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Lic jeevan anand 149


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Lic jeevan anand 149

  1. 1. Popularity MeterPopularity Meter17,77,352 policiessold in 2003-04in the very 2ndyearafter introduction
  2. 2. Introfeaturesbenefitsillustrations
  3. 3. Introfeaturesbenefitsillustrations
  4. 4. IntrofeaturesbenefitsillustrationsFor how many years ispremium payable ?You can choosepremium paymentterms between 5 and57 yearsWho can avail of this plan?Male lives and femalelives having their ownincome aged between 18years (completed) and65 years (near birthday)For what sums is insuranceavailable under this plan ?Minimum Rs. 1 lakh.Maximum : no limit, butdepends upon incomeAt what frequency canpremium be paid?Yearly, Half-Yearly,Quarterly, SSS
  5. 5. Introfeaturesbenefitsillustrations(A) Minimum entry age : 18 yrs (completed)(B) Maximum entry age : 50 yrs (nearer birthday)(C) Maximum maturity age : 60 years(D) Minimum Sum Assured for the Critical illness Rider : Rs.50,000/=(E) Minimum Sum Assured of the Main plan on which the Critical illnessRider can be given: Rs.50,000(F) Maximum Sum Assured : An amount equal to the Basic Sum for theCritical Illness Rider Assured, subject to a maximum of Rs.5,00,000.(G) Term : 10 to 35 years under regular premium5 to 35 years under Single premiumand 15, 20 & 25 years under limited premium paying term policies.This rider is allowed only if the maturity age under main policy is notgreater than 60 years.The policy term and premium paying term of the rider should match withthe policy term and premium paying term under the main policy.Critical Illness Rider : EligibilityCritical Illness Rider : Eligibility
  6. 6. IntrofeaturesbenefitsillustrationsCritical Illness Rider : BenefitsCritical Illness Rider : BenefitsCritical Illness Sum Assured is payable on life assured surviving for aperiod of 28 days from date of occurrence of any of the followingcritical illnesses-Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)Stroke (Cerebro-vascular Accident)CancerKidney FailureMajor Organ transplantParalysis3rd Degree BurnsBlindnessCoronary Artery By-pass SurgeryHeart Valve Replacement or RepairAorta Graft SurgeryPremium Waiver Benefit:A policyholder has option to avail of a premium waiver benefitwhereby premiums falling due on or after the date of diagnosis ofcritical illness are waived till maturity date of the main plan or earlierdeath of the life assured.
  7. 7. IntrofeaturesbenefitsillustrationsAge Term Sum Assured Rs.1 lakh 2 lakhs 5 lakhs 10 lakhs20 10 11543 23,086 56965 11293025 10 11766 23,532 58080 11516130 20 5660 11,320 27550 5427435 20 5873 11,747 28617 5640840 30 3880 7,760 18650 36550
  8. 8. When are benefits payable?IntrofeaturesbenefitsillustrationsSurvival Benefit :When the policyholdersurvives till date ofmaturity and policy is inforce,Full sum assured +vested bonuses +final additionalbonus, if any, ispayable.Risk cover continuesRisk cover continuesafter maturity,after maturity,without need to paywithout need to paypremiumpremiumRisk Cover :On death during premiumpayment period,Full sum assured +vested bonuses +final additional bonus,if any, is payable.On death after premiumpaying period,Full sum assured ispayable.
  9. 9. IntrofeaturesbenefitsillustrationsAge at entry: 35 years Premium paying term: 25 yearsMode of premium payment: Yearly Sum Assured: Rs.1,00,000/-Annual Premium: Rs.4,535 /-IllustrationsEnd ofYearTotalpremiumpaid till endof yearBenefit payable on survivalto the end of selected termGuaranteedVariable TotalScenario1Scenario2Scenario 1 Scenario 225 1,13,375 1,00,000 41500 141000 141500 24100026onwards1,13,3751,00,000**- -1,00,000**1,00,000**
  10. 10. IntrofeaturesbenefitsillustrationsAge at entry: 35 years Premium paying term: 25 yearsMode of premium payment: Yearly Sum Assured: Rs.1,00,000/-Annual Premium: Rs.4,535 /-End ofYearTotal premiumpaid till end ofyearBenefit payable on death during the selected termGuaranteed *Variable TotalScenario 1Scenario2Scenario 1Scenario 21 4,535 1,00,000 1500 5100 101500 1051002 9,070 1,00,000 3000 10200 103000 1102003 13,605 1,00,000 4500 15300 104500 1153004 18,140 1,00,000 6000 20400 106000 1204005 22,675 1,00,000 7500 25500 107500 1255006 27,210 1,00,000 9000 30600 109000 1306007 31,745 1,00,000 10500 35700 110500 1357008 36,280 1,00,000 12000 40800 112000 1408009 40,815 1,00,000 13500 45900 113500 14590010 45,350 1,00,000 15000 51000 115000 15100015 68,025 1,00,000 22500 76500 122500 17650020 90,700 1,00,000 33000 113000 133000 21300025 1,13,375 1,00,000 41500 141000 141500 241000Illustrations
  11. 11. IntrofeaturesbenefitsillustrationsThe illustration is applicable to a non-smoker male/female standard(from medical, life style and occupation point of view) life.The non-guaranteed benefits in the illustrations are calculated so thatthey are consistent with the Projected Investment Rate of Returnassumption of 6% p.a.(Scenario 1) and 10% p.a. (Scenario 2)respectively. In other words, in preparing this benefit illustration, it isassumed that the Projected Investment Rate of Return that LICI willbe able to earn throughout the term of the policy will be 6% p.a. or10% p.a., as the case may be. The Projected Investment Rate ofReturn is not guaranteed.The main objective of the illustration is that the client is able toappreciate the features of the product and the flow of benefits indifferent circumstances with some level of quantification.Future bonus will depend on future profits and as such is notguaranteed. However, once bonus is declared in any year and addedto the policy, the bonus so added is guaranteed.Illustrations:Assumptions and Disclaimer