"Allmankind is divided into three c/asses     :   Those who are immovable; those who are
movable, and those who mo...
ln the knowledge economy of tomorrow, only a learning organisation wrll survive, an
organisation which belie...

As we nlove through this decade, AlESEC, over the years has been recognised as an effort to
achieve a...

                MT. RATAN TATA                        Dr. jACDISH PARIKH
Exchange controller-Gauhar lunnarkar

Amongst t...
Corporate Relations Co-ordinator-A bhishek Sundaram.
The Department of corporate Relatio...
    Ixternal Relations Co-ordinator- Umang loshi
 Human Resource Development Co-ordinato r          -
(i)     concept of Task forces to generate project ideas and increase involvment of c.B.
        Members in AIE...
Programmes and Projects Co-ordinators- Ashwin lacob Thomas
Finance Controller - Anshu Mehta
F in ance Department of AIESEC Baroda controls the allocation of th...
PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT FOR                                             TTTE   YEAR ENDED ON 31-3-96

  tocAt coNC       ...
o   June Legislative Meet, June 1995, Ahmedabad.
    AIESEc Baroda started as the      ...
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  Anited 1/oy oJ ,I/adodara
  /uaraj Intrustries
  Worfufrop Atroertisittg

Aiesec baroda first annual report 1995-97
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Aiesec baroda first annual report 1995-97


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Annual Report of AIESEC Baroda Founding Team from Years 1995-97

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Aiesec baroda first annual report 1995-97

  1. 1. PREFACE "Allmankind is divided into three c/asses : Those who are immovable; those who are movable, and those who move" -Benjamin Franklin We believe that the third category constitutes of AlESECers. With a firm belief in mankind's potential AlESECers work towards uniting the world into one global community. AIESEC, The lnternational Association of Students in Economics and Management, is the largest non-profit, non-political, entirely student run organization spread over 87 countries, encompassing 850 universities. Today, 86,000 students-86,000 AlESECers work with a common vision "Peace and Fulfilment of Mankind's Potential", and AIESEC works towards moulding today's students into Tomorrow's Clobal Leaders-Leaders with an lnternational Perspective. All programmes and prolects organized by AIESEC are aimed at achieving four well-defined objectives. a Promoting lnternationalism. r Bridging the gap between the student and corporate sector. a Promoting interaction with the socio-economic environment. a Providing practical managerial experience. We believe that achieving these objectives would lead to the unison of all mankind and realization of all potentials because all AlESECers agree that..... "No man is an island, entirc of itself . Every man is a piece of a the continent, a part of the main" AIESEC........Going Global Antilles ia Eston Macedonia Slovenia Argentina Finland Morocco Sierra Leone Armenia France Mexico Senegal Australia C uatemala Malta SPain Austria Cermany Malaysia Sri Lanka Brazil Chana Netherlands Sweden Belgium Creece The Netherlands Switzerland Bolivia Hong Kong Nigeria China(Taipei) Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary New Zealand Thailand Botswana lceland Norway Tun isia Bulgaria lnd ia Pakistan Turkey Canada lndonesia Pan ama Togo Ch ile lreland Peru Uganda Colombia lsrael Philippines Ukraine Croatia ltaly Poland United Kingdom Cameroon lvory Coast Portugal United States Costa Rica Japan Papua New Cuinea Uruguay Czech Republic Korea Romania Venezuela Denmark Kenya Russia Yugoslavia Dominican Republic Latvia Singapore Zimbabwe Ecuador Liberia South Africa Egypt L ithuan ia SlovaLia
  2. 2. LCP'S MESSAGE ln the knowledge economy of tomorrow, only a learning organisation wrll survive, an organisation which believes in seeking competence, capacity building & sustainable development. An organisation where structures get flatter, teams are empowered & experiential learning is pronroted. We in AIESEC Baroda, invest in people we are a peoples' organ isation since our inception in June 1 99 5, AIESEC Baroda has acquired a reputation of a progressive, dynamic & innovative organisation. By establishing partnerships with external organisations like EDl, NDDB & IRMA and synergising with many orhers we have developed project ideas like Entreprenuership Development Workshop, Milkyway etc. we regularly employ the 'critical Mass' technique & promote the concept of ownership of issues. We 'Think Big'. AIESEC Baroda has been tharacterized by its increasing customer iocus-lnternal & External we have externalised significantly in some secto rs-st u d ents, corporate Sector, NCO etc and have built a strong brand image in these sectors. Through customisation of services, partnershrps, nrarket segmentation, audited accounts etc., we have tried to mould our custorllers as stake holders in the association. By narrowing ourtarget sectors & aligning our pro.jects & progranrmes to current realities, we have made considerable progress towards the ultimate goal-Customer Delight. AIESEc Baroda, today, is in a state of high creative tension. lt is an ideal breeding ground for growth, innovation, creation, challenge & enterprise. lt has a significant role to play in corrtributing nreaningfully & proactively to its local environment & the AIESEC world. Our first two years have been our snrall steps towards a long, endless journey but there is something that unites each one of us, a unifying force corrmon to me and an AIESECeT five years fronr now, lt has some thing to do with our vision-Fu/filment of Mankind's Potential; with AIESEC being a way of life, with its honesty to cycles of life & death. Tomorrow, I will die as an AlESECer, son'reone else will be born into AIESEC, excited and happy. The river keeps flowing to new banks, forests, cities, villages There is nothing permanent except change. Mr. Sarvajeet Chandra o LCP 95196, in the year of ' Making Tomorrow happen today' o LCP 96197 rn the year of 'Soaring High'
  3. 3. LCP ELECT'S MESSAGE As we nlove through this decade, AlESEC, over the years has been recognised as an effort to achieve a dreanr of a 21st century Global village. we in our own small way, have contrib uted to the society in striving to make better citizens with a socially responsible outlook and visionaries with an international understandrng. ln the coming year, AIESEC Baroda shall further strive to excel in areas which give vent to the creative tension anrongst our nrembers Today, AIESEC Baroda, beingtotally non-political and non-proiit in nature, has distinguished itself as an Association with a Difference. Yours'Strivingly in AIES EC Mr. Gauhar J unnarkar Striving fo exce/-THE EXECUTIVE BODY 1gg7-98 Vice Presiderrt Progranrnres (lTEP, Entreprenuership) - Anurag pandey Vice President Progranrrnes (Education, YDEP) Archana Thiagarajan Vice President Corporate Relations - Aditi Seth Vice President Corporate Developrlent - Sohil Maru Vice President Huntan Resources - Upendra Phadnis Vice President Extefltal Relations - Nikunj Vaswanr Vice President Finance- Tejas Bhatt Vice President International Relations-Mrhica Kothari
  4. 4. THE NATIONAL BOARD OF ADVISORS MT. RATAN TATA Dr. jACDISH PARIKH C ha irma n, Managing Director, Tata lndustries. Lemuir Croup- Mr. ADI CODREJ Mr. DAVID THOMAS Managing Director, Chairman & M.D., Codrej Soaps Ltd. Proctor & Camble (l) Ltd. Mr. K.B. DADISETH Mr. SID KHANNA Cha irman, Managing Director, Hindustan Lever Ltd. Arthur Andersen & Co. Mr. V. K. SOHONI Cha irman, H industan Ciba Ceigy Ltd. SO SAY OUR SUPPORTERS...... My interaction with AIESEC, Baroda has been a unique experience. ln the current situation, in the society at large and rn the youth in particular, theie is an acute sense of frur,ru,ion and despair. lt was indeed heartening to see so many young people in a very positive frame of rnind, extremely enthusiastic and yet very profesironal. I was also very surprised and yet encouraged at the level of honesty and commitment to ethical and social values amongst the AIESEC ers which is so rarely ,."n no* a days. r am sure, with time these young gentlemen and ladies are going places as they mature'and take their rightful place in society and take lndia in to the )trt."ntrru. Dr. M.C. Merchant i The lnternational Associairon of students in Economics and Management (Baroda chapter) needs to be complimented for providing a platform to the Uniriersity Siudents, through which they can develop managerial and leadership skills by actually carrying out the tasks. ln a short period, they have demonstrated team spirit, organising abilities unJp" rr"u"r.n.". They deserve to be supported, especially by the Corporate Sector. Girdhar Vaswani Executive Director United Way of Baroda.
  5. 5. DEPARTMENT OF EXCHANGE Exchange controller-Gauhar lunnarkar INTERNATIONAL TRAINEESHIP EXCHANGE PROGRAMME Amongst the various programmes of the association, ITEP stands apart as the longest run n ing and the strongest claim to credibility for AIESEC. This year saw further consolid"ation of this programme in Baroda and a direct fallout of this has been the conf irmation of a Cerman trainee for Hotel Surya Palace. ITEP is now poised to achieve its full potential in the coming year and some headway has already taken place with a whole lot of research and market segmentation. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT ENVOY PROGRAMME This exchange programme seeks to involve the youth in addressing socio-economic problems by working with NCo's on development issues. students are placed with NCo's abroad hence, provrding these lnternational students with a cleep insrght into d ifferent cu ltu res. NON AIESEC MEMBER EXCHANGE PROGRAMME The programme is aimed at grving Non-AlESECers an opportunity to go abroad on temporary placement for 2ro 18 weeks. AIESEC Baroda conducted one NAME in March ,96 Exchange of Corporate Entreprenuerial Leaders (Excel '96) Two students were selected to fill up the traineeship forms after a written examination and interview by a panel includ ing Mr. Ramesh Harvar, Managing Director, L. K. Pace. The forms were sent to Brussels, AIESEC International Head Quarters, for matching. sameer Biniwale's form has been matched to Volga croup in Cermany. The project was a stepping stone in AIESEC Baroda,s future. This year also saw a lot of conceptualization in terms of Exchange Related projects like m i lkyway and INNOVA. MILKY WAY Here AIESEC collaborates with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Anand to high light the highly successful Anand model of the m ilk co-operative movement. lt involves about 10 trainees coming down to Anand for a period of 2 months; undergoing trarnrng, practical as well as classroom; finally returning to their home country and iepliiating the Anand model. However, due to the high budget involved, it has not taken place and efforts are on for fending this project by sources abroad. INNOVA'97 It involes a delegation of corporate excutives. from a foreign country, coming down to Baroda and involvrng themselves in a series of Seminars on Chemical lndustries; i'nd having Corporate executives from Chemical lndustries in Baroda attending the forum with the ainr of forging links abroad. An added d imens ion would be involving Educationists and Students of the same field in this prolect, again with the aim of achieving regularity and stability in the course being studied in colleges.
  6. 6. DEPARTMENT OF CORPORATE RELATIONS Corporate Relations Co-ordinator-A bhishek Sundaram. The Department of corporate Relations and corporate Development has played an integral role in establishing AIESEC Baroda. ln the first year of its inception, i.e. June 1995 - March 1996, ft concentrated on corporate research and segmentation. lt also directly oversaw marketing for projects which included 2 SAVE sessions, 2 Media drives, a stock exchange simulation game, recruitments and a Non-AIESEC member exchange programme. Apart from this, the department aimed at getting lnfrastructural support for the Local Committee. The second year saw a continued emphasrs on raising infrastructural support for the Local Conrmittee in which it has been only partly successful. lt has further tried to externalise itself in the corporate sector and in this regard has hosted a Business Dinner in October. lt also, as was done last year, made an overview ol pro ject marketing this year which was appreciably on a much larger scale. The department of Corporate Relations and Corporate Department however, does not only market, but also plays an integral role in Member Development and in value Addition to what members learn from AIESEC. LOCAL BUSINESS DINNER. AND TRAINEE'S DAY The Local Business Dinner, organized on october 14, 1996,was a forum for the interaction of Executives from the Corporate sector and NCo's, and the Executive body of AIESEC Baroda. lt rvas a platform for AIESEC Baroda's progress and increased the credibility of the organization in the Corporate Sector. The Business Dinner was held at Hotel Rama lnn about 96 companies had been invited out of which 16 executives attended the dinner. Presentatrons were made on AIESEC, its programmes and the services it offers the Corporate Sector lt was made clear at this forum that AIESEC provides value through, its services for monetary or infrastructural support. A presentation on "The E nterpren uersh ip Development Programme" was followed by a euestion answer session and Dinner. The Dinner was attended by: Anjaleem E nte rprises C lobe Petroleu ms Anku r Chemicals Kaps Engineers AT&T Lemur Croup Comps Computers LIC Computech Systems iMethodist Techn ical lnstitute DDE-ORC Pagelink Facu lty of Management Studies VIPUR Chemicals CE Plastics lnd ia Ltd. YUJ Consu ltnats Parallel to LBD was organized Trainee's day when lnternational Trainees working in lndia under ITEP were invited for a Cultural lnteraction which included a visit to the Carba grounds- The Executives invited for the d in ner could directly interact with the Trainees and get a first hand picture of the lnternational Traineeship Exchange programme of AIESEC.
  7. 7. DEPARTMENT OF EXTERNAL RELATION Ixternal Relations Co-ordinator- Umang loshi Swafi Das EXTERNAL POSITIONING Student Sector : Through publicity for various projects. NCO's : Concrete collaborations established with EDll, UNITED WAY and NDDB & iRMA, I Anand. Corporate Sector : Through a business dinner, marketing for big projects and concept of partnerships, customised projects and market segmentation. Media: Regular news releases in lndian Express and a press conference. Covernment: Municipal commissioner, Mr. R.N. Das, on the local board of advisors and hoardings from the municipal corporation. Within AIESEC: Effective presentations and participation at national meetings and national ised projects. STAKE HOLDER RELATIONSHIP Alumni : Regular attendance for meetings apart from alumni evening, servicing mailers and tangible benefits. Aff iliates : Tangible benefits like subsidies for EDW, invitation for sessions and servicing mai lers. Professional support group to involve academecia medla middle level managers; comprising of Mr. Mayank Dholakia, Professor-FMS and Mr. Dhananjay Khare, Head-Creative advertising. Parents : Servicing mailers, parent's evening and introduction of the concept of annual parent's day. Cradually, with the Student organisations' conference on "Synergising for a Better Tomorrow", AIESEC Baroda is poised to become the most potent force aff.ecting Baroda's local environ ment. PRESENTATION PACKAGE AIESEC Baroda felt the need to prepare a Presentation Package for exhibition at various student, parent and corporate forums; highlighting AIESEC's History, it's vision, oblectives and activities; the underlying theme being "The Evolution and Crowth of AIESEC". An audio-visual presentation package comprising of 76 slides and a pre-recorded audio cassette were prepared. The package also acknowledges the support and guidance of AIESEC Board of Advisors and Corporate supporters. MEDIA BANG The project was aimed at Externalization and Positioning of AIESEC Baroda. Over 1000 posters and 500 stickers, addressing the issue of Unemployment as well as 1500 flyers containing information about AIESEC and AIESEC Baroda were printed. These were stuck all over the city and distributed at various occassions. Two hoardings raised from the Mun icipal Corporation, addressing the issues of Unemployment and Environmental Pollution were installed for 45 days at Kala Choda and Railn,ay Station. MEMORABLIA AIESEC Baroda came out with 99 T-shirts which were used as memorablia, taken to National meetings by the delegates for sale in AIESEC lndia and also given as motivational gifts. Clearly indicating AIESEC Baroda's attitude the T-shirts had "Think Big" printed on the back side and a sumo Wrestler on the front.
  8. 8. DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Human Resource Development Co-ordinato r - Rekha Warghese Meghna Seth. " My emphasis on bulding learning organisation is to move beyond the traditional focus of quality to took at more subtle proceises that underline all organsations. The central territory of all this work is nothing less than how people think and interact.', Peter Senge Sloan School of Management, MIT The greatest strength of AIESEC Baroda is its Human Resource. lt is a good example of .The Learning organsation' celebrated as an organisation for tomorrow. AIESEC is people. young, bright studenis-The Cream of lndia's Universities. We divide our HR Processes into four dir,isons :- TRAINING (a) lmplementation ol Member Education cycle has been the most significant achievement. The collective AIESEC age of team of '97t9g is 1B months instead of 6 months of '96:97 , (b) Training Sessons for members (i) Local Training Seminar where the new recruits are given an overview about each department of AIESEC. (i i) Local Congress (iii) save sessions .' sessions are conducted by Externals on skills, Attitudes, Values and ethics. (iv) Regular Window to the World (WTTW) and Get Aware sessions. (v) Concept of Project bank to increase awareness of issues. (vi) Quizzes and Group Discussions in Ceneral Body Meetings to increase awareness levels. (vii) /ncreasing Delegation for National Leadership Development Seminars and Advanced Tra in in g Sess ions. (viii) sessions by AIESECeTs from outside Baroda;Regional manager (West) - vivan Kaul; Vice President Programmes, AIESEC lndia-seema Nazerth, Local Committee president. AIESEC Mumb arV ivek Baj aj. (ix) concept of NC workdays and ILCEp (lnter Local committee Exchange programme) implemented. (x) Entreprenuership Development workshop conducted by EDI attended by AIESEC Baroda Members. (xi) lntroduction of idea of Local Development Traineeships.
  9. 9. MOTIVATION (i) concept of Task forces to generate project ideas and increase involvment of c.B. Members in AIESEC activ it ies. (ii) Concept of O.C. support Croup to build involvement in O.C. activity. (iii) Development of concept of "stronger Together" as an experience sharing, team ing tool. bu ild (iv) The increasing transperancy into functioning of EB and members of cB being increasingly involved rn decision making for the local committee. (v) Regular appraisals and appraisal output being implemented for growth of the local co m m ittee. (vi) lhe building of AIESEC Baroda as a family with a thrust on Care, Love, Affection, Concern and Regard for each other. RECRUITMENT Recruitment involves two stages : Group discussion and Personnel interivew, Prior to this the Executive body Members have a Session on tanking group discussions and interviews. (a) August '96 Recruitment with 30 new recruits and a major break through from the faculty of commerce. lt was the most successful recruitment. The emphasis on students from commerce, arts and science was increased as also the number of localites. Personnel Manager, DDE-ORC was on the panel. (b) December'96 Recruitmdnt - 2I new recruits with a major thrust in faculties of commerce and science. Panelists included Mr. Dhananjay Khare - Head of Crass Roots Advertising and an Alumni. ALLOCATION (i) Allocation with preferences of EB and CB members Due consideration to seniority of members in allocation and regular appraisals to determine allocation preferences. (ii) Appointment of Officers and Programme Managers as a successful position. (iii) ShiftinS to primarily O.C. Structures and Disbanding Departmental Structures to reduce time commitments of members and increase responsibility. (iv) Maintainance of critical HR Systems like Member profile sheet, Trend sheets; etc. (v) Discipline in ceneral Body Meetings, issuing of regular show. causes for attendance and non-activity, thruSt on voluntary resignations instead of expulsions. SAVE SESSIONS AIESEC Baroda organized two SAVE (skills, Attitudes, Values and Ethics) sessions on the 2Oth and 21st ofJanuary 97 at Hotel Panchsheel. The first session was on "Advertising as a career" taken by Mrs. Sandhya Cajjar. On the second day, Dr. Mrigank Merchant took a session on "Personality Development" About 'l 00 students from all f ields of study attended the sess ion s. LOCAL CONGRESS The Local Congress is basically a forum for interaction amongthe general body members which adds to their integrity. The activities of the Local committee are reviewed and plans made for the future. The agenda comprises of plenaries, sub-commissions, task forces, game plays as well as SAVE sessions on various topics.
  10. 10. DEPARTMENT OF PROGRAMMES AND PROJECTS Programmes and Projects Co-ordinators- Ashwin lacob Thomas Archana Thiagarajan The Department has seen complete establishment over the last two years by means of rotational training of department members as well as of successful external projects. INTERNAL TRAINING Regular project planning and execution. sessions and task forces for effective train ing have resulted in members managing projects more professionally. lnternal pro1ects like "slronger Together" where senior members share their experiences in AIESEC while working on different projects, has provided a lot of knowledge and proven very motivating for new members. EXTERNAL PROJECTS The issue addressed by AItSEC Baroda over the last two years has been "Entreprenuership". AIESEC Baroda developed an " Entreprenuership Development Programme" under which the following pro.lects were conducted : STOCK-EXCHANCE SIMU LATION GAME "Stock-o-Pulse" conducted in March 1 996 and "Sensex Entreview" conducted in November 1996 were aimed at giving participants an insiBht into the stock market. The game was preceded by introductory sessions on the stock market. As the participants got involved while playing the game, the risk factor was also inculded as a carrier. The response and results were overwhelming both the times. THE ENTREPRENUERSHIP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP The Entreprenuership Development Workshop, was conducted by faculties from EDll. lt was a 4 day, 3 night, fully residential workshop held at the Baroda Country Club from 4th to 7th March 1997, aimed at surfacing the lntraprenuerial skills of the participants which make an E ntrepren ue r. The faculties, Mr. Siddiqui and Dr. Shukla conducted the workshop, which consisted of sessions on Self Exploration, Se/fAssessment, Goal Setting, Career Counselling, Creativity and Problem Solving. Other than these there was a "Meeting with an Achiever Session " which included experience sharing sessions by Mr. Kiran More (Reknown Cricketer) and Mr. Madhukar Mehta (Pioneer of Anjaleem STD-PCO). As quoted by our guest as "An Achiever", Mr. Kiran More: "l think the l ntreprenu ership Developmenl Workshop, organised by AILSf C, is very impressive - the way they are thinking, their involvement and their dedication. lt is very beneficial for the youth and patents must encourage their children to ioin this group since it will help in the overall personality development of the youth". 10
  11. 11. DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE Finance Controller - Anshu Mehta F in ance Department of AIESEC Baroda controls the allocation of the funds for various projects The various Financial Systems maintained by AIESEC are: 1) Cash/Bank Book 2) Ledger Book 3) Budjet File 4) Bank Statements File The Principles of Financial Budgeting, Accounting, and Recording are instilled at the Ceneral Body level. At the end of every financial year an external auditor audits the accounts of AIESEC Baroda. To increase the awareness amongst members about finance as a career option case studies regarding financial srtuations and decisions were conducted. Sessions regarding scams and financial management have also been conducted. The concept of cost cutting has also been borne into the AlESECers. but this is not at the price of quality. This allows members to learn how to strike a balance between qualrty anci co st. At the end of every project a set of financral statements have to be submitted by the organising committee. These systems include an income expenditure statement. ln this manner a total track of money is kept. PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR ENDED ON 31.3-97 EXPENSES RS. I NCOME RS. TYPINC EXPEN SES 48 58.50 PROJECT SPONSORSHIP 114297.50 XEROX EXPE N SES 6740.15 CENERAL SPONSORSHIP 1 5000.00 STATIONERY EXPE NSES 8845.25 ADVERTISEMENT INCOME 300.00 FAX EXPE NSES EXPE NSES 7r0.00 MEMBERSHIP FEES 7300.00 ADVETISEMENT EXPE N SE5 6863.00 NAME RECEIPTS 2400.00 POSTACE EXPEN SE5 697 .OO BAN K INTEREST 469.00 FOOD EXPE NSES 62533,50 MISCELTENEOUS INCOME 1 1250.00 PROJECTOR EXPE N5E5 3568.00 DELECATION FEES RECEIVE D 23 3 50.00 TRAVELLING EXPE NSES 1808.95 VEN UE EXPE N SE5 26950.00 DELECATION FEES PAID 32975.OO TELEPHONE EXPEN 5E5 1382.38 SLIDE DEVELOPMENT EXPE N SE5 3717 .OO MISCELLENEOUS EXPENSES 3987.00 BANK CHARCES 111.00 ADF FEES 1500.00 AGM 96-97 EXPE NSES 2489.50 AT-COST SHARINC EXPEN SES 2500.00 SURPLUS TRF. TO BALANCE SHEET 2130.27 174366.50 174366.50 FOR DEEPAK DESAI & CO. COU NTANT '"ow^ FOR AIESEC BARODA btW DEEPAK DESAI TREASURER PRESIDENT (PROPERIETOR) 7 .04.1997 7.O4.1997 12
  12. 12. PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT FOR TTTE YEAR ENDED ON 31-3-96 tocAt coNC RESS PROI ECr 2r30.10 SPONSORS H IP RECE IPTS XEROZ,EXP, 51210.00 102.25 ADVE RTISEMENT RECE IPTS P & S EXP. 2 200.00 2 04.00 BAN K IN TE REST CENERAL EXP, 111.00 1686.50 TELEPHO N E EXP, 17.35 HIRINC EXP. 120.00 sTocK EXCHANCE PROI ECr 8243.2s XEROZ.EXP. 344.00 P & S EX P. 5683.25 CENERAL EXP. 301.00 TE LEPHON E EX P. r 0.00 HIRINC EX P. 1905.00 NAME PROITCT 2292.OO XEROX EXP 87.00 P&S EX P, 2205 .OO MEDIA BANC PROJECI 3897,00 XEROZ.EXP. 6.00 P & 5 EXP. 27 .OO CENERAL EXP, 64,00 BANNERS 3 800.00 RECRUITMENT I PROIECT 1 134 20 XEROZ.EXP- 217.20 P & S EX P, 17 2.OO CENERAL EX P. 495,00 HIRINC EXP. 2 5 0.00 RECRU ITMENT II PROI ECT 13241 .20 XEROZ,EXP, 60 5. 50 P & S EXP. 10'133.55 CEN ERAL EXP 1706.1s BAN N ER EXP, 7 40.OO TE LEPHON E EXP, 5 6.00 CENERAL EX PE N SES 798.25 BAN KER EXPE N SE5 250.00 MEMBERSH IP FE ES 2 50.00 POSTACE EXPEN SES 1000.00 TEACHIN C AID 1000.00 BAN K CHARCES 2 8.00 SURPLUS TRF. TO EALANCE SHETT 19257.OO TOTAL 53521.00 53521.00 D.C. Desai PRESIDINT FINAN CE Proprietor CONTROLTER 11
  13. 13. AIESEC BARODA AT NATIONAL MEETINGS o June Legislative Meet, June 1995, Ahmedabad. AIESEc Baroda started as the l2th Member of AIESEC lndia wrth 12 pioneer members on June 4, 1995 o National Leadership Development Seminar, September 1995, Ooty. First N LDS attended by 6 new recruits of August I 995 batch. o National Congress, December '1 995, Calcutta AIESEC Baroda made its presence felt w,ith amazing positioning through presentations and participation in task forces, subcommissions and sessions. r National Leadership Development Programme, january 1996, Simla Second representation at N LDS by 6 new recrutts r June Legislative Meet, June 1996, Pune with full representation at a National meeting for the first time, AiESEC Baroda's ,Dream Team' stormed the commissions, sessions, plenaries and task forces AIESEC Baroda won "The Eest Delegation Award." o NOOMS, July 1996, Kochi Cood participation and presentarion for AIESEC Baroda by lone delegate earned us "The Best Delegation Award". e september Legislative Meet-National Leadership Development Seminar, September 1996, Nainital. Maximum Nl DS Participation. concepts of "Milky way" and ,'Entreprenuership Development Programme" created an impct in AIESEC lndia. AIESEC Baroda attained Probationary member status in a record period of I year and 3 months by unprecedented unanimous show of hands. AIESEC Baroda and Ahmedabad won a bid to co-host June Legis lative Meet 1997. o National Congress, December 1996, Bangalore AIESEC Baroda invited participatron in the "Enterprenuership Development Workshop,, organized in collaboration with EDl, Ahmedabad. o Presidents'Meet - National Leadership Development Seminar, February 1997, Hyderabad. The LCP elect, Cauhar Junnarkar, headed a delegation of .l 0 new recruits. JUNE LEGISLATIVE MEET ILM'97, to be held during the 1 st week ol lune'97, will be co-hosted by AIESEC Baroda and AIESEC Ahmedabad at rhe Suruchi Resorts, Baroda. JLM is a National Level seminar organized every year by AIESEC lndia to train members about the philosophy and working methodologies of AIESEC. lt is the association's endeavour at generating leaders and managers of tomorrow from the students of today. About 1 30 students from all local committees of AIESEC lndia meet together and are trained in presentation skills, team building, effective planning, time management, work ethics, to generate networking strategies, etc. Through this conference, we strive towards, Building citizens of the 2.lst century. 13
  14. 14. allisuc BAtt0Da TITANI(S..... Anited 1/oy oJ ,I/adodara /uaraj Intrustries SLrr Worfufrop Atroertisittg 'hsfiwin Infiutries Manisfr Boofrsupptiers Qujarat Speciafity Lubu Lt[, Cremacfr Desigtu Eas(in fo|itu Cfian[an Metok Me[ia lPoint Mr. I{bnarg Mefita, Asian paints Agerrcy A[ay Cfiemicak Arcftics Q a[tery, f atefrgunj Katpana Tra[ers furo[a Country C[u6 Zoueri lPo[ymers 'Transpefr Intrustries Qujarat Inlrutries Qujarat Cyc[es ttd. ISCTLTI, 14