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Frost & Sullivan's Global Connected Truck Brochure - About 40 million trucks will be connected by 2020


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Frost & Sullivan’s Commercial Vehicle Telematics Group is positioned among the top strategic consulting firms across the globe, renowned and established in the industry for its deep-dive analysis and strong know-how in the CV telematics space. Timely tracking of mature and emerging markets through constant interaction with OEMs and aftermarket vendors has enabled us to create a gargantuan data repository that is imperative for trend foresights and formulating strategies for our clients.

Our clientele network includes all the major truck OEMs across the globe and most of the top regional aftermarket telematics vendors. We constantly track mature markets while working around identifying novel and lucrative markets for our subscription clients.

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• Access to breaking news in this market - Mergers & Acquisitions, New Disruptors, Legislation and others
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Frost & Sullivan's Global Connected Truck Brochure - About 40 million trucks will be connected by 2020

  1. 1. Global Connected Truck Capabilities
  2. 2. What is Connected Trucks ? Fuel, driver wages, maintenance, and tires together hold about 62% of the total cost of fleet operation; a „Connected Truck‟ plays a huge role in significantly optimizing these factors. Benefits After Effective Deployment of Fleet Management System 10-15% Increase in Productivity 10-15% Overtime Reduction 20-25% Reduction in Fuel Expenses 5-10% Reduction in Total Miles 20-30 minutes Day/Driver Labour Savings 15-20% Increase in Vehicle Utilization 20-30% Reduction in Vehicle Idle Time Others(Tax,Interest) 22% Driverwages 30% Fuel 26% Maintenance Tires Insurance Depreciation 5%1%6% 10% 2
  3. 3. Why Connected Truck is Important in Future ? Telematics will turn the truck into a „value truck‟ through an ecosystem of customer-centric services and applications 3 ‘Globally All Trucks to be Connected – 40 million by 2020’ Private Briefings ‘Strong Push from Fleet Operators – 40% must have’ ‘High Value Proposition for All Eco-System Partners’ ‘Future Trucks Can be Used as Payment Solution’ ‘Integrated Mobility – Connected Living’ 1 2 3 4 5
  4. 4. 4 Who Offers Connected Truck - All Eco-System Partners All value chain partners (from OEM to tire / component manufacturers) are assessing to offer their own FMS solution; Consolidation drives this trend IT Specialist - Software and Application Providers
  5. 5. How Big is the Connected Truck Market ? Global connected truck service revenue is expected to increase from $3.5 billion in 2014 to about $8.8 billion in 2020. „Emerging markets with growing purchasing power such as China and India are the countries to watch out for. Whereas, countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine are likely to grow beyond 2016/2017‟ Europe North America China LATAM Australia & New Zealand South Africa Turkey Russia India Year On Year Growth (in %) Note: Bubble size installed base until 2015. All figures are rounded. The base year is 2014. RevenuefromServices(inMillions) 5
  6. 6. Does it Still have Opportunity ? The business model of connected truck is like an “Iceberg”; the most important revenue generator is yet to be explored. 6 Fuel Mgt. Driver Mgt. Vehicle Management Driver Behaviour & Driver Training BenefitstoOEMor ValueChainPartners RevenueGenerator Order ManagementWarranty Optimisation Preventive Maintenance Advanced Driver Assistance System Integration Automated Driving / Platooning Dealer / Service Maximization Benefitsto Customer
  7. 7. What Does the Connected Truck Program Area Offer ? Complete 360 analysis of the connected truck market with a focus on medium to long term strategic options for anyone 7
  8. 8. Benefits of Subscribing to Connected Truck Research Content Subscription clients get access to much more than just the research reports Dedicated Customer Support Executive and Account Manager Invitations to all global online Analyst Briefings Free access to GIL Community Newsletter (Quarterly) Unlimited Access to Analysts Personalised user portal Ability to Influence Future Research Titles Access to Consulting Hours Complimentary Invitation to F&S Urban Mobility Event (London) and all F&S GIL Events Access to Best Practices Research Discounted Pricing on Consulting Assignments One Complimentary Private Briefing „Peer To Peer‟ Network – Opportunity to Build personal relationship with leaders of target companies * First come first served basis. Availability limited. 2015-16 Season 8
  9. 9. Telematics Vendors Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers Independent Journalists Navigation Companies Universities Government Bodies Fleet Operators Investment Companies Research Forums OEMs Fuel Companies IT Companies Telecom Provider Data Aggregators Who Can Access this Content ? Our content fits into the needs of all key stakeholders in the Connected Truck ecosystem 9
  10. 10. 10 Frost & Sullivan’s Key Client Lists OEM‟s, Tier Supplier‟s, Customer‟s and Investment Companies
  11. 11. Client Testimonials What does clients say about us ? We have incorporated A&T studies from Frost & Sullivan since 2008 and rely on their studies as a cornerstones of industry understanding. Access to the high quality and broad scope of commercial vehicle research conducted by Frost & Sullivan is a tremendous asset to any research portfolio. It serves as a solid basis from which to develop further work and is shared widely throughout our entire company. Their deliverables has helped us clarify and prioritize our target markets and customer segments , both critical elements in implementing our roll out schedule and building a scalable business. It is also proving to be very helpful in communicating the unique attraction of our business model to potential investors Analyzing the global market from unbiased standpoint; research deliverables of A&T from Frost &Sullivan have always been insightful. Frost & Sullivan's studies have helped us to streamline processes, and ascertain opportunities in untapped market segments It‟s very refreshing to work with a group that not only „get‟ your business model but are able to challenge intelligently and help crystallize your own thinking …… we wouldn‟t hesitate to use them again and would heartily recommend them for their knowledge and insight. 11
  12. 12. Upcoming Topics in the Connected Truck Research Program Upcoming 2016 Tentative Titles * Draft Titles, subject to change based on client feedback 12 Year Research Title Expected Date NF61 Strategic Outlook of Mobile Based Freight Brokering and Its Impact on Trucking – „Uber‟ for Trucks Published NFD1 Executive Analysis of Internet Use Cases in Trucks Published NFAB Executive Profiles of Key Truck Telematics Vendors - Part 1 Published P83C Strategic Insight of Connected Vehicles Market in Japan Published 2016 2016 Global Connected Truck Market Outlook WIP 2016 Truck Platooning- Business Case Analysis WIP 2016 Executive Analysis of North American Connected Truck Market WIP 2016 Executive Analysis of European Connected Truck Market WIP 2016 Trucking Apps Ecosystem WIP 2016 Executive Profiles of Top 10 Start-ups in Global Connected Truck Market WIP 2016 Identifying Key Investor Criteria in Connected Truck Market – Evaluating Investment Attractiveness 2016 2016 Executive Analysis of Non-Telematics Players Entry into Connected Truck Market 2016 2016 Regional Identification of Partnership Opportunities in Telematics Eco-system 2016 2016 Executive Profiles of Key Fleet Companies in Europe and North America 2016 2016 Development of Connected Vehicle Solutions in Passenger Vehicle Fleets (Leasing, Rentals, etc.) 2016 2016 Global Connected Truck Dashboard - Industry Handbook for FMS Vendors 2016 2016 Global Fleet Customers Structure and Composition 2016 2016 Autonomous Trucking-Upstream Enabling Technologies Overview 2016
  13. 13. Existing Topics in the Connected Truck Research Program Published Research – Legacy Content (In addition can you access 50 more studies starting from 2002) 13 Code Research Title Year MB60 Executive Insights on the Turkish Parcel Delivery Market 2015 NEC5 Strategic Outlook of Heavy-duty Autonomous trucks 2015 NEAA Remote Diagnostics and its Impact on the Rail Sector 2015 NF41 Global Truck Video Safety System Solutions Market (In-cab and Outside cab) 2015 NE6D Strategic Trend Analysis of US HD Fleet Managers Preference Towards Telematics, Powertrain, and Safety Technologies 2015 NEF9 2015 Connected Truck Global Market Outlook 2015 NF70 Connected Truck Market Outlook in LATAM 2015 NE85 CV Telematics Market Outlook in South Africa 2014 P809 CV Telematics Market Outlook in Australia 2014 NE49 CV Telematics Market Outlook in China 2014 MA57 CV Telematics Market Outlook in India 2014 M926 Strategic Analysis of the Turkish Fleet Telematics Market 2013 NE67 Impact of Big Data in Commercial Vehicle Market 2014 NE30 Cybersecurity - How are OEMs & Technology Vendors Ensuring Data Privacy and Securing the Car from Remote Threats 2014 NCC8 Strategic Analysis of NA Off-Highway Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2014 MA7B Strategic Analysis of EU Off-Highway Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2013
  14. 14. Code Research Title Year MA1D Strategic Outlook on the Global Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in 2014 2014 ND62 Opportunity Analysis of Do-It-Yourself OBDII in the North American PV and LCV Aftermarket 2014 M9A4 2012 European Fleet Managers Desirability & Willingness to Pay for Fleet Management Solutions 2013 NBE9 Strategic Comparative Analysis of EU & NA Connected Truck Market 2013 M880 Strategic Analysis of European Light Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2013 N949 Strategic Update of North American Light Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market 2013 NC5B Strategic Outlook on the Global Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in 2013 2013 M9F2 EU Commercial Vehicle Telematics Dashboard - Industry Handbook for FMS Vendor 2013 ND5B NA Commercial Vehicle Telematics Dashboard - Industry Handbook for FMS Vendor 2013 ND31 Big Data for the European and North American Automotive Industry – Who will benefit from it ? 2013 NCBE Prognostics for the European and North American HCV and MCV Market 2013 NCBB Strategic Update of NA Usage Based Insurance Market for PV and Trucks 2013 M9BF Strategic Update of EU Usage Based Insurance Market for PV and Trucks 2013 Existing Topics in the Connected Truck Research Program Published Research – Legacy Content (In addition can you access 50 more studies starting from 2002) 14
  15. 15. Sample Slides from the Connected Truck Research Program 15
  16. 16. For Subscription Details Contact Sathya K Research Manager, Connected Trucks Direct: +1 210 678 3502 Direct: +91-44-66814502 Email: www.