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Customer Relation Management


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New Gen Solutions, for New Gen Customers

Published in: Software
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Customer Relation Management

  1. 1. New Gen Solutions, for New Gen Customers
  2. 2.  Various Companies sending promo material to customers via emails and notifications  Too many promos reach customer over too many channels, leading to over exposure and disinterest  Customer who are not looking for promos are not spared
  3. 3.  We propose to serve customer when they are actively searching for it  Higher chances of conversion  Try and bring all major brands to promote on one unified platform  Create incentives for both merchants and customers to build traction
  4. 4.  Unified platform to promote every significant merchant  Businesses submit promos through API  Customers get to see only the promos applicable to them  Added services which would lead to better UX for the end customer
  5. 5.  Customers get to see less spam  Promo codes by Categories, easy navigation  Cleaner Inboxes and less push notifications  Customers earn points for being loyal to particular brands, getting added bonuses over time  Customers can track individual spending per brand/category over time
  6. 6.  Keep score of amount spent by customer for each brand/category  Customize offers for loyal consumers  Notifications from particular store/brand that the customer specifies (must be minimal)  Social Layer
  7. 7.  Success rate of individual coupons  Which coupons are not doing well?  Tweak coupons to see changes in customer behaviour  Store locations which convert better  Performance of newly opened store – if there is need for more promo activities
  8. 8.  WebApp for merchants to enter coupon data  API to submit multiple coupon data programmatically  Android app submits LatLong of customer and receives list of stores nearby offering promotions  Store transaction data to cloud when a coupon is encashed by a customer  DataViz in the WebApp for merchants to decide on action items