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Tips to create lead capture landing page for your advertising campaign


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To get useful tips for creating effective landing page for your advertising campaign take a look at the PDF file presented by

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Tips to create lead capture landing page for your advertising campaign

  1. 1. Tips to Create Lead Capture Landing Page for your Advertising Campaign by
  2. 2. Landing Page Landing page is responsible to turn traffic into conversions. It should be appealing enough so that it insist your visitors to take desired actions. Don’t use homepage as your landing page until it is designed with an objective to generate leads. Landing page should be created with an intention to enhance your conversion rates. It is the ultimate destination of your marketing campaign so make sure it results in engagement and actions.
  3. 3. Landing Page Design Tips Keep It Simple Try to keep the design simple. Make sure each and every element of your page contributes towards your goal. It should be a combination of relevant text, images and prominent call to action.
  4. 4. Write an Effective Headline Headline is the first thing that grasps visitor’s attention at a first glance. Try to make it engaging and appealing so that it insist your visitors to go through your copy. Use <h1> tag for your headline and <h2> and <h3> tags for sub headlines.
  5. 5. Write Quality Content Content is always considered to be the king so try to deliver relevant content on your page. Use strong words to get more qualified leads. Quality Score is considered to be one of the relevant metrics of AdWords campaign. It measures the relevance between your ad copy and your landing page so make sure the content on your landing page is selling the same thing as your ad copy.
  6. 6. Add Videos and Images Along with relevant content add videos and images. Research states that videos and images are much more effective than thousands of words. So grasp this opportunity and put a well produced video within your page that converts.
  7. 7. Add Testimonial It is necessary to gain trust of your visitors. This can be achieved by adding selected product reviews and testimonial on your landing page. This helps to influence visitors to carry out actions.
  8. 8. Include Call to Action Place prominent call to action which will helps you to achieve your goals. It should be simple and always be placed above the fold so that it is clearly visible to your visitors.
  9. 9. Add Lead Capture Form Don’t irritates your visitors by adding lengthy form rather create a simple form and ask for the data which is necessary for you and your sales team. Also stay away from confidential information. For any professional guidance, please click here.