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Group project information privacy law

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Group project information privacy law

  1. 1. Information Privacy Law Group Report Outline Brian Rowe Seattle University Law 2011
  2. 2. OutlineTable of ContentsExecutive SummaryCompany IntroStake HoldersIssue Section Relevance of issues Suggestions ReasoningSource citesAppendix if needed
  3. 3. Executive SummaryLess then 2 pagesSimple to readCovers all the basic of the reportIf this is the only part someone reads they should get themain ideas of the report
  4. 4. Company / NPO Intro1 page or lessShort background on company historyMust including legal/ethical battles relevant to yourreportMust include any relevant corporate commitments orvalue statements related to privacy
  5. 5. Stake holdersIdentify relevant stake holdersUsersUsers in need of accommodationsUsers w/ privacy concernsRights holder (patent, copyright, TM, Right of Publicity)Stock HolderFind the people who are least well off under the currentpolicies
  6. 6. Issues2 to 3 in depth areasPossible Issues include privacy torts, ToS / EULA,Privacy Policies, data protection, FOIA, or other issuesmentioned in class.issues not covered in class are also acceptable ifapproved in advance
  7. 7. Issues StructureRelevance of Issues: what is the problemSuggestions: recommendations for improving policiesReasoning - the pitch on why the company shouldchange policies to your suggestionlegal reasons and policy reasons are acceptable
  8. 8. ImagesThe report must include at least two visual aids. These anbe icons, graphs, info graphics or any other relevantimages.
  9. 9. Length Format15 to 20 pages of textDouble spacedTime New Roman or similar sized font1 inch marginsNote: cites and Appendix do not count in length
  10. 10. SourcesEnd citesAPA, or Blue BookAt least 20 sources
  11. 11. Online SourcesAuthor’s Last Name, First Name. (Year, Month Day ofPublication). Name of Article. Name of Publication.Retrieved on Date, from URLPlease include a additional URL to a permanent link if theURL is likely to change (internet archive copy / EFF archiveof TOS or other archived source)
  12. 12. Turn In Format1 Digital copy in a printable PDF1 Digital copy in original format2 Printed copiesContent in printed copies should be identical to digitalcopies.
  13. 13. Grading 70 pointsExecutive Summary: 5Company Intro: 5Stake Holders: 5Issue Section: 40 Relevance of issues 1/ 4 Suggestions 1/4 Applicalble Legal Understanding 1/4 Reasoning 1/4Source Cites 5General appearance 5Relevant Images or info graphics 5Individual grades will be modified by group member evaluationof team contributions