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Sherlock (T.V series) ppt. READABLE VERSION


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Sherlock (T.V series) ppt. READABLE VERSION

  1. 1. Sherlock (TV Series) A contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes detective stories.Mise-en-Scene BreakdownJames LandlessSathyam Sharma
  2. 2. Setting•Based in the modern era ofLondon•It shows this by –Famous Landmarks/areas (Tower Bridge) when outside. –When inside there is no real setting to be able to discern that they are in London (maybe accents or fashion?) – Familiar Baker street house has a big impact as well
  3. 3. Lighting/Colour• Lighting = typical grey/blue English weather when outside• When inside – Dark hues = mystery (what’s hiding in the shadows?) – sterile, modern blue when in the lab.
  4. 4. Figure Movement • Watson is always observing Sherlock (Sherlock supposedly likes working alone?) but when company comes in Watson moves to Sherlock’s side/ so to back him up. Sherlock seems to like this. • Like in the book, ONE CLEAR PAIR.Watson
  5. 5. Expression• Sherlock maintains a blank, serious expression. It gives a feel to it that he is always thinking.• Watson usually has an annoyed expression connoting the annoyance from never understanding Sherlock
  6. 6. Props• The modern props (guns) allow the show to appear modern.• Modern technology, such as phones, the internet, and GPS, used to solve crimes.• Very scientific (the lab looks so). This connotes and slightly denotes the fact of inteigence.
  7. 7. Other• Make-up = Make people look deathly pale. connotes they are ill.• Make-Up = BLOOD!• Special Effects (SFX) = No massive use of SFX seen (gun shoot-outs?)
  8. 8. Meaning• To give the same sense of mystery presented by the books that can only be made by NOT speaking it out loud.• To set the scene for the BEST mystery. Ho ? w? hy W