Keys to PPC Success


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This pdf file contains key steps to maintain a PPC campaign. It is presented by

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Keys to PPC Success

  1. 1. Keys to PPC Successby
  2. 2. Pay-Per-Click ManagementAre you trying to get leads for yourbusiness?If your answer is positive. Then youshould invest in PPC campaign.PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. As thename suggest is an online form ofadvertisement, where theadvertisers needs to pay only whentheir ad is clicked. This is aneffective mode of generating largeamount of traffic to your website.The key objective behind thiscampaign is to convert your potentialcustomers into consumers.
  3. 3. For maintaining a successful ad campaign youmay follow the key steps mentioned in theupcoming slides.
  4. 4. Keyword ResearchIf you stepped into PPCcampaign. The firstthing you should lookafter is the keyword.Proper keyword analysisis essential for makingthe base of yourcampaign strong andeffective. Try to thinkfrom a user point ofview that what can beyour targeted keywords.
  5. 5. Discover your Potential CustomersIdentify your potentialcustomers. Make aproper research studyon your audience. Askthem where they havecame to know aboutyour organization.
  6. 6. Keyword BiddingOnce you are overwith your keywordselection process,now its time toconcentrate onkeyword bidding. Togenerate some clicks,it is recommended tobid high initially sothat your ad getsdisplayed in thesearch result.
  7. 7. Ad GroupsDont jumble up yourad group with allyour keywords. Splitup your keywords onbasis of your themesand place themunder relevantgroups. To becomemore specific, try tocreate short andeffective ad groupswith targetedkeywords.
  8. 8. Write a Compelling Ad CopyYou need to write arelevant ad copy so thatit delivers the rightmessage to yourpotential customers.Effective ad copyresults in an increase ofquality clicks ratherthan quantity.
  9. 9. Landing PagesIt is considered to be theultimate destination ofyour audience. You need tooptimize this pageproperly. Any singlemistake can drive awayaudience from your page.Try to make it clean,simple and elegant. Itshould be designed in sucha specific manner that itgains the trust of youraudience.
  10. 10. Call to ActionNo one can deny theimportance of call toaction in PPC adcampaign. Makeproper utilization ofthis CTA to reveal theurgency of your ad. Itconvinces theconsumers to takeimmediate actionwhen they enter intoyour website.
  11. 11. Monitor your Campaign After launching an ad campaign it is necessary to keep a track on each and every metric of a campaign. Constant monitoring will surely leads you towards success.If you want immediate results then its better to go forPPC AdWords campaign management. You may followthe steps mentioned above to convert traffic intosales.
  12. 12. PPC Ads ManagementY8, Block - EPSector V, Salt LakeKolkata - 700091INDIAPh: +91-33-40200838email