Alibrandi task 2


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if u need answers for the book on alibrandi questions here u go :)

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Alibrandi task 2

  1. 1. Task 2 Looking for Alibrandi by Bradey MurphyEnglish 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  2. 2. Contents page Bullying in Australia...•Intro.. pg1•Statistics..pg2•News articles..pg3•Interview.. pg4•Research..pg5•Summary..pg6 The Experience of Ethnic Migration Within Australia.•Intro..pg7•Statistics..pg8•News articles..pg9•Interview..pg10•Research..pg11•Summary..pg12•References..pg13English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  3. 3. Bullying in Australian schoolsBully: Some one who often intimidate smaller and younger people formany reasons such as: self satisfaction, anger, point of views such asreligion or race, also goes as far as personality and looks.Bullies normally act in a manner which is threatening to people but mightnot go further than words. He/She will normally use friends which are“popular” to help them isolate the person and make them feel self concious. For any number of reasons.Bullying often occurs through the life of teenagers due to their social lifebeing in a school 6 hours a day and going through a time in their life tomake friends and people they trust but it can occur to staff as well.Bullying often has to do with how the person was raised from a young age.They could have been too rough and thought people just didn’t like theway they were, In a situation like this they tend to become more aggressiveand if people like the bully for his threatening looks and reputation theyhang out with him encouraging him to continue his work or make himthink its because he’s a bully that he has friends this is normally negativeencouragements. There are plenty of anti bullying programs in schoolswere teachers talk to the students parents and find out why they are actingweird or aggressive towards other kids. There are also websites which areable to help kids through the government which can help, the child if theyare going through “parental” issues such as this website is a direct link to awebsite which can help towards problems. There are also government linesto call which are advertised on TV such as 1800 55 1800 easy numbers tofollow so you can get help for your family or a bully. 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  4. 4. Statisticson the Australian Bureau Statistics website it was reported that in 2008 1in 11 Aboriginals and Torres straight islander children aged 4-14 yearsreported being bullied because of their indigenous origin. There was also areport that 11% of boys got bullied and only 10% of girls who hadexperienced bullying. But rates were higher with children living in non-remote areas up to 12 % and only 7% being in remote areas. 34% said thatthis affected whether or not they would go to school and 17% said itaffected the way they completed work and progress. Another 38% alsoclaimed that it affected whether or not they participated in evens to do withschool and how it was difficult for them to make friends.English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  5. 5. ResearchThere is an increasing amount of bullying happening inAustralia both at schools and at work places. The government is trying tofind a wayto stop it and are using different resolutions to solve it.Types of bullying: Verbal- includes teasing, Threats, name calling and putdowns.Physical bullying: This is punching, tripping and also covers stealing anddamaging personalproperty.Social bullying: being left out ignored or having rumours spread aboutyou.Psychological bullying: may include more extremes such as stalking andmanipulation.How can bullying effect you?Can make you feel stuck and hopeless.Depressed, lonely as if it only happens to that one person.Confused and stressed even afraid and unsafe.Rejected, angry. These are all very common symptoms that lead to suicide.And alienated.There are certain characteristics of bullies that seem to be reoccurringEnglish 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  6. 6. Most bullies put on a tough front to seem big and scaryBut most bullies have an advantage whether it is popularity strength sizebut the mostcommon form of bullying is verbal threats that hurt you and make youemotional.It takes many forms from direct attacks name calling hitting stealingproperty damage orsome may take a more hard to track down bullying attempt such asspreading rumoursabout the person or telling other groups to exclude the person from thegroup.Ways to stop bullyingIgnore the bully and walk away from their harassment which may workwith some bullies.Tell them firmly to stop.Use humour to get them to stop.Stick with friends who you can trust to be with, If you know you are beingtargeted.Maintain a strong social status.Victims of bullying should always remain calm and think about what theyare going to do ina situation Example: if they are coming after you at recess and you seethem go to a teacheryou can trust and know will support you or stick with a group of friendswho are willing tostick up for you.English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  7. 7. Interview1) Have you been bullied?Yes2) How did you feel?Didn’t care or didn’t react3) How did you deal with it or did you ever deal with it and what tacticsdidyou use?I dealt with it by not reacting to what they said to me and ignoredthem4) Did u get to help and how did they help?No I took the situation into my own hands5) What advantages did your bully have?Bigger and a bit “wider”.6) Did you have an idea of why they bullied you?No I don’t I guess they did it to feel better or more powerful.7) How did they make you feel scared or alone?Didn’t affect me and this didn’t affect the way my school workprogressed.8) If you could be the bully would you yes or no?No because I know what it feels like to be bullied.9) Do you know the bully as a friend now?No.10) What was their reaction when you stood up to them?Hit me over the head with a cricket bat.Interviewer: Bradey MurphyParticipant: Darcy HepplestonEnglish 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  8. 8. SummaryMy understanding of this topic before I researched it was that bullyinghappens to everyone and it will always work like this. But I havediscovered that there are many help websites and phone lines supported bythe government and parents to help people through these tough times intheir life. I have also realised the many different strategies one can use inorder to stop the bully from spreading and to stop the bully from getting toyou. I have also learned about the different ways to be bullied Examples:cyber bullying, verbal bullying, physical and many more after reading thisI felt slightly disappointed that people will bully in any way or any wherethey can.My Idea that bullying happens to every one and that it will go awayeventually has changed I believe it should be stopped in order for kids tokeep learning. Bullying can also affect peoples thoughts about other peopleforever and it encourages the victims to hold grudges which the Bible tellsus NOT to do. Matthew 6:14-15This topic is about how the bullying in Australia can affect more than justthe one person it is a social issue that can affect their family as well, If itgets to extreme example: contemplating suicide. Which will drasticallyaffect the family and a lot more of the other kids within the school.This topic is valuable to me because it shows me how bullying hurt me andhow it has affected more and more people every day.I believe this issue has partially been dealt with in Australian societybecause it has a lot of parents and There are a lot of parents behind thisissue supporting it in every possible way they know how. The schools haveEnglish 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  9. 9. been talked to by government programs and if the kids are having anyissues there are help lines in which they can use to help the situation to bedealt with. Feature articleTMZ spoke with a family member of one of the kids ... who told us thebully was suspended for twenty-one days following the incident and thekid being bullied was suspended for 4 -- since he was violent as well.Were also told the kid on the receiving end of the vicious body slam didnot suffer any serious injuries ... despite the fact he came off the groundwith a severe limp.Sources tell us the kid who was being bullied is handling the mediaattention surprisingly well -- and is "very happy" hes received so muchsupport.A member of the family was talked to and it was received he got 21 dayssuspension and the bullied child got 4 days to prove no tolerance towardsviolence.This case was recently in the media and it relates to bullying because theboy being bullied fought back and was willing to defend himself but withevery action comes a consistence. Because he was still suspended even if itwas all the bullies fault, He should have resorted to getting the authoritiesinvolved. And not taken this situation into his own hands.English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  10. 10. The Experience of Ethnic Migration Within Australia.Immigrant: a person who changes country in order to stay there forever.The problem with immigration in Australia is that people find it difficult toget in due to many reasons.Examples:What are your plans for being in Australia?What is the reason for moving from your last country?How will you provide for yourself?What qualifications do you have?These have varied from the olden days where people could just come herein boats and people wouldn’t ask questions unless they were crime relatedof course. People cant come over for simple reasons like a fresh start. Dueto criminal records and other past experiences.There are also more problems when you enter the new cultures in thepresent time as well, examples: quarantine, transport ect.Australian Migration program was originally for defence purposes as the19650s and 60s came around it was for the Australian industries to buildup.English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  11. 11. InterviewWas it hard to get into Australia?NoHow is your experience in Australia been so far?I have more experience in Australia about my life and the different Culturebetween Vietnam and Australia.Who helped you get into Australia?ParentsWhy did you want to come to Australia?To get a good Education over all.What do you hope to achieve by coming to Australia?Become a good citizen in Australian society and become an engineer.Have your parents come from Australia?NoWhere you prepared for Australia and how?Yes I have learned English in my country before I came here.When did you come to Australia?July last year.Was it hard to pass through the Australian airport?No not hard to pass throughDid you bring any relatives?Nope.Interviewer: Bradey MurphyParticipant: Jay Le (Vietnamese student overseas)English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  12. 12. StatisticsEnglish 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  13. 13. PRELIMINARY Population at the end of June 2010 Change over previous year Change over previous yearDATA %New South Wales 7 238.8 105.4 1.5Victoria 5 547.5 99.3 1.8Queensland 4 516.4 89.1 2.0South Australia 1 644.6 20.1 1.2Western Australia 2 296.4 49.1 2.2Tasmania 507.6 4.4 0.9Northern Territory 229.7 3.5 1.5Australian Capital 358.9 6.3 1.8TerritoryAustralia(a) 22 342.4 377.1 1.7Population growth Population Growth RateThese show fast rate growth and the highest during 2009.30 June 2009, the Australian population was 22.0 million peopleOver the next 12 months it increased by 456,000 people due toimmigration. News ArticleEnglish 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  14. 14. In addition to our rich Indigenous cultures, Australia is a nation built on themigrant experience and consequently is one of the most diverse countriesin the world. In this, the United Nations declared International Year for theRapprochement of Cultures, Australian society is a microcosm of theentire world and faces a similar challenge, to live harmoniously, withrespect and cooperation regardless of culture, language or religion.Today, there are approximately 22 million Australians, speaking almost400 languages, including Indigenous languages (End note 1), identifyingwith more than 270 ancestries and observing a wide variety of cultural andreligious traditions. Australia remains a socially stable country, not despiteits cultural diversity, but because of the acceptance of it and the firm beliefthat diversity is one of the country’s enduring strengthsWe are a country who formed an idea to the world that we accept peoplefor any culture race and religion as long as you agree to our terms andconditions. Making us look like a rich respectable nation on languages andpeace. Giving more people the idea to get away from their own countryand join the “land of the free”. But freedom isn’t free.English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  15. 15. 1995–96 83 000 2001–02 85 000 1996–97 74 000 2002–03 110 000 1997–98 68 000 2003–04 110 000 1998–99 68 000 2004–05 120 000 1999–00 70 000 2005–06 140 000 2000–01 76 000English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  16. 16. ResearchPeople find it hard to get use to our culture because of how so many thingsare accepted such as gay marriage soon and alcohol is normal for a vastmajority or the population, Even the greeting on how people say hi andwave their hand.There are also parts of Australia known as the sub culture which arenormally not as well known.English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  17. 17. SummaryBefore I researched this topic I believed that getting into Australia was aeasy but there are more qualifications than expected example: if there aretoo many cooks in the country doing that course then you will have to findsomething more useful to the country.My understanding of the topic hasn’t changed a lot from when I starteddue to the interview. Although it has made me thought hard about going toother countries.This topic is about how people feel in other countries living there foreverand needing to know a plan for when they get over there and to know howto deal with certain things including speaking the language and knowingwhat places to go and where to ask.This topic is valuable because it shows more than just peoples experiencesis shows why people would come to Australia or why they wouldnt. It alsoshows the way people think about Australia and how it has affected themfor better or worst whether it be the kind of work to the amount of it orhow theyve been treated.English 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2
  18. 18. BibliographyBullying references references;jsessionid=a82t74kjgjgdp.alexandra?title=Bullying&title_type=tka&journal_type=words 1By Bradey MurphyTask 2