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Wedding organizer in lucknow


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Well just thinking about wide beaches, fawn-colored drapes, new place, families, friends and you both? We do destination weddings as weddings are special contact us on +91-7800037037

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Wedding organizer in lucknow

  1. 1. The Event House
  2. 2. About us: The Event house is a decade old company, professionally established on firm grounds of creativity and innovation. Over the years it has been garnered under the harsh days of labor and accomplishment of the projects. At The Event House, it is deeply believed upon “Creative Communication” which thereby leads to innovation and unconventional approach towards each and every couple. Here, we consider in building unique strategies for each projects in order to achieve impeccable result.
  3. 3. How fashionable or ethnic wedding ring you flaunt… It not just a ring but a fashion statement which both bride and groom like to flaunt as their wedding is near. Nowadays, it has become a ceremony which is planned before the wedding date and both the nuptial parties’ exchange weddings vows from both sides. This is not mandatory but going with the flow in the culture and the trend which has onset, ring ceremony has crept in. So, try on to some classic rock which can look beautiful on your ring finger and say yes to some exotic wedding rings.
  4. 4. To a normal looker, vintage-inspired ring might look like a big diamond in the center and an intricate designed tiny diamond studded paisley formed arced lined. So, consider this like a Victorian style with lots of diamonds. Next, Cushion cuts with halo setting looks superb if you want that the design look prominent than the ring. Double Shank will also give same experience to you, even better than the previous. Usually there is the main corona where every eye gets stuck and does not want to flick to another thing and a double band with fine setting of diamond which the complete your visual treat.
  5. 5. Now we move on to next level of getting beautiful and loved. Embrace Ring Collection presents really cool interlocking rings which make its flexible and damn pretty. Well choose it on gold, white gold and rose gold color range.
  6. 6. Ring Ceremonies has become a very eloquent type of function with most closed relatives and friends. As it is the foremost ceremony before marriage, it may include havan, puja, and Godh-Bharaii . If you are in Lucknow and want to have it very nawabi style then you should contact The Event House for Wedding Organizer in Lucknow , as it makes every ceremony worth remembering.
  7. 7. So, there are many choices and many conditions which you and your better half will take care off. So, buy a ring and make this relation more established.
  8. 8. Address: Ground Floor, Raj Chamber, Rana Pratap Marg, HazratGanj, 226001, Lucknow Call us on: +91-7800037037,+91-9648444494 Check on our website:
  9. 9. THANK YOU