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  1. 1. Basic SRS for October 1 (O1) Release Next phase (N1) release referred to for clarity
  2. 2. 1 7 8 9 10 Inv. Pref. Inv. D/Board Idea List 11 122 Amalgamated Payment Inv D/Board3 Inv. Info 13 Downstream4 14 15 Contact Pages Idea Profile w Entr. Info Entr D/Board new fields5 16 17 Amalgamated Payment Awards Info Entr D/Board Pages6 1 # to identify later in document Articles New UI/page done & frozen for O1 New page required by N1 Old page UI to be used for O1 New page required for O1
  3. 3. 1. HOMEPAGE: Full implementation of new homepage required for O1 (October 1st release).2. STATIC FRONT END PAGES: About, contact and t&c pages to remain the same as per current site until N1 (next release – perhaps Nov 1) Some content details may change.3. INVESTOR LEARN MORE PAGE: Replace the current “/plus” page with investor learn more page for O1. Requires link to sign-in.4. ENTREPRENEUR LEARN MORE: Replace the current “/plus” page with entrepreneur learn more page for O1. Requires link to sign-in5. SERIES & AWARDS PAGES: Required for O1.6. ARTICLE PAGES & ARCHIVES: Remains the same, updates required by N17. NEW SHORTER SIGN-IN SEQUENCE: Rapid sign-in sequence requiring basic information only before routing users to their destinations. Required by O18. INVESTOR PREFERENCE PAGE: This remains the same until N1. In N1 Further required fields are outlined below9. INVESTOR DASHBOARD: This remains the same until N1 when the Amalgamated page goes live10. IDEA LIST: This remains the same until N1 when the Amalgamated page goes live11. AMALGAMATED INVESTOR DASHBOARD: TBC for N112. INVESTOR PAYMENT PAGES: Go Live N113. DOWNSTREAM CONTACT MECHANISM PAGES: Unchanged until at least N1
  4. 4. 14. ENTREPRENEURS DASHBOARD PAGE: Unchanged for N1. However, this is the immediate destination after sign-up. Signposting needs to be better for O1. Remove the entrepreneur profile pages. Profile is now entirely venture (not entrepreneur) related.15. IDEA PROFILE CREATION PAGES: UI remains same however new fields are added to the first tab. Powerpoint slider are added to the pitch tab. Multiple documents should be uploadable to further collateral doc upload tab. Remove the exec summary tab.16. AMALGAMATED VENTURE DASHBOARD: For N1 the Dashboard page and the Idea upload pages are to be amalgamated into a single destination page from which the venture can manage its profile.17. ENTREPRENEUR PAYMENT PAGES: Submission and payment pages for both the awards and funding are to be live for O1. However, only a basic set of functions will be complete giving entrepreneur access to bronze (free) and silver ($450) only. Bronze will have 30 day access. Silver will have 120 day access, free access to awards and a scored modified NVT assessment (part of the new fields) which will provide 50% of the score towards the ranking algorithm and therefore significantly better visibility to investors. Gold access will only be activated in N1 as will the further options e.g., shareability, promoted status and the Host Sense-Check seal.
  5. 5. Page 15: Venture Profile fields (1)This is the full list of fields for the venture profile/ idea upload page. Black exist. Blue to be done. Each of thesefields needs to be connected with the database. Some sections need a numeric value associated with eachfield.Headline InformationVenture/business name (now collected instead of username) - mandatory~ 200 word pitch (description) -mandatoryWebsiteTwitter handleUpload for thumbnail -mandatoryUpload option for mini videoBasic Details - mandatoryProduct or service?Protected IP?Business type? (B2B etc.)Primary region?Sectors?Venture Stage? Concept/ StartUp/ Revenues/ Established Growth/ TurnaroundLaunch year: dropdown pre-2000, 2000-2005, 2006, 2007 etc.
  6. 6. Page 15: Venture Profile fields (2)Investment DetailsAmount Sought from Investors: $ - mandatory(Investment type preferred: Debt/ Conv. Debt/ Equity/ Share of Earnings)Funding to date $Source: Self, Friends & Family, Angel, VC, Loan, GrantPre-money valuation:Venture Leadership - mandatoryName, Role, Notable previous roles/successes (text), Firm Alum dropdown (top100), College Alum dropdown(top 100 plus ‘other’ with field entry), Qual.dropdown(Up to 10 people can be included by adding others a beneath the first)Business Catalysts (What our Chairman calls the 800lb Gorilla. What or who do you have in your arsenal thatwill help buy you time, protect you from those who want to take advantage, accelerate you to success or referyou business. It could be a powerful advocate, significant signed-up distributor, existing track record, aprotected environment, or anything else)Addable numbered fields
  7. 7. Page 15: Venture Profile fields (3)Modified NVT Questions: - mandatory15 Questions each with 3 multiple choice in a drop-down/ scale of 1-3 answers (A subset of these answers willneed to be linked to the ranking algorithm)
  8. 8. Page 15: Venture Profile fields (4)Powerpoint Pitch (uploadable into slide sharer)Video Pitch (uploadable into window)40,000ft FinancialsCurrent cash on hand $Current revenue rate per month $Current burn rate per month $Estimated monthly revenue rate in 12 months $Estimated monthly burn rate to achieve revenue rate in 12 months $Further Collateral Uploads(multiple documents up 100MB?)