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Sarmady Mobile Rate Card


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Rate Card for Sarmady's Advertising Products and Services

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Sarmady Mobile Rate Card

  1. 1. Mobile messaging pricing Rate card TARGETING BY MOBILE SPEND: 15 PT 20 PT 25 PT 40 PT 1 EGP From 0 : 100 LE From 100 : 200 LE From 200 : 500 LE From 500 : 1000 LE From 1000LE Extras Example Value Geo Targeting Cairo, Giza, Alex, Sinai, Delta, …etc +5pt District targeting Mohandseen, Zamalek, Misr el gdeeda, Nasr city,..etc +10pt Mobile Internet Users Mobile internet users during last month. +10pt Handset targeting Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, …etc +10pt Roaming Users who activated roaming service during last month. +15pt SMS dialogue SMS interactive short code (free reply to end users) 10,000 EGP/ month P.S: Handsets targeting can be defined by models. CPM = cost per thousand impressions.1 Mobile Rate Card| 07 November 2012
  2. 2. Mobile messaging pricing Rate card 40 PT 5 LE / CPM SMS Inserts MMS ( Multimedia Messages ) Please call me ad insertion service2 Mobile Rate Card| 07 November 2012