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The Development and Operationalization of a Mealtime Enhancement Training Video for Long-Term-Care Homes


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Published in: Healthcare
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The Development and Operationalization of a Mealtime Enhancement Training Video for Long-Term-Care Homes

  1. 1. Initial Findings from the Development & Operationalization of a Mealtime Enhancement Training Video for LTC Staff Sabrina Bovee, RD; Allison Cammer, MSc, RD; Roseann Nasser, MSc, RD Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and University of Saskatchewan #QS14
  2. 2. Faculty/Presenter Disclosure Faculty: Sabrina Bovee, Allison Cammer, Roseann Nasser Relationships with commercial interest: •No relationships to disclose
  3. 3. Disclosure of Commercial Support • This program has received financial support from RQHR to produce the video • This program has received in-kind support from RQHR and University of Saskatchewan in the form of employee time Potential for Conflict(s) of Interest: •No potential conflicts of interest to disclose
  4. 4. Outline • Background • Hands-on Exercise • Video Development • Video Clip • Initial Feedback • Initial Research • Future Plans • Discussion
  5. 5. Nutrition and Eating in Long-term Care • LTC residents are at an increased risk for malnutrition • Mealtimes serve multiple roles • Food and eating are integral to quality of life
  6. 6. Dysphagia Simulator What might it feel like to have a difficult time eating?
  7. 7. “Smores” Exercise!! 1) Hold 1-2 marshmallows under your tongue 2) Eat 1-2 crackers 3) Think about the sensory experience of eating
  8. 8. Mealtime Enhancement Training Video
  9. 9. Inspiration for this video -No standard for mealtime education -Residents eating without dignity, high rates of malnutrition, dysphagia… -Can’t be in 8 places at once!
  10. 10. Background Budget: $0.00 Passion + creativity + partners = Video ?
  11. 11. Strong Teams in the Region
  12. 12. Outside Partnerships: Edge Acting Agency Local Makeup studio Wintergreene Friends and Family
  13. 13. Making the Video • Content research • Logistics (consents, scheduling, etc) • Draft Script, expert review, revise script, review, revise, review, revise… • Filming • Draft Video, expert review, revise, review, revise, review, revise… • More filming, revising, voice-overs, polishing • Final video Having fun!
  14. 14. Video Clip
  15. 15. Film Premiere
  16. 16. Initial Responses •Family members •LTC Staff: care-staff, recreation, nursing, RDs, house-keeping, home- care, FSS, F&N staff, client rep, nurse educators, admin/leadership •Other: Alzheimer's society, SIAST, CEO’s of LTC homes outside RQHR •High amount of demand…
  17. 17. Maintenance worker, Extendicare LTC “ This video provides a thorough overview of the key aspects of dining in long term care, a very important moment in time for our residents. Dining, when delivered as this video represents, provides the opportunity for our residents to make choices and socialize with dignity and respect - what better way to enhance the quality of life of our elders?” “ I learned a lot! Helpful for ALL staff to watch” Cheryl George , Education Leader
  18. 18. Lani Antoine, R.N Home Care “Nutrition is the base for a foundation of health. This video is a reminder for caregivers and support staff how to provide a safe and enjoyable meal time experience to our clients. The empathy we display directly impacts the client's quality of care and healthcare experience as a whole. By using a multidisciplinary approach and encouraging independence; we can make a difference! Thank you for the education and insightful tips to assist us in providing care that we can feel proud of!” “Relevant, concise, and informative; a great tool for those already working in and starting in LTC” “Relevant, concise, and informative; a great tool for those already working in and starting in LTC” Sara Brunner, LTC RD
  19. 19. Family member “Very comprehensive! I think new and existing staff should all watch this video. I have seen staff “shovel” food into my mother. Staff should re-watch this regularly, even every 3 months. I worked on a safety team and just like CPR you forget things over time. This could be a great refresher. This video could work with peer assessments too. Where staff are paired up, maybe with a mentor, and ask themselves: are my colleagues doing things like in the video? Could give them positive feedback!” “What we love about the video is that it is not just about nutrition but stresses the importance of mealtimes being person directed. Eating is one of the great pleasures of life, an important part of a full and abundant life.” Suellen Beatty, CEO Sherbrooke Community Center, Saskatoon
  20. 20. Initial Evaluation Pre-test QuestionnaireQuestion: What is the knowledge of staff working in LTC regarding mealtime management principles and practices before and after watching the educational video? 7 Demographic 5 True/False 5 True/False 1 Multiple Choice 1 Multiple Choice 4 Open-Ended 4 Open-Ended
  21. 21. Initial Evaluation  Female  Over 50 years old  In their current role for 5+ years  CCAs Participants (n=30)
  22. 22. Results
  23. 23. Open-Ended Questions •How can staff help residents maintain their independence and dignity at mealtimes? •What are the reasons staff should sit when helping residents eat at mealtimes? •What can you do to help residents at mealtimes? •Pre-test - What are some things you would like to learn from the Mealtime Management video? •Post-test - After watching the video, if you knew it was easy to change, what would you do differently in your care home? “It’s our responsibility to take care and watch them any time, especially if they’re in the mealtime, because they might choke” “It’s our responsibility to take care and watch them any time, especially if they’re in the mealtime, because they might choke” Pre-test
  24. 24. Post-test themes showed an increase in awareness of the importance of: Communication Building relationships Allowing adequate time for residents to enjoy their meals Showing respect and dignity for residents “All staff is responsible for assisting in any way they can” “Mealtimes are EVERYONE’s job ” “Engage residents in the experience” Results Themes Post-test
  25. 25. Future Plans • National Evaluation • 40 LTC homes recruited through Dietitians of Canada Gerontology network • Validated evaluation scale • In-depth examination of the video in relation to dementia care • Widespread use
  26. 26. Key components • Critical area of need • Expertise available and motivated • Supportive leadership • Teamwork and partnerships • Investment in evaluation • Passion project
  27. 27. Questions? Contact Me: Sabrina Bovee, RD RQHR #QS14