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Introduction of Facebook advertising for beginners


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Beginners Guide for Facebook Advertising.
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Introduction of Facebook advertising for beginners

  1. 1. Introduction of Facebook Advertising for Beginners Presented by, Sasireka A, Facebook Analyst
  2. 2. Introduction  Facebook is one of the best social media networking sites, where you can target huge number of right audiences in short period.
  3. 3. 3 Things to analyze before advertising on Facebook 1. Detailed Information about the Services and Products to promote 2. Business Friendly - Facebook Page 3. Reaching Audience – Organic Vs Paid
  4. 4. Services and Products to promote  You need to pick out the best offers or deals of the products and services at the right time of period to suitcase them in front of audience.  More details on Facebook advertising guide.
  5. 5. Business Friendly - Facebook Page Mandatory fields:  Professional Cover photo and Profile picture  Catchy CTA as Button  Clear About/Contact Us Details of the company’s services and products.  Enhance the Fans circle  Removing negative feedback and comments
  6. 6. Reach Out Audience  Two different ways to reach and target the audiences.  Organic  Paid
  7. 7. Facebook Paid Advertising:  Facebook sponsored ads are paid ads.  You can target the right people based on various factors:  Age/Gender/Location  Demography  Income Level  Behavior basis  Interest basis etc.,
  8. 8. Source  Get upcoming posts on the given source link:  https://businessfacebookguide.blogsp