Hotel Guest Feedback Programme-An Approach Note


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An approach note for designing a successful hotel guest feedback programme

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Hotel Guest Feedback Programme-An Approach Note

  1. 1. www.mastersungroup.comHotel GuestFeedbackProgrammeAn Approach Note
  2. 2. www.mastersungroup.comApproachNote-Summary
  3. 3. www.mastersungroup.comKey Components of the GuestKey Components of the GuestFeedback ProgrammeFeedback ProgrammeGuest Feedback Questionnaire Design• Design of Questionnaire from a Guest perspective rather than aninter-departmental one• Need to provide opportunity for verbatim comments, reasons forpoor ratings and suggested improvements• Key metrics to measure customer advocacy and satisfaction likeGuest recommendationFeedback Questionnaire administered to everyguest through a web link sent on an emailFeedback Questionnaire data analyzed throughstandardized reports that are segment-wise,season wise & link satisfaction to length of stay,type of room etc.
  4. 4. www.mastersungroup.comKey Components of the GuestKey Components of the GuestFeedback ProgrammeFeedback Programme• Internal portal for publication of scores &communication of improvement initiatives onemployee intranet• Response to all guest who complete survey .Contact with unhappy guests and encouraginghappy ones to become a fan or give a goodreview• Top management email ID & appointment of anombudsman for disgruntled customers toescalate• Setting up a customer e-panel & addingappendages to questionnaire to pre-testimprovement initiatives
  5. 5. www.mastersungroup.comApproachNote-Detail
  6. 6. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback Questionnaire: ContentFeedback Questionnaire: Content& Design& Design• Questionnaire needs to be aligned to a guest’s perceptionof hotel attributes and not the department-wise summary– Attributes covered could be Service, Rooms, Cleanliness,Value, Staff Attitude, Food & Beverage Quality, Entertainment& Recreation , Problem Solving & Repeat Purchase– Attribute on Service could include room service, food &beverage service, service at pool/spa/casino etc.– This is different from current departmental focus on FrontOffice, Restaurants, Lobby, Gym, Ayurveda centre etc.• Questionnaire needs to provide opportunity for verbatimcomments, reasons for poor ratings and suggestedimprovements– Open-ended comment sections in each attribute module
  7. 7. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback Questionnaire : ContentFeedback Questionnaire : Content& Design& Design• Key Metrics that measure customer satisfactionand advocacy needs to be incorporated– Likelihood to recommend• The most effective predictor of repeat purchases andcustomer growth• The unique thing about Hotel X– Likelihood to stay again• Likelihood to come back to Hotel X• Likelihood to come back to Location Y– Value for money– Reporting & resolution of problems• Actual reporting of problem• Satisfaction with resolution
  8. 8. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback QuestionnaireFeedback QuestionnaireAdministrationAdministration• Guests sent an email the day after they check out– Email explains the survey and its objectives andcontains a link to the online questionnaire– Ensuring their views are captured soon after their visit– Ensures random sampling & gives every guest theopportunity to rant to their heart’s content• Guest asked to fill hardcopy during car drop off– Hardcopy of survey to be filled during the drop off
  9. 9. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback to Top Management:Feedback to Top Management:EscalationsEscalations• Along with survey, need to communicate top managementemail ID like CEO@Hotel for really disgruntledguests to send their complaints• The email ID flows into a senior manager designated as“Ombudsman”• Ombudsman assigns the complaint to the requireddepartment/s to do a detailed root cause analysis and fixthe source of the problem• Ombudsman evaluates the efficacy of problem solving andreassigns the complaint to the source department if thesolution is not satisfactory• Ombudsman takes the responsibility to communicate tothe guest and ensure that the guest is fully satisfied withresolution
  10. 10. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback on Strategic ImprovementFeedback on Strategic ImprovementInitiativesInitiativesOpportunity to use the feedback questionnaire to test andstatistically validate guest reactions to strategic initiativesand determine their relative value in terms of impactingguest satisfaction• Monthly Appendages are added to the Regular Questionnaire• Pre-test for initiatives like new beds ,guest amenities, breakfastoffering, service-level enhancements etc.• Pre and post scores are analysed• Generates the confidence of knowing that when resources areexpended to roll out new programs they will truly enhance theguest experience
  11. 11. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback on StrategicFeedback on StrategicImprovement InitiativesImprovement InitiativesGreater insight through recent recruitment of a customer e-panel to give feedback on various strategic initiatives• E-panel to consist of repeat guests• Frequent management contacts with repeat guests• Onsite guest focus-groups can be done with members of e-panelon an annual basis
  12. 12. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback on Third Party ForumsFeedback on Third Party Forums– Feedback on Third Party websites & blogs to be captured on afortnightly basis• Identification of websites like, etc.• Short-listing of websites which need to be scannedregularly– Attribute based comparison (wherever available) or an attribute basedfeedback of self & competition needs to be captured• Subjective assessment of attributes need to be made(wherever comparison is not available) after reading thereview– Interesting verbatim comments in various forums to be captured.• Verbatim comments need to be incorporated in theanalysis report
  13. 13. www.mastersungroup.comResponse to Guests givingResponse to Guests givingFeedbackFeedbackGuest Feedback pre-sorted by positive, neutral and negative comments• Sorting on critical attributes : likelihood to recommend & repeat visitA standardized communication strategy for all three categories• Feedback Response Officer quickly selects from approved communicationtemplates and remediation options listed to create a response.• Can insert personalized comments if necessaryUnhappy Guests• Need to reassure that Hotel X is working to make their stay better the next time• Further telephonic or email contact could also be made to apologize and tostart the “customer recovery process.”• Could give a small price off on next visit• Prevents most customers to stew on the issue and write negative onlinereviewsHappy Guests• We can ask them the become our fan on Facebook• Request them to leave feedback on tripadvisor & tell the whole world that theyhad a great time with us.
  14. 14. www.mastersungroup.comAnalysis & Communication ofAnalysis & Communication ofFeedbackFeedback• Feedback should be analyzed segment-wise,season-wise– Important to segregate and analyze feedback from ourmost profitable segments– Standardized Reports to relate perception to driverssuch as room type, price, length of stay ,spend, purposeof stay etc.• A portal for publication & access of questionnairedata and analytical reports– Quick and easy access for all team members– Facilitates sharing of best practice and drivescompetition– Enables departments to track their own verbatimcomments
  15. 15. www.mastersungroup.comFeedback Champion &Feedback Champion &Improvement TeamsImprovement TeamsA Senior Manager nominated as “Feedback Champion”. Asmall feedback cell reports to the feedback champion1. Cell consists of a feedback officer (part time role) & a data entry operator.2. Feedback cell to coordinate the administration of feedback, response tofeedback, generation of standard reports & publication of internal portalsCross Functional Improvement teams set up that do rootcause analysis & drive improvement initiatives– Root cause analysis is necessary to isolate the cause of trends with actual facts. This can be identified down to specific time periods, rooms, personnel or otherelements.– The detailed open-ended comments can be used as suggestions of ways to‘stand out’ and become new programs, even when the hard numbers would havecaused them to leave well enough aloneMonthly review of Feedback results & Initiatives by TopManagement– Ensure that all departments own and accept the survey process and results.– Stretch targets for improvement of feedback each team– Quarterly Rewards to be linked to Guest survey• Create a sense of urgency by tying rewards to score improvement givingcustomers, in essence, veto power over raises and promotions
  16. 16. www.mastersungroup.comGuest Feedback ProcessGuest Feedback Process• Regular Feedback Administration Process1. Feedback questionnaire approved for the quarter by the FeedbackChampion2. Feedback administered to every guest during the car drop-off3. Feedback link sent to every guest , one day after checkout throughemail.• Email also contains ombudsman ID in case guest wantsto escalate1. Feedback Questionnaires compiled. Partly and incorrectly filledquestionnaires rejected2. Data entry of hardcopy feedback3. Standard automatic email response sent to happy and unhappyguests after feedback is registered in the system by feedback cell• Email response can be customized in case of need1. Any escalation mail is forwarded to the ombudsman by the feedbackcell• Standard response sent to such mails
  17. 17. www.mastersungroup.comGuest Feedback ProcessGuest Feedback ProcessFortnightly Feedback from Third Party Forums1. Fortnightly online visit of third party forums like Trip Advisor byFeedback Officer2. Attributes scores of self & competition captured for every forum3. Subjective scores on attributes wherever objective data is notavailable for every new review/feedback4. Capture of interesting verbatim comments by bloggers & reviewers5. Report generated with attribute scores & verbatim comments. Reportpassed onto improvement teamsMonthly/Quarterly Feedback for Strategic ImprovementInitiatives1. Department wanting to pre-test initiatives presents an appendage toregular questionnaire2. Appendage approved by Feedback Champion and incorporated in theweb link by Feedback Officer along with a webmaster3. Data entry of pre-test or post-test results4. Standard bar charts & table prepared by feedback cell along with rawdata and passed onto the concerned department
  18. 18. www.mastersungroup.comGuest Feedback ProcessGuest Feedback ProcessAnalysis of Feedback1. Standard reports generated publishing attribute scores.2. Reports linking feedback to various drivers like guestsegment, stay, room type etc.3. Reports linking customer segments and other customer datato various drivers4. Standard reports and verbatim feedback based on attributespassed to cross functional teams for analysis5. Data of pretest passed to the concerned department foranalysis6. Cross functional teams analyze feedback, decided attributebased targets and initiate improvement projects7. Departmental teams conducting pre-test or post-test analyzefeedback and present steps to augment the strategicimprovement initiative
  19. 19. www.mastersungroup.comGuest Feedback ProcessGuest Feedback ProcessCommunication of Feedback :Feedback Cell runs an InternalPortal to publish the following1. Standard Feedback Reports2. Third Part y Forum attribute scores & verbatim comments3. Pre-test Results & Post-test Results of strategicimprovement initiatives4. Monthly stretch targets for various attributes and action planby cross functional teams5. Success achieved by various teams6. Teams that have got quarterly rewards7. Good practices shared by successful teams8. Number of escalations received by Ombudsman, cause ofescalation, current status of resolution9. Interesting stories and anecdotes relating to guests andguest feedback
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