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Satrix Solutions 2017 Customer Success Summit Presentation


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As customer success leaders, everyone looks to you to establish and maintain strong relationships throughout the customer’s lifecycle. You’re required to align expectations and work through roadblocks to provide value to customers.

Unfortunately, each department has their own agenda. And the customer isn’t always their top priority. This puts customer success leaders at a huge disadvantage.

In this session, Evan Klein of voice of customer and employee engagement consulting firm, Satrix Solutions, will discuss proven strategies for reinforcing your company’s customer success culture to get everyone rowing in the same direction. Attendees will also walk away with actionable ideas tested by customer success professionals that can easily be put into practice right away.

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Satrix Solutions 2017 Customer Success Summit Presentation

  1. 1. PRODUCED BY Why Customer Success Without Cultural Adoption = Failure Presented by Satrix Solutions
  2. 2. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY 480.773.6120 @satrixsolutions satrix-solutions-llc. Evan Klein, Founder & President Heather TimneyChristian Muma Russ Vaughan
  3. 3. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Align Your Organization for Success Requirements for a Truly Customer-Centric Culture @SatrixSolutions
  4. 4. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Undeveloped Initiating Emerging Sophisticated World-class Satrix Solutions Customer Experience Maturity Model @SatrixSolutions
  5. 5. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Senior Leaders Must Model Desired Behaviors Ideas to Take BackKey Points • The ideal customer experience - defined • C-suite must walk the walk • Treat employees the way you want customers treated • Frequent conversations about the importance of the customer experience • Encourage leaders to directly engage with customers (In- person meetings, Customer Advisory Board, Executive Sponsor Program) • Business leaders should often ask: “How does this improve the customer experience?” – allocate resources appropriately • Conduct an Interdepartmental Survey to assess teamwork and unity • Have executives send emails and notes to employees who have gone above and beyond @SatrixSolutions
  6. 6. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Obtain Reliable KPI’s to Show Consistent Progress Ideas to Take BackKey Points • You can’t manage what you can’t measure • Many people are driven by data / analytics • Identify where gaps exist + where successes can be replicated • Institute formal customer feedback programs; share the data & feedback broadly • Identify the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your company and make it part of the lexicon • Clearly show how improvements in customer satisfaction, retention, and CLV drive revenue growth • Use the unstructured verbatim feedback from your VoC program to underscore the good and not so good @SatrixSolutions
  7. 7. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Cultivate Engaged and Empowered Employees Ideas to Take BackKey Points • Engaged employees are more likely stay and deliver better service • All staff members should understand the role they play • Remove unnecessary obstacles so people can do their jobs effectively • Map the customer journey so everyone knows how they impact the customer experience • Provide ongoing coaching and training on CX • Show a willingness to listen to employees by conducting internal Employee Opinion Surveys • Give employees flexibility to do what’s best for the customer, even if it’s not always the most profitable @SatrixSolutions
  8. 8. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Stories are a Powerful Way to Convey Desired Actions Ideas to Take BackKey Points • Effective communication boosts buy- in and motivates employees to do the right thing • Consistent reminders and validation are vital • Harvest stories by reviewing survey feedback and social media • Share details of wins, up-sells, examples of someone going above and beyond (Team huddles, All-staff meetings, Intranet) • Discuss how specific improvements emanated from customer feedback • (Unattributed) negative stories can serve as ‘teachable moments’ @SatrixSolutions
  9. 9. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Reward & Recognize Employees For Supporting Your Customer Success Culture Ideas to Take BackKey Points • Acknowledge employees and show appreciation for desired behaviors • Reward success; emphasize accountability • When an employee does something extraordinary - celebrate it • Shout-out in team huddles, spot bonus programs, customer spotlights, peer recognition, etc. • Consider tying a % of variable comp to retention or NPS @SatrixSolutions
  10. 10. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY An executive team that ‘walks the walk’ Methods to systematically and accurately measure customer satisfaction A willingness to occasionally sacrifice profits for the customer experience The resolve to hold staff accountable and recognize / reward success Ongoing reinforcement of the right behaviors through story-telling Engaged & empowered employees who are united in their commitment to CS Widespread recognition of the goal and what’s needed to achieve it Takeaways for Success @SatrixSolutions
  11. 11. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Get in Touch with Me: 480.773.6120 Evan Klein, Founder & President Questions? @SatrixSolutions