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FieldEZ_Corporate_Presentation_BFSI Ver1.0

  1. 1. Field Force Transformation CORPORATE PRESENTATION
  2. 2. FieldEZ – Introduction 2Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd • India’s largest player in mobile Field Service & Field Sales Management • 35,000+ paying users worldwide • Global experience and exposure with multi-country implementations Highlights: FieldEZ is a provider of Field Force Automation software that helps organizations transform field operations through: • Improved field staff efficiency & utilization • Transparency in operations • Better prioritization of jobs FieldEZ is a VC funded organization:
  3. 3. Customers & Recognition 3Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Awards: Customers:Industries: • Banking & Financial Services • Industrial Machinery & Equipment • After Sales & Service • White Goods • Electronics • Automobiles • Telecom & Cable • Construction & Property Management
  4. 4. Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd 4 Field Sales Management Field Service Management Field Workforce Management FieldEZ’s Field Sales Management Platform comes with every feature your sales team will ever need to manage their work and for the management to have a real-time view into how their Sales team is performing. FieldEZ’s Field Service Management Platform is the most comprehensive solution for managing your service team. From Service ticket management to Asset management, we have got you covered in every sense. FieldEZ’s Field Workforce Management Platform enables you to monitor and manage your workforce in real-time with capabilities that include attendance & location tracking, expenses and claims management and more. Covering All Aspects of Your Field Force
  5. 5. Offering End-to-End Functionality For Field Force Management 5
  6. 6. • One of the pioneers in enabling efficient Field Force Management • Some of the largest enterprises from Banking (BFSI) to Hi-Tech manufacturing trust us for their field force management needs • Battle tested product – our portfolio of solutions have been developed with years of industry specific research, experience and knowledge • Configurable Process Management engine ensures quick implementation and GTM • Native Apps – iOS, Android & Windows • Works in Offline Mode • Flexible and Pay-as-you-go Pricing Models Key Differentiators Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd 7 CASA Lead Processing Lead Management for Credit Cards & Loans Payment Collection Assessment & Audit of Immovable Assets Field Functions in Banking • Regulatory Compliance Large number of compliance requirements • Data Entry Numerous physical application forms filled by customers to be entered into various banking applications • Document Proofs Document proofs need to be collected and transported between departments which sometimes are located far from each other • Single File Dependency Inability to perform tasks in parallel due to non availability of information as there is only one file Challenges Banking Industry
  8. 8. Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd 8 CASA Lead Management • Quick and accurate lead processing • Real-time info on sales officers productivity • Seamless inter-department lead info sharing Home & Auto Loans • Simplify inspections : attach photos, files directly from the app • All asset specific info instantly available to every department in the approval process • Control of approval process to ensure strict regulatory compliance Collections Team Management • Location-based scheduling & assignment of collection appointment • Real time collection information and on-the-go • Payment collection using credit card; Instant receipt printing FieldEZ for Banking
  9. 9. How Can FieldEZ Help You 9Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Is the right person going to the right job at the right time? • Real-time information available on all field staff, as well as their current work location and status • Map based scheduler for efficient and easy job assignment • Skill and Availability based automatic scheduling How can I make our field staff as well as the managers' work smoother? • Create recurring Beat Plans with advanced options to edit, duplicate, and even auto-assign to the best field staff • Field staff can apply for leave and mark attendance directly from their mobile phones • Partner web portal: raise job requests, view status • Managers can get real-time reports incld. distance travelled, Jobs closed / time taken, etc. • FieldEZ is a mobile-first SaaS solution meaning no expensive server purchase, installation and maintenance costs • Attractive pay-as-you-go pricing models available : billing calculated only on actual usage per month • Hosted on Amazon’s AWS platform – the most reliable and scalable solution • FieldEZ has customer ranging from 5 to 7,000+ users I want to start small, but grow consistently. I need a solution that is scalable yet cost effective
  10. 10. Product Walkthrough – Mobile Interface
  11. 11. Menu and Dashboard 11Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application • Single click access to all business process and features • Concise view of today’s to-do-list with time, customer, processes and status information • Drill-down possible from the dashboard • White-labelling possible on mobile as well as web
  12. 12. Job / Ticket Assignment 12 Jobs show up directly on the field staff’s mobile Push Notifications help update the field staff instantly on any job changes Job status updates can be done directly from mobile Manager can view field staff’s job status and updates in real time. Reassign jobs if there is a delay. Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application
  13. 13. Calendar Management 13 Easy to access from the home screen Calendar Month and Day view Drill down to the call details from directly from calendar Supervisor can filter for his users to show activities on the calendar Assignment and Rescheduling possible directly from Calendar Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application
  14. 14. Attendance 14 Punch-in and Punch-out tagged with geo location View last punch-in times Captures three different times : - Time entered by User - Mobile Device Time - Server Time Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application
  15. 15. Message Board 15 Send messages specific to work location assigned to the users Categorize, filter messages based on type. Send attachments via message board : image, documents, videos Set expiry time for messages Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application
  16. 16. Pictures and Attachments 16 Attach all the supporting documents, manuals and other relevant documents to a call Click pictures of Invoice/Warranty or of defective parts and attach it to a call. Capture and attach customer location and other relevant photos Scan barcodes and QR codes for accurate part requests Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application
  17. 17. Payments and Receipts 17 Collect credit card payments from customers Print receipts directly from the mobile using a Bluetooth printer Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Card Terminal Bluetooth Printer Mobile Application
  18. 18. Confirmation & Signature 18 Capture Customer Signature and Feedback Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application
  19. 19. Reports & Charts* 19Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Mobile Application
  20. 20. Product Walkthrough – Web Interface
  21. 21. Dashboard 21Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application Real-time Dashboard view of calls and visits. Provides information on open, unassigned and closed calls with quick access to all major modules including scheduler, reports and user attendance sections
  22. 22. Track Jobs / Ticket Status 22Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Get details of all tickets and jobs from a single screen; drill-down and quick actions available from the same page Web Application
  23. 23. Jobs / Tickets – Details Page 23Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Job / Ticket tab – Comprehensive info of jobs with powerful search options and drill-down options • Update Status and Line Item from the mobile as well as web
  24. 24. Beat Planning & Scheduling 24Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Create a Recurring Schedule of pre-planned route for pickup, delivery, stocking or client visits
  25. 25. Auto-Scheduling & Routing* 25Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Auto-schedule and assign to field executive with various parameters considered including availability, work load, skill set, etc. • Route optimization based on job proximity and other parameters
  26. 26. Customer Listing Page 26Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Add, Sort and Select Customers from a single page • View important information like open tickets across customers
  27. 27. Attendance, Location, Distance Travelled Report 27Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Identify and locate field users and help them remotely clock-in / clock-out for attendance • Access user current location for better scheduling. Automatically calculate approximate distance travelled by users
  28. 28. Location Mapping 28Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd • View real-time location of field personnel on a map and take decisions on deploying them • Calculate approximate distance covered by each field resource Web Application
  29. 29. Leave Management 29Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Features to apply for leave, track leave balance, approval system for managers • Additional functions to set business hours, organizational holiday calendar and working week
  30. 30. SLA Management 30Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Create and configure alerts as per agreed Service Level Agreements • Automatic notifications and / or email sent to field users or customers in event of breach of SLA
  31. 31. Notifications & Alerts 31Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Receive instant alerts on the top menu bar for easy access and visibility • Custom alerts can be configured easily • Drill-down to the alerts’ ticket details by simply clicking on the notification • Easy and intuitive segmentation of the type of alert, as well as quick clear and delete
  32. 32. Scheduler – Day / Week View 32Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Drag-and-drop scheduling options with color-coded status tracking based on real time data from the field
  33. 33. Scheduler – Map View 33Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Real-time map view of the user and customer location for easy scheduling
  34. 34. Assets & Products Page 34Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Create Product hierarchy with unique assets (SKUs, Model No. etc.) – access history of past tickets to the assets, create jobs directly from the assets, as well as consolidate asset info at job and customer level • Capture stock level information and sync to mobile devices / field users
  35. 35. Invoicing & Billing Page 35Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application • Select Invoice components directly from pre-defined values, with auto calculation of price • Advanced options including discounts and taxes
  36. 36. Custom Reports 36Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Web Application
  37. 37. Case Studies
  38. 38. 38 Customer Challenges • Existing legacy system had limited field automation features • Only 30% of tickets being updated against agreed SLA • Maintenance and infrastructure costs very high Customer: WIPRO A leading electronic hardware manufacturer and IT service provider with revenues of more than US$7.5Bn Industry Segment: After Sales Country: India User Base: 700, further rising to 5000 Solution brief • Updated to an on-demand workforce solution • High-touch workflow configuration support • Seamless integration to back-end CRM • Configured business processes and validations to align with the service team hierarchy • Attendance tracking, graphical scheduling and dispatch on-the-go • Advanced resource tracking functionalities and bar code scanning • Multi-tenant support : allow engineer sharing across customers Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Results: • SLA Compliance improved from 30% to 80% in 3 months; 95% within 2 years • 10% instant increase in volumes handled with same field force • 25% improvement in field force utilization • 150% improvement in field engineer efficiency Reference Case Study – After Sales
  39. 39. 39 Customer Challenges • Absence of data for Sales Intelligence • Difficulty educating sales on new products, process and compliance procedures • Low Lead conversion, ineffective cross selling Customer: ICICI Bank One of the top 50 Banking and Financial Services company in the world with over 3500 branches and assets worth $99Bn Industry Segment: Banking Country: India User Base: 6000 Solution brief • Optimized allocation and scheduling through on-mobile adoption, message boards, calendars and alerts • Performance & supervisor view directly on mobile • Ability to work even on feature phone and in limited / no connectivity environments • Highly configurable and scalable workflow management • Ability to manage processes beyond CRM (Eg.: Home Loan, Insurance Surveys) Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Results: • Lead Conversion increases 3.5 times from 9% to 32% • Rationalized work force distribution • Single solution for many applications – reduced investments costs • High ROI : costs savings up to 20x investment Reference Case Study – Banking
  40. 40. 40 Customer Challenges • Manual data entry leading to errors, non-compliance and scalability issues • Inefficient field team management • Stock-out situations and customer feedback not captured in time leading to delays and low quality of service Customer: Maharaja Whiteline Indian arm of leading international home appliance manufacturer with total revenue of more than $30 Billion Industry Segment: Consumer Durables – Home Appliances Country: India User Base: 100 Solution brief • A single mobile application for multiple field teams: sales, service, order management, customer & competitor intelligence • Implemented Beat plan scheduling for recurring visits to distributors and retailers • Customer reports for SKU management, Timesheets and Leave management Copyright © FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd Results: • Attendance compliance increased from <60% to almost 100% • Significant reduction in re-stocking times, and product availability at the distributor / retailer • Customer & Competitor information instantly conveyed to Sales, Service and Marketing teams Reference Case Study – Consumer Durables
  41. 41. THANK YOU FieldEZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Email : Facebook : Twitter :