Education In India - Problem Statement


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Our Vision is to ensure that every child in India gets the best quality resources, teaching support & opportunities.

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Education In India - Problem Statement

  1. 1. Education in India Problem Insight
  2. 2. Problem We Address India needs about 7 million GOOD teachers to teach about 180 million school children
  3. 3. India has about 5 million school teachers ! Out of 5 million, only a fraction is GOOD (<10% or 0.5 million by unqualified guesstimates) !
  4. 4. There is no way to fill this gap EARNESTLY & EFFECTIVELY in short to medium term ! Solutions, which are based on availability of required number of good teachers CAN'T, serve the huge national need now ! !
  5. 5. Solutions, which try to SUBSTITUTE teacher or make learning INDEPENDENT of teacher have not been effective ! !
  6. 6. What We Did?
  7. 7. What We Did? We Thought
  8. 8. What We Did? Then, We Asked We Thought
  9. 9. What We Did? Then, We Asked And, We Saw We Thought
  10. 10. We Thought What if we break down this GOOD teacher? ! What if the GOOD teacher is not a PERSON but a PROCESS? ! What if it is a process with well-integrated ELEMENTS? ! ! !
  11. 11. What might these elements? ! What if the PERSON is one of these elements? ! Can these elements be created & integrated in a seamless process to produce the desired OUTCOMES? ! ! !
  12. 12. Then, We Asked What makes a GOOD teacher? ! ! We found FIVE defining characteristics of a good teacher (not surprisingly, knowledge is necessary but not a sufficient condition for one to be a good teacher) ! ! ! ! !
  13. 13. A good teacher ENRICHES and adds to the content (hence the best of books cant replace a good teacher) His delivery is completely student-centric. He FOCUSES on individual students and their specific learning needs He engages the students and develops interest in the subject area by CONTEXTUALIZING it as per student needs and situations He ENCOURAGES dialogue and joint exploration of ideas ! He is available and EAGER to solve problems and clear doubts
  14. 14. And, We Saw That it is indeed possible to make this GOOD TEACHER a PROCESS with the ‘PERSON’ being one of the integral ELEMENTS ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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