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  1. 1. What is Meteor? 1) Meteor is a pure javascript framework written in node.js 2) Using Meteor, we can build amazing web and mobile apps (Android and IOS) .
  2. 2. Node js • Nodejs is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server side web applications. • It’s not a framework rather you can run the javascript in the nodejs runtime environment. Companies using nodejs: 1) Paypal 2) LinkedIn 3) Walmart
  3. 3. Architecture Meteor Client Meteor Server Javascript MongoDB Handle bar Javascript Mini Mongo Http request DDP (Distributed Data Protocol)
  4. 4. Concepts • Structuring your app • Data and Security • Reactivity • Live Html Templates • Using packages • Namespacing • Deploying • Writing packages
  5. 5. Structuring your app
  6. 6. Data and Security • Meteor includes Meteor Accounts. • Password is protected with bcrypt algorithm. • Do integration with external services including Facebook, GitHub, Google, Meetup, Twitter, and Weibo. • For more info, Refer meteor accounts api •
  7. 7. Reactivity & Live HTML Templates • Whenever document changed in the server side, immediately it will reflect to the client. • In client side, meteor uses blaze package to update the UI. •
  8. 8. Using Packages & Writing packages • Write your own package • Search any kind of meteor package in the atmosphere. • Handover your created package to meteor team. • Syntax for writing new package: meteor create –package username:packagename
  9. 9. Namespacing & deploying • Two Types of scope • File scope e.g., var blob = {name : ”hello”}; • Package scope e.g., blob = {name : “hello”} Note: omit var for package scope 1. Meteor also providing their own server to deploy your app under
  10. 10. Advantages • Develop an app within a hours. • Easy deployment in the cloud and mobile store. • Person who has little bit knowledge in the javascript can develop an app
  11. 11. Disadvantages • No design pattern in client side • Readability & Maintainability is too hard in the client side. • In the server side, database is tightly coupled
  12. 12. Overcome • Angularjs in the client side. • Angularjs is a javascript MVC framework • Angular-meteor package have been introduced. Refer the below link:
  13. 13. References • • • •