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Drill and Practice method


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This is a presentation about one of many instructional methods that exist nowadays.

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Drill and Practice method

  1. 1. Definition An instructional method is the set of steps which teachers follow in order to implement their way of teaching. It also provides many tools to change the learning environment in each different method . There are different methods teachers approach to their teaching as presentations, demonstrations, discussions, etc.
  2. 2. Drill and Practice This is the method in which students learn by practicing and repeating the previous knowledge. Learners also can master knowledge in their own pace .Here it is very important to give your student feedbacks in each activity.
  3. 3. Examples of drill and practice method Flashcards games : Computer games
  4. 4. Workbooks Map-recognition
  5. 5. Principles for using Drill and Practice  Introduce content prior to the drill and practice session.  Use many short drill and practice session instead of a few longer ones. Use both individual and group activities.  Use competition ( against self or others) to make drill more interesting.  Make sure students are practicing the correct information or procedures. Only correct practice makes prefect!  Provide opportunities for students to apply what they master through drill and practice