennai for Packaged Drinking Water: • Govt. allowed increase in price of packed product with a sticker of new MRP only until September 30. But, a sticker is not allowed on new stock. • If the Manufacturer wants to increase the cost of the packaged product because of the inclusion of GST, he needs to publish an advertisement in at least two newspapers. And SUMMARY: The consumers are already very unhappy about higher MRP on Packaged Drinking Water and now some vendors are selling Packaged Drinking Water by adding GST even if MRP (Maximum retail price) is always inclusive of all taxes. Concerned activists in Chennai raised this issue in the seminar of GST.
  2. 2. Training Session Home Study Course Consultation Subscribe to Newsletter In case if, the price decreases including GST then, manufacturer just need to display the new price. In each of the case, the old price should be visible for the consumer. • If any vendor is selling packaged drinking water at higher MRP without following rule, then the legal action will be taken against him, including a penalty of one year in jail or a fine up to Rs. One lakh. (Read Original Blog Post: packaged-drinking-water-is-inclusive-of-gst/) ***