Nishitha bday


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Happy Birthday Smarty

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Nishitha bday

  1. 1. Nishitha – Alias Smarty – Nenu chaala manchi pillani. Nijam gaanenaa ?
  2. 2. What IIMB has done to herBefore IIMB In IIMB
  3. 3. Facts Unknown About Her : The Hula Hoop GirlShe can hula hoop the ring continuously for 5 minutes without letting it falldown.
  4. 4. She is a big fan of Bhumika. Maaku aithe polikalu baagaane kanipistunnai..meeku kanipinchaayaa?Do you know this ? She maintains a database of actress Bhumika’s information and photos. She even knows Bhumika’s Perfume brand.
  5. 5. She is really talented. She paints, plays guitar 
  6. 6. Her constant companions….She isalways seen with either one of these.She is mostly on phone with ‘The one who must not be named’
  7. 7. Someone is in love with her smile – On this friendship day she got arose from a secret admirer who belongs to PGP 1 section D . Guess?
  8. 8. Happy Birthday Nishitha. Have a cool day ahead ; )