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Quick Guide to Knowing Who Your Customers Are


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Smart business owners and brand managers know that knowing your customers or your audience is crucial in designing and delivering the right product and excellent customer experiences.

In this slide show, I show you how to use Facebook Audience Insights to gain valuable demographics and interests information about your customers and your competitors' customers.

Use this information to target the correct audience for your product or service, build products that customers want and deliver marketing messages that resonate with your customers.

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Quick Guide to Knowing Who Your Customers Are

  1. 1. by Quick Guide to Knowing Who Your Customers Are Sasson Sarooei
  2. 2. Why Should You Know Who Your Customers Are?  Knowing your customers is crucial in designing and delivering the right product and excellent customer experiences.  Allows your brand to adapt the language and content of your messaging to the levels that customers understand and respond to.  Enables you to create presentations that are already aligned with your audience’s values and lifestyle.
  3. 3. Facebook Audience Insights  It is free and available to all businesses.  It can be used without purchasing any ads.  You can… 1. Uncover demographics of your customers or potential customers and design content aligned with their lifestyles and interests. 2. Learn about your competitor’s audiences and show competing offers to them. 3. Target the exact audience that needs your products and services and serve highly specialized ads to them.
  4. 4. How to Find Facebook Audience Insights 1. Navigate to URL: 2. In your business administration page, start typing “Audience insights” in the search box.
  5. 5. How to Find Facebook Audience Insights 3. Click on Page, All Tools, Audience Insights
  6. 6. Select Your Audience  If you already have a large following on Facebook, then select “People connected to your page” when you first start Audience Insights.  If you do not have a large following, select “Everyone on Facebook” and you will be able to filter the audience.
  7. 7. Set Some Goals  Studying your competitors’ audiences and learn more about their demographics and interests. Or  Entering demographic parameters of your ideal customer and learn more about their interests and characteristics. There are many ways to arrive at your ideal audience. We usually start with one of these two ways:
  8. 8. Let’s Get Started! Here is an example of an LA based health and beauty company that performs IV treatments like B2 vitamin shots plus anti-aging and facial rejuvenation therapies and pain management. * Keep in mind that this is a luxury treatment. According to our client, one of their ideal customer types is a busy executives who travels regularly and wants to keep their immune system strong to avoid downtime. We will select this audience based on location and income level. An audience size of 70,000 or more is ideal sample size for a successful study.
  9. 9. Input Your Parameters  Location= California  Advanced > Work > Office Type = Corporation  Advanced > Financial > Income = $150,000 and higher
  10. 10. View Demographic Data  We can see that gender is almost 50/50. So we don’t need to target a specific gender when we create content for this audience.  Age ranges between 45-64 year old therefore should be focusing on that age group.
  11. 11. Lifestyle  This segment lists our audience’s lifestyle as categorized by Facebook. Our audience is within the top two segments: 1. Summit Estates: Luxury travel, entertainment, consumption of any type within reach. 2. Established Elite: No school-aged children, enormous disposable incomes, pursue correlating luxuries/activities.
  12. 12. Lifestyle  Affluent audiences typically value quality over lowest price. When designing ads and offers, I would focus on quality care and personalized services.  Considering they are a sought-after audience, our content must be of the highest quality and interesting enough to compete with very high-end ads and offers.
  13. 13. Relationship Status and Education Level  They are mostly married and college educated.  Since the majority are married, some “couples treatments” may be recommended.
  14. 14. Job Titles  The majority are in management which is expected based on our selection of corporate jobs.  I would recommend that my client offers services outside of regular office hours to accommodate their work schedule.
  15. 15. Activity Tab  They use Computers 31% of the time as compared with the Facebook average of 23%. This is likely due to the fact that they are sitting at a desk with a PC. This information can be useful when purchasing ads.
  16. 16. Activity Tab  This audience’s “Pages Liked” is above average which tell us that they like business pages and are likely paying attention to sponsored content.  Their “Ads Clicked” is lower than the average Facebook user. So although they like business pages, they do not click on ads as much as the average user.  They use Computers and iPhone/iPad usage is more than the average therefore if I wanted them to see my ads when they are not working, I would only target iPhones and iPads in my ad campaign.
  17. 17. Home Ownership and Market Value
  18. 18. Retail Spending and Online Purchases
  19. 19. Retail Spending and Online Purchases  Keep in mind that Facebook sources this data from other companies like Epsilon, Datalogix, and Acxiom. These companies only have stats for only a portion of the audience in our study.  For retail (brick and mortar) spending, 58% of our audience purchases high-priced retail items.  For online purchases, 58% of our audience purchases low-priced items online.
  20. 20. Purchasing Behavior  Our client falls in Health and Beauty and according to the results, our audience is more interested in H&B than the average FB user.
  21. 21. In Market For A Vehicle  Our product may not be related to cars but we can use this information to display ads in places where alternative fuel and hybrid cars are being sold.
  22. 22. Save Your Work  Save your audience so that you can retrieve it in case you want to run an ad for this audience or study them further in the future.
  23. 23. Create Audience Personas  Having a persona makes this audience real in our minds.  It is a semi-fictional character that we create based on demographics and known attributes like the ones we uncovered today.  We usually create 3-5 personas in order to cover different audience segments.  In addition to the busy executive, we creates two other personas based on client input for a total of three personas: 1. Busy Executive 2. Athletic Woman 3. Professional Woman
  24. 24. Busy Executive  Male  He is 54 years of age (average age of our audience).  He is college educated. He owns his home.  Home is valued at over a million dollars.  He has no school-aged children.  He is an executive manager at a corporation.  Enjoys luxury travel, entertainment, consumption of any type within reach.  Has enormous disposable income.  Wears designer clothes.  Eats out at the best restaurants.  Cares about his health and his looks.  Drives a Tesla.
  25. 25. Athletic Woman  Female  She is athletic  She is 30 years old  She eats healthy  She works out  Cares about her looks  She earns $200,000+ a year  She is married  She is a college graduate  She works part-time as a personal trainer  She likes visiting art galleries and theatre  She is very active on social media  She drives a Prius See the back up data persona: women-audience/
  26. 26. Professional Woman  Female  She is athletic  She is 34 years old  Married  No kids  Eats Healthy  Works out regularly  Cares about her looks  College graduate  Earns a higher income than average  She works in entertainment  She has a personal trainer  Drives a high-end hybrid See the full persona: women-audience/
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