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90% village houses to get safe drinking water


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90% village houses to get safe drinking water

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90% village houses to get safe drinking water

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  3. 3. www.mineralwaterprojectinformation. On the inauguration the India Water Week 2017, President Ram Nath Kovind said that, Govt. assured provide safe drinking water to every household in village by 2022. A strategic plan has made to provide piped clean drinking water to 90% of rural households. Safe Drinking Water to Villages Image Courtesy:
  4. 4. www.mineralwaterprojectinformation. (Read Original Blog Post: article/90-village-houses-to-get-safe-drinking-water-by-2022/ ) Save Water, Save Life !!! • On the account of water management, he further said that, at present 80% of water was used by agriculture and only 15% by industry in India. And the demand of water will increase in the coming years. • So, there is need for efficient water management to establish in Village and Urban cities too. • In urban areas, around 40 billion of waste water is produced daily. So, there is a need for a technology to decrease the toxic content in it and reuse it in the irrigation.
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