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  1. 1. SATHISH SELVARAJ Handphone: +65 - 86717125 – email: CAREER PROFILE An accomplished SeniorSoftware Engineerwithmore than 5 years of experience insoftware developmentwith aproventrack recordfor building highefficientsoftware inAirline andBanking Industry. My majorexpertiseliesindevelopment,performance tuningof highvolume datausing Javaand relatedtechnologies. Otherexpertiseincludes:Software development, ProductManagement,BusinessProcess Reengineering,Agile DevelopmentMethodologies,Software DevelopmentLifecycle (SDLC), and Release Management. SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Automated critical and confidential Client reports of a leading Investment Bank & delivered reports with most accurate data and saved up to 100 million US dollars spent on manual work.  Enhancedthe software duringAmericanAirlinesacquisitionbyUSAirwaysto supportmore than 1000 USA flights, this convinced US Airways professional to continue using our software.  Directly involved in business requirement gathering, application design discussion with leading Investment banking architects  Receivedmany appreciationsfromthe clientsforthe incredible workduringcomplex situations. TECHNOLOGIES & PRODUCTS INVOLVED Java, Spring, Hibernate,Struts, JPA frameworks,XMLand parsers(JAXB,Xpath,Castor,Cached Xpath), Restful WebServices,Junits,Sybase,Maven&Gradle buildtools, Drools,Apache POI,JXLS, Apache Tomcat,SQL, Java DesignPatterns. WORK EXPERIENCE Employer : InfosysTechnologiesLimited Designation : SeniorSoftware Developer(Employedsince 2011 to till date) Location : Singapore PROJECT SUMMARY Position : Module Lead (2015 to present) Client : GoldmanSachs Location : Singapore Project Details: WorkingwithAssetManagement –Clientreportingteamof GoldmanSachs,Singapore. Tasks Undertaken:  Developedandintegratedhighvolume Clientreportingsystem fromthe groundcateringto aggregate critical data fromvariousdata sourceslike TSEand Bloomberg.  Developedandintegratednew componentswithfirmwidestrategicplatformfor monthly reporting.
  2. 2.  AutomatedsensitivemonthlyClientreportsusingstrategicreportingtools.  Reengineeredamulti facedprovider systemuse variousinterfaceslike RestfulWS,HTTP calls, File Systembasedontypesof datasources and formedsingle integratedreportingsystem.  Throughputtuningforhighvolume of dataaggregationduringpeakreportingseason.  LiaisingwithBusinessAnalystsand userstosort outbusinessrequirementsanddefinitionof acceptance testsat variousphasesof projectlife cycle.  Manage/Facilitate defectresolution.  We use agile techniquessuchasdailystandupsandweeklyiterationsinordertoprovide quick feedbacktothe business.  Provide completesupporttobusinessusersandclientsupportteamsrightfromUAT phase till production.  Aggregate all the requireddatausingJavaMath functionsandrenderitinExcel usingApache POI,JXLSand Qlik& Nprinting(BItool)  Technologies&ProductsInvolved JDK 1.7, Hibernate,JPA, Apache Tomcat, POI, JXLS, Drools, XML, Sybase, Maven& Gradle tools Position : Java Developer(2011 to 2015) Client : AmericanAirlines Location : India Project Details: Mobile tool forscanningcheckin bagsof a flight,calculate weight,store the locationof abag inSABRE (mainframe thatprovide flightcompartmentandweightinformation). Tasks Undertaken:  Involvedinapplicationdevelopmentusing Java.  Involvedin UATand productionsupportandto provide supporttoonsite teamfordeployment.  Time/EffortEstimationandImpactanalysispriortochanges.  ProvidingresolutiontoProductionenvironment'saborts.  Performance improvementmeasures.  Responsible foranalyzingthe requirements fromclientandtofindout the issue if anyat a very earlystage so that the code reworkcan be eliminated.  RegularcoordinationwithQA teamandBusinessAnalysts.  Ownershipof variousmodulesresolutionof issuesaroundthem.  Technologies&ProductsInvolved JDK 1.5, Hibernate, Spring, Apache Tomcat, XML, SQL, Maventools EDUCATION BE (Electronic and Instrumentation Eng.) (2007-2011), Anna University, 2011